Guns, guns, Lewandowski, and guns: yesterday’s links

Corey Lewandowski and Donald Trump

There was a lot of discussion on every major and minor news outlet yesterday about guns. Gun control, gun rights, gun bans, gun compromises… guns Guns GUNS! Oh, and Corey Lewandowski was fired from Donald Trump’s campaign.

Lewandowski out

Is firing Lewandowski the second phase of Trump’s “winning” campaign… exit?

NY Times hints Trump may be too broke to campaign

Only GOP delegates can avoid the Trump-terror-train-wreck

Statist France is collapsing. It simply no longer “works.”

The President should announce U.S. troop extensions in Afghanistan before the 2016 NATO Summit

Israeli opposition leader blasted for secret talks to divide Jerusalem

Cruz v. terrorism

Has the President usurped the Constitutional authority of Congress?

Satire: Hillary’s deleted emails

Islam and the Left: How this unlikely but powerful alliance actually works

House science panel turns up heat on state AGs over ties to climate change activists

Republicans should worry about losing the House

Tall tales of gun grabbers

Meet the gun grabbers

The FBI has a reeeeeally hard time finding the Orlando shooter’s motives

US to give billions more to Afghanistan with no strings attached

NY Times reports on desperate hunger and starvation in Venezuela, but omits mention of “socialism”

Student: Here’s what the Common Core horror show looks like at my high school

Dan Bongino announces run for Congress


Change the rules

…CNN: Anti-Trump delegate faction raising cash, faces long odds

…Politistick: “Several hundred” delegates ready to dump

…Geraghty: Why would anyone be surprised by a delegate revolt right now?

…LawNewz: Actually, Mr. Trump, it would be perfectly legal to deny you the nomination
…Blasting News: Could Cruz step in?

National Review Editors: Why Britons should vote to leave EU

…Mises: Britain doesn’t need the EU to thrive

…Daily Signal: Congressional letter urges Obama to rethink Brexit

…Zero Hedge: When Brexit has come and gone, the real problems will remain

Target, you were warned this would happen

Our impulsive foreign policy establishment

Best Drudge alternative… THANK YOU Reaganite. Honored.

Why Clinton lost so many Democrats

Democrats’ (Hillary’s) romance with Islamists: Useful idiots or traitors?

Chuck Norris v. Hillary Clinton

Iranian Nukes

Iran’s nuke program confirmed

Iran ordered to turn over North York house to U.S. victims of terror

Newspaper critical of Iranian government shuts down

BDS antisemites mustn’t be allowed to undermine U.S.-Israel relations

In anger, Obama questioned necessity of Israel’s qualitative military edge

Israel is planning to build a $5billion artificial island with a port and an airport off the coast of Gaza to reconnect Palestinians with the rest of the world

New US-Israel 10-year military aid deal said to be “very close”

Assault Rifles

Ben Sasse calls out Elizabeth Warren: Does it matter to her that Dems’ new gun talking point isn’t true?

How the NY Times manipulates gun data

What did the founding fathers really have to say about gun control?

Ohio considering the pro-abortion law even the ACLU opposes

Illinois abortions drop to lowest point since Roe v. Wade

Abortion does not qualify as health care

As FBI reverses itself on Orlando shooting transcript, government censorship is more pervasive

NPR still thinks the Orlando terrorist didn’t care about ISIS

Identity politics v. radical Islamic terrorism

Rape lawsuit against Trump resurfaces in New York court

…Gothamist: Accused of raping teenage girl in 1994

…Daily Caller: Jeffrey Epstein included in filing

New evidence of Iran’s chicanery — and the Obama administration’s

Foiled Sunni terror plot in Iran proves Middle East is pure chaos

Iran general warns Bahrain after Shia cleric stripped of citizenship

Democratic Senator pushes “climate literacy” program in U.S. schools

New strategic arms reduction treaty: Time to stop damaging U.S. national security

Taxpayers railroaded in California

AR-15 Sales

Senate rejects all four gun control amendments

Top 5 myths about the AR-15, debunked

Taking away Constitutional rights at the discretion of the government

Islamic State threatens U.S. bases in South Korea

Carter: Orlando attack underscores need to hasten Islamic State fight

Weapons cache found in German Mosque

3 economic facts that counter Obama’s recovery narrative

Meet the “Islamophobes”: From Bill Maher to Mark Levin

Justices rebuffs Department of Labor’s sloppy explanation of regulation exempting “service advisors” from overtime rules

Trump Polls

Donald Trump is New Coke

Don’t bend your knee to Trump, evangelicals

A syllabus for Trump U

Maduro referendum: Venezuelans line up to back recall

Socialism has brought Venezuela to brink of starvation

The food riots in socialist paradise Venezuela are escalating

Venezuela council demands millions of fingerprints before recall

Hunger in Venezuela

Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Jeff Sessions have a message for busybody Obama

Searching Shillary: Bing v. Google

Hillary to get a smelly dose of Alinskyite medicine

Another claim of a Hillary Clinton “accomplishment” goes up in flames

Assassination attempt foiled at Trump rally

Assassination attempt foiled at Trump rally

…LAist: British teen drove from California to Las Vegas to Trump rally

…Heavy: 5 facts about Michael Steven Sanford

…CNN: Grabbed cop’s gun

…RT: Failed assassin overstayed visa, in U.S. illegally

An air force to be reckoned with

Schlafly: Exposing the Common Core fraud

“The liberal myth of laws that treat all values and value systems as equal covers up an attempt to change the cultural and ultimately religious norms that bind together any stable community.”

Christians in Iraq baffled at how U.S. can find water on Mars but not ISIS in the desert

North Korea warns Christian former detainee Kenneth Bae to stop ‘babbling’ about prison

What Egypt under Sissi is really like for Coptic Christians

What would need to happen for Trump to lose in Cleveland?

…Richochet: Campaign launches to free the delegates

…Rightscoop: Not dozens, HUNDREDS of delegates

Here’s why the U.S. military is not in panic mode over China’s carrier-killer missiles

Gay pride is OK – so why not national pride?

That 2012 study showing conservatives are more authoritarian… debunked

US Nato general fears rapid Russian troop deployments

State media in Russia caught covering up cluster bombs

Buchanan: Trolling for war with Russia

Obama's Gift

Islamic State launches counter-attacks on U.S.-backed forces, Syrian army

U.S. vital to stopping ISIS genocide of Christians, helping refugees, Catholic group urges

Islamic State counter-attack “pushes Syrian regime forces from Raqqa province”

British abortion chain CEO: “It kills a being with no sense of life or death”

…DailyMail: Claims marriage and abortion are the same, morally

…Telegraph: Calls for abortions “on demand”

Heather Mac Donald on the Ferguson Effect

David Boaz on Trump vs. Clinton

FDA reform: A prescription for more and better drugs and medical devices

Game of Crones

Game of Crones

5 times Hillary totally failed to woo millennials

The immaturity of supporting Hillary because she’s a woman

#CorruptHillary busted for violations by Inspector General

Obama’s seven deadly cliches to obscure the nature of the war on terrorism

Mark Levin explains just how bad the Obama administration screwed up on the Orlando shooter

FBI and nation’s leaders caught sleeping through Orlando wake-up call

Video: Brooklyn residents blame GOP, not Islam, for Orlando Massacre

Blaming Christians for the Orlando massacre is logically absurd

How a Gaza Christian became a blind Muslim’s eyes

How Christians can bear witness in an anxious age

New evidence indicates the fragment in which Jesus refers to ‘my wife’ is likely to be a modern forgery

Thomas Sowell Gun Control

Sowell: The gun-control farce

NRA Chief: We need to protect ourselves because “they’re coming”

Gun-control haven Chicago marks 300th homicide over Father’s Day Weekend

CBS promotes lawsuit to find Remington liable for Newtown shooting

CAIR attempts to shut down Islamic terror debate with bogus Islamophobia report

Obama’s ISIS lies exposed

The Department of Justice’s Islamic extremism denial

Why the media ignored Chick-fil-A’s actions in Orlando

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