Trump’s Mad Men, Clinton Foundation hacked, and Brexit prep: yesterday’s links

Mad Men Smoking

Donald Trump’s campaign is paying a mysterious ad agency named Draper Sterling. Clinton’s charitable organization was hacked. Great Britain prepares to decide whether they’re in or out of the European Union.

U.S-Israel sign Cyber Defense Declaration

Sweden clamps down on refugee policy

Is there hope, after all, for Ted Cruz?

Radical Islamists for Hillary

Media fails to disclose CREW’s ties to Hillary Clinton ally David Brock

Revenge of the nineties: Ghosts of allegations past continue to haunt Clintons

When it comes to illegal immigrants, Paul Ryan sides with Democrats

Apple’s detestable moral hypocrisy

Obama’s “refugee” resettlement program: Civilized jihad combined with civilization suicide

Multinational force has begun operations against Boko Haram

Is DHS fighting radical Islamic terrorism with political correctness?

Judge orders CAIR to stand trial for fraud

Trump and “The Art of Losing”

Did the Trump “intervention” come too late?

4 questions Trump must answer now

Clinton Foundation Hacked

Clinton Foundation hacked by Russians

…DailyWire: Russians Threaten to release vulnerabilities and “foreign donor lists”

…Washington Examiner: Kremlin denies involvement (wink, wink)

University SUSPENDS College Republicans after hosting gay conservative Milo Yiannopoulos

German Ambassador: Iran deal achieved its goals, will not accept Iran threatening Israeli existence

Australian PM enjoys state dinner with leading imams who want to kill gays and adulterers

Florida Governor slams Obama over Orlando response

Earnest: “Radical Islamic terrorism” is a Republican “political talking point”

Another professor blames Christians for Orlando shooting

Epstein: A cautious Yes on Brexit

Erickson: Yes to Brexit. No to EU.

The European Union: Separating myth from reality

Senior French economists, German paper back Brexit

Cruz: The U.S. should take no official position on Brexit

Trump Cash Problem

Trump’s cash problem

…RedState: Trump campaign cash shortfall

…The Guardian: Hillary funds: $42.5m. Trump funds: $1.3m.

…The Resurgent: Trump’s gold-plated con just got Hillary elected

…Patterico: Campaign essentially broke

…HeatStreet: Trump “dangerously low on cash”

…SooperMexican: FEC filing one big nuclear dumpster fire

…USA Today: #TrumpSoPoor trends on Twitter

…Marketwatch: 20% of Trump’s campaign spending goes to Trump businesses

…TNA: Trump would win the election if he contributed 0.4% of his net worth to the campaign

…FLASHBACK: Last month, he claimed he needed to raise at least $1 billion to beat Hillary

McConnell pushes measure to expand surveillance tools

It’s propaganda vs. parents in gay-straight clubs

The insidious power of the media disinformation campaign for Hillary

Strassel: How the left silences free speech

Why Hillary hates Uber

Limbaugh: Big Brother Obama suppresses information to promote propaganda

As Obama retreats, Iran infiltrates Latin America

Trump campaign has put $6 million into Trump companies

Finance woes? Trump blames Republicans, praises Democrats.

A NY Times writer contacted virtually every major Republican… and they all ran from talking about Trump

Proposals to curb online speech viewed as threat to open internet

Real success comes through putting God first and serving others

The constitutionalist and utilitarian justifications for strong U.S. patent and copyright systems

Gov. Pat McCrory’s office blasts CMS transgender policy

Pro-life advocate demolishes abortion in U.N. speech: “Every human being has a right to life”

Supreme Court set to determine future of abortion industry

Pennsylvania House passes bill setting new limits on abortion rights

Shaheen: People who buy AR-15s out “to do bad things”

Your Constitutional rights can be revoked at the discretion of the government

Police ask disarmed Brits to defend themselves with umbrellas

48 want another option
48% want Trump replaced

U.S. spends more on medical care for inmates than seniors, veterans, military personnel

FBI: Brownsburg man tried to join Islamic State

Two O.C. men convicted of conspiring to fight with Islamic State

FBI: Indianapolis-area teen tried to join Islamic State


Draper Sterling Trump

…Mediaite: Campaign appears to be paying a fictional ad agency

…Vanity Fair: Trump’s screwball campaign keeps getting stranger

DNC researched Clinton speeches, travel, records

Hillary’s tired prescription: Infrastructure, spending… call it a stimulus!

This is the Hillary Clinton scandal nobody’s talking about

Egypt: Christians attacked and homes burned by Muslim mob over rumoured church building

California bill would ultimately erase religious schools

Pennsylvania church harassed after wishing Muslims a blessed Ramadan

NY Times misrepresents Israel’s security border

8 cases remain for Supreme Court

Thank Ailes for Trump?

The Trump nuclear bomb

Full quarter of 1000 on massive anti-Trump conference call were GOP convention delegates

Hillary’s 5 greatest fake accomplishments

Guess who says Hillary’s robocall army is hounding her for donations

Stop trying to make Hillary coverage happen. It’s not going to happen.

Actor John Voight working hard to stop Hillary

U.N. schools caught teaching Arab children to wage jihad on Jews

Obama’s green energy plans, kill jobs, hurt consumers, and cost taxpayers

AG Lynch: The FBI has no clue where the hell Omar Mateen’s wife is

Delegates to BOTH conventions need to start from scratch


Rubio on Trump’s fundraising: “He’ll need more than that”

George Bush’s coded message; bashes Trump and becomes a “savior” without breathing a bad word

Racial and gender discrimination rampant at Obama-Warren consumer agency

University investigates professor for encouraging debate

Bed-in to defeat ISIS

The Iran deal’s future remains uncertain

Why Brexit is existentially bad for elites

…DeMint: America stands with UK on Brexit

…New American: Billionaires and globalists v. the people – Brexit D-Day

U.S. attribution of China’s cyber-theft aids Xi’s centralization and anti-corruption efforts

Just another day in regulated Europe

The truth about socialism: The Venezuelan disaster

Rush: Obama’s values not traceable to our founding

California group suing banks funding ISIS’ genocide of Christians

Business owner denied hanging “God Bless America” banner… but hangs it anyway

In Jerusalem’s cramped Old City, Christians feel the squeeze

Trump’s fundraising report exposes his scam campaign

Could Trump be prosecuted for fraud?

Lemon: It’s hypocritical of Trump to run on business record and fail disclose taxes

Trump has less campaign cash than Ben Carson and Ted Cruz

Air Force base silences veteran for using the word “God” in a retirement speech

Tax returns will prove to be Trump’s Achilles Heel

How Donald Trump really earns his money

Why the Trump campaign has no money

Tortured tale of govt. spending your money rather than agreeing to answer questions on Obamacare

Majority of U.S. Supreme Court justices are millionaires

Donald Trump King of Debt
I’m the king of debt

…DailyWire: Trump discusses bankrupting America

…The Atlantic: Brings back talk of default

Rubio running, for reals this time

…Business Insider: Takes swipe at Trump during reelection announcement

…SPB: Cruz endorses Rubio

…Goldstein: Why I wish Rubio hadn’t changed his mind

To Brexit or not?

Could Brexit fix Europe?

What happens after June 23?

In “watershed moment,” Senate GOP about to defy NRA by pushing gun control

Facebook’s Zuckerberg sits mute when confronted over anti-conservative bias by shareholder

Slate blames American company for Orlando terror attack

Big Brother Obama suppresses information about radical Islam to promote propaganda

FBI to Islamic terrorists: We’ve got your back

The logic behind the left’s demonization of conservatives

Why a pro-life third party would utterly transform American politics

Leaked documents expose Hillary Clinton’s lavish travel demands for her paid speeches

Hillary bemoans Big Money, gobbles it up

Google manipulates searches. Clinton campaign benefits.

Trump is the end of the Christian right
Trump is the end of the Christian right

…NR: Trump struggling to close the deal with evangelicals

…Erickson: Trump poses willing evangelical leaders in front of porn magazine

…Dallas Morning News: Trump says it’s time to “spiritize the country”

…Vander Hart: Praying for all leaders is political correctness?

…Wolf: AFA plays credulous stooges

…CR: Uniting Christian conservatives will be a challenge

…IJ Review: Trump never mentions Jesus once

…Monroe-Hamilton: 1000 evangelical leaders kneeling before Donald Trump at Trump Tower is the height of blasphemy

Delegates to BOTH conventions need to start from scratch


Rubio on Trump’s fundraising: “He’ll need more than that”

George Bush’s coded message; bashes Trump and becomes a “savior” without breathing a bad word

Racial and gender discrimination rampant at Obama-Warren consumer agency

University investigates professor for encouraging debate

New rule requires doctors to treat trans patients as their pretend sex

Obamatrade in the shadows

We actually need more guns, not less

Loretta Lynch: Compassion, unity, love, ‘most effective response to terror’ — Video

The useful illogic of “assault weapon” bans

Trump’s campaign smells like one big self-dealing scam

Paul Ryan has no plans to raise money for Trump

Trump’s stumbles fuel convention delegate revolt

Trump: America’s modern day Dorian Grey

Liberal Vox proves they know nothing about guns. Again.

Panic spreads through Trump campaign over convention mutiny

The conscience of a conservative delegate

RNC member: Dump Trump is gearing up for convention battle

Why doesn’t the west care about the Middle East’s Christians?

Obama forcing churches to pay for abortions in California

House committee kills no-fly-no-buy proposal

YouTube’s pro-LGBT campaign hilariously backfires

Facebook’s plan to dominate video leans on left-wing media

The right of self-determination

7 conservative Christians who are not supporting Trump

…NPR: Not all conservative Christians support Trump

… Evangelical leaders abandon principles

Actress Helen Mirren rejects efforts to boycott Israel

Put up or shut up, Donald

Keyes: On 2nd Amendment, Trump isn’t conservative

Evangelicals meet with Trump to exchange G-O-D for G-O-P

Israel to install its own cyber defenses on F-35 jets

How Hillary and Obama caused the Orlando ISIS attack

With Lewandowski out, Manafort moves up

Trump’s conservative appeal waxes, wanes

Former top Bush adviser backs Hillary over Trump

Trump General Election

Does Israel profile Muslims? Heck yes they do.

Iraq: Kurds and Iran eye an oil deal

House Democrats throw tantrum, eat granola bars

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