Rubio’s rerun, Trump TV, and the delegates’ decision: yesterday’s links

Marco Rubio Florida

It looks pretty certain that Marco Rubio will be running to retain his seat in the Senate. Donald Trump is teasing his own television foray after the election… assuming he loses, of course. The delegates have an opportunity to save the GOP from Trump… and itself.

Yes, Hillary Clinton just exploited the murder of a British pol

Inside Donald Trump’s financial ties to Russia and his unusual flattery of Vladimir Putin

…Observer: Putin’s Kremlin mouthpiece prefers Trump to alcoholic, bisexual “Mrs. Satan”

Common Core doesn’t make sense

Breitbart falsely accuses #NeverTrump GOP Senator Ben Sasse took part in gun control filibuster

Harriers from USS Boxer begin airstrikes against Islamic State

Cruz pokes GOP establishment with return to campaign trail


Rubio running

…RedState: Clarified walk back by friend… but he’s still probably running

…UPDATE: David Jolly drops out, making room for Rubio run

Study: Higher teen birth rates for schools giving free condoms

Not just for colleges: Massachusetts high school eliminates the title “master”

DHS goes MIA on expired visas

Judge upholds boy’s suspension over pop-tart gun

Donald Trump tweets poll showing him losing to Hillary Clinton

Here’s the hard facts West must face after Orlando jihad attack

President won’t blame them because he agrees with them

Viral video contrasts Obama’s criticism of Christianity with praise of Islam

Reminder: 9/11 terrorists didn’t have guns

Amazing rant against politicians calling for gun control

Why the U.S. needs LRSO capability

The Queen of Saudi cash

Panel focuses work on abortion industry profit motive

Republican state AG’s threaten to prosecute climate change alarmists

Obama DHS goes full Orwellian in attempt to hide the enemy

Florida Governor: “The 2nd Amendment didn’t kill anybody”

Cruz: Democrats’ “favorite hobby horse” is grabbing guns from Americans

Do Democrats care about the Constitution anymore (or did they ever)?

Wanted: One brave Trump endorser

Terrorism and violence for social change are tactics of the left

David French reveals why he withdrew candidacy

Lessons from the State Department’s Syria dissent

SCOTUS has unequivocally held that any grounds may be used for immigration bans

Romney: Better than we thought… less than we need

Trump TV
Can Trump TV succeed?

The coming “wellness” authoritarianism

Bernie supporters v. Hillary supporters

The truth about the terror watch list

Science blogger finds data showing Greenland didn’t see record warmth

Portland restauranteur bans gun owners, cries over backlash

Rubio preps his return

Conservatives are going to have to build a better internet

No, people who don’t want to hang out with your toddler are not bigots

The electoral math against Hillary

Facebook bans gay magazine because, well, Islam

Airbus and Boeing are bailing Iran out of a huge problem

Iran can create more problems for India than it can solve

House Foreign Affairs warns Treasury Department not to believe Iran is no longer financing terror

Iran: We can walk away from nuclear deal

The media’s bitter clingers: Getting guns and Christians wrong

Trump campaigns makes urgent plea for funds

David French: Liberals using Orlando shooting to ignite “war on Christianity”

If ya can’t beat ’em, self-identify with ’em

Obama: Anti-anti-terrorism

Palin: Obama “a special kind of stupid” for demanding gun owners answer for Orlando

Why the Orlando victims were defenseless

Tumblr “accidentally'” featured Orlando shooter and apologist on their rotating login page

Kurtz: Media response to Orlando has been “ugly”

Mad scientists at DARPA plan to crush Russian and China with “swarm” weapons

The Democratic party’s civil war over Israel policy

Here are 8 warning signs about ISIS terrorist Omar Mateen that went ignored

Petraeus joins gun grabbers

Rebecca Ingber on international law and executive power

Why can’t the left distinguish between conservative Christians from Islamic terrorists?

Here are the four lies the media has been telling since the Orlando attack


Delegates’s decision

…Deace predicts fight over Trump at convention
…RedState: “Anybody but Trump” delegates coming out

…Shapiro: Yes, Trump support does real, lasting damage to conservatism

…NBC: Trump can’t stop splitting the GOP

…Speaker Ryan on backing Trump: Follow your conscience

CIA gets smart on White House delusion

Kincaid: We need more Islamophobia, not less

“Satanic Temple” joined Planned Parenthood in pro-abortion crusade

Hillary’s health: the issue the media refuse to cover

The ancient notion that Hillary Clinton must become personal and purpose driven

California leads the way in liberal fascism

Obama: “Being tough on terror” means an assault weapons ban

GOP appears to be taking measures to block Donald Trump’s nomination

The 10 Republicans most likely to defect from Donald Trump

GOPer pushing delegate revolt takes on Trump supporter

Iran’s foreign policy ‘has not changed’ since nuclear deal, Rhodes says

As Britain mourns murdered MP Jo Cox, more details emerge

They both stink

Trump wants gun law change but reiterates armed clubgoers could have stopped gunman

Trump doubles down on his support for Democrat filibuster subject “no fly, no by”

The Donald Trump zombie experience

Did Trump create an opening for #NeverTrump?

Apple won’t fund, aid GOP convention with Trump

Trump moves to end Trump U class action because his students should have known better. Seriously.

Castro quells rumors of joining Hillary Clinton as VP

Iraq declares victory over Islamic State in Falluja

Spiliakos: The Republican party needs truth and reconciliation

Vin Scully v. socialism

Dianny: How on earth can you protect this country from something you refuse to even admit exists?

Number of illegal immigrants in 2016 ALREADY exceeds 2015 totals

U.N. demands bigger, stronger U.N. “police” force

G4S faked Omar Mateen’s psych-eval

Illegal immigrant kills 5 in arson fire

Stacey Dash goes from “Clueless to Conservative”

Boko Haram rendered 49,000 children orphans

11 red flags about Orlando jihadist

The FDA’s foolish war on salt

Trump: “It would be helpful if the Republicans could help us a little bit”

…Threatens to self-fund campaign if GOP support wavers

Trump says a report about delegate revolt is a “hoax”

Who's to blame?

Media slowly recognizing how dumb they sound on guns

Cruz pulls the curtains back on Democrats’ political theatrics

Two Americas: Stark divide concerning interpretation of Orlando attack

Obama’s weekly address hits… stop me if you’ve heard this one… gun control

What IS an “assault rifle”

Egypt sentences two Al-Jazeera journalists to death, Morsi to 40 years in prison

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