Transcript unredacted, AR-15 sales up, and Wikileaks defends against Hillary: yesterday’s links

Omar Mateen Transcript

After releasing a heavily redacted version of Omar Mateen’s 911 calls, the Department of Justice released the clean versions. As gun control heats up, so do AR-15 sales. Wikileaks prepares to release information about Hillary Clinton they say can indict her, so they’re putting out an insurance policy.

NBC: FBI to release transcript of Orlando killer’s calls, but…

The Blaze: Here’s what they’re editing out

ZeroHedge: “Censorship”

SooperMexican: Lynch contradicts herself

Lynch: Orlando a “crime of hate,” not Islamic terrorism

AR-15 Sales

AR-15 sales up. WAY up.

…NR: The New York Daily News hijacks the honor of the U.S. armed forces for a little political crusade

…Crowder: Trump now wants to ban Americans from buying guns

…RedState: Little girl firing an AR-15 makes Daily News reporter look like a little girl

How to identify terrorists

The fallacy of lone wolf terrorism

A modest proposal for improving U.S. intelligence operations

How Islamic State overtook al-Qaida

Duh: Experts say radical (Muslim) ideology is a clear motivation for Orlando despite media claims

Oops: Guantanamo Bay prisoner released to Uruguay has vanished

Hillary spent $23 million in battleground state ads. Trump has spent zero.

Canadian journalist suggests Christianity treats women as poorly as Islam

4 reasons the GOP should take Trump up on his offer to self-fund campaign

Wikileaks' Hillary Insurance
Wikileaks’ to release “Hillary insurance?”

Pentagon presses Russia after Syrian airstrike targets anti-Islamic State coalition fighters

Feeling embattled, conservative Christians pondering presidential choice

N.H. auto dealer offers free AR-15 with car purchase

Hillary is driving gun sales

Obama admin hoarding munitions while pushing to disarm public

Rick Scott owns anti-gun reporter

Obama brings massive carbon footprint for his visit to Yosemite to lecture us over global warming

Lynch denies conflict of interest in Clinton’s email investigation after Obama’s endorsement

The entire progressive experiment is an exercise in contradiction and hypocrisy

Christian girls abducted and forced to convert to Islam in spate of horror kidnappings

Even Bill Maher attacks the left on the perceived equivalence between Muslim- and Christian-inspired terrorist attacks

Christian CEO says fathers should sacrifice their own desires for the good of the family

Today's Headline

Do “We the People” still have a voice?

43 Virginia prosecutors file brief against McAuliffe’s executive action

Senator Murphy: Gun laws won’t stop terrorism. but we need more gun laws anyway

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson tiptoes around Trump on CNN

Trump accuses Scarborough of going “totally rogue,” betraying Republicans

Chuck Todd tells Paul Ryan that supporting Trump puts “party over country”

Is Europe doomed by migrants?

FLASHBACK: “DHS ordered me to scrub records of Muslims with terror ties”

Yes, Omar Mateen pledged allegiance to terrorist groups but the Obama administration won’t let you see the transcript

Is Islam inherently violent? Can we trust the usual answer that question?

Trump blows up the internet with racial profiling statement

Credit where it’s due: Trump is right about profiling

Trump praises Israeli security for ‘profiling’ measures

Trump thinks doubtful delegates are hostile, but they just fear reality

Did Donald Trump self-fund his way to the Republican nomination? Not exactly

Ryan: Not my job to tell delegates what to do

…BPR: Regarding the House, Ryan says “the last thing I would do is tell anybody to do something that’s contrary to their conscience”

Orlando Politics

End of conservative Supreme Court: Clarence Thomas may be next to leave

Here’s the one awful thing you need to know about potential Hillary Clinton running mate Rep. Xavier Becerra

Herman: The moment I became a Conservative

Everything you wanted to know about Brexit (but were afraid to ask)

What the NY Times got devastatingly wrong about the Orlando massacre

Islamic State reveals information on US bases in South Korea

Gun shop claims CBS violated federal law to make it look easy to purchase an AR-15

Liberal blogger: Senate Democrats formed me to side with the NRA

Texas AG explains 11 states’ lawsuit over Obama’s school bathroom policy

Nikki Haley makes learning the U.S. Constitution mandatory

Napolitano: “Gun free zones should be called killing zones”

NRA Chief: Obama “diverting” attention from terrorism

The power of propaganda in the gun debate

Putin denies calling Trump brilliant

Trump’s failure to launch in battleground states is “stunning”

Trump feels like a supermodel, only better. Seriously.

How our government tyrants will kill us

Next American administration must grasp risks Israel faces

Iran’s judiciary accuses British-Iranian woman of bid to “overthrow” government

ISIS recruiters in U.S. targeting teen girls for jihad

Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump

Sessions supports Trump’s gun ban

…TNA: Sessions sells out the Constitution

…Mediaite: Chris Wallace hammers Sessions

Rubio’s gamble and the Trump panic

Mass Nazi salute at Euro 2016 match spurs French to investigate Hungarian antisemitism

The BDS movement just ran into a brick wall in Rhode Island

Keyes: Orlando exemplifies America’s two-front war

Erickson: A note to pastors about this coming Sunday

Hillary’s long list of lies

At UNC Chapel Hill, 16 departments have zero registered Republican professors

ISIS Redacted

Update: FBI, DOJ release new, full transcript of Orlando shooter’s 911 call

ISIS, redacted

Your child is not an “it”

Rome elects its first female mayor

Orlov: The U.S. is sleepwalking towards a nuclear confrontation

While Obama frets over Islamophobia, terrorists get guns

WaPo: Democrats serving up some whoppers about guns

Christians choose prayer over Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump should thank Ted Cruz for this speech

44 pro-life reasons 44% of Americans want a real third option

2016: A Conservative Odyssey

Trump’s next con: A religious advisory board

Obama administration under scrutiny for ignoring U.S. law banning Russian arms sale to Iran

Clarence Thomas’ wife says rumors of husband’s pending retirement are false

The other campus free-speech problem nobody’s talking about

Brexit is the globalists’ Y2K

There’s nothing xenophobic about backing Brexit

Brexit: Welcome, Britain, to our revolution

Time to stop reacting to terrorists as if they were crooks

Obama’s “acceptable loss” policy shares responsibility for Orlando dead

AR-15 recoil, in your (or someone else’s) face

Three reasons China fears Brexit

Yazidis unearth mass graves to document Islamic State slaughter

Why they hate us

Theory of Relativity

Arrest the widow, investigate the family

After the convention, it may be time to start a new conservative party

Why liberals support Muslims who hate everything they stand for

Serving Trump? An interesting open letter to conservative policy intellectuals

Mystery shrouds potential Trump coup

The movement to unbind delegates grows

The delegates DO have the authority to dump Trump

Not just Orlando: 3 other Islamist domestic terror news stories last week the MSM ignored

New wave of Muslims loyal to sharia

Our President, chief lobbyist and apologist for the Islamic State

Islam: You will never see them coming

The American Intifada

It’s all over but the counting for Trump and the GOP

Some elementary school teachers revolt and disobey idiotic Common Core math guidelines

The other three cases you should be watching this SCOTUS term

Why Brexit is better for Britain

Obama administration coy on expanding Obamacare to California illegal immigrants

The outrageous attack on conservative Christians after the Orlando massacre

Israel, Turkey to hold decisive meetings next week

Using “no-fly list” as means to restrict Second Amendment rights undermines rule of law

Media mislead about Mateen’s motives

SCOTUS lets assault weapons ban stand

In case you think Second Amendment is standing in the way of banning semiautomatic weapons…

Senate to vote on 4 gun control measures, none of which are expected to pass

How the Democrats are disarming us

Omar Mateen becomes a useful soldier in Obama’s war on guns

The 2nd Amendment isn’t about hunting or self-defense, but revolution

Marines v. Federal Employees

Net neutrality is government censorship

California to try charging drivers by the mile 

Yes, pornography is a public health crisis

Fed’s case against FedEx crashes and burns

Opposing Trump does not mean supporting Hillary, if only because Trump has no chance

Trump contradicts his contradiction on arming drunk people

…Mediaite: You guys, Trump says he totally meant arming guards instead of Orlando nightclubbers

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