Obama blocked, Independence Day 2 stinks, and Paul Manafort: yesterday’s links

President Obama not a Muslim

The Supreme Court, tied at 4-4, allowed the current hold on President Obama’s immigration executive order to stand. Independence Day 2 apparently stinks, not to mention it’s very liberal. Paul Manafort may be a Saudi plant into the U.S. government.

Abortion demand ‘soars’ amid Zika fear

Independence Day 2″ – liberal mouthpiece

Conservatives and Constitutional change

Government groups fight government price fixing scheme

The Judicial Watch release of damaging Clinton information

…RT: Email server ran without security software

…DailyWire: State Department enabled Clintonian email corruption

Clinton aide Bryan Pagliano invokes 5th Amendment more than 125 times

Hillary trails “someone else” in Texas

Here’s the story behind Hillary Clinton’s claim about landing under ‘sniper fire’ in Bosnia

Allen West: A disturbing connection between Orlando shooting and Paris stabbing

Eyewitness confirms allegations that migrants raped five-year-old Idaho girl

…Malkin: Horror and hush-up in Twin Falls, Idaho

CFR memo: Use U.S. military to fund foreign armed forces in effort to “spread democracy”

Bangladesh: 2,000 Christians pray for peace in nation threatened by Islamists

Broadway v. ISIS: Songs are nice but won’t stop the murders

Ronald Reagan Jr. shreds “charlatan” Trump for running a scam campaign

Wave Election

Randy Forbes defeated in primary over TPP

Will the U.S. side with Venezuelans or their corrupt and incompetent government?

Democratic Congressman who beat Allen West exposed for lying about past

Clear a path for a new candidate

…Federalist: Yes, there will be an independent candidate for President

…Moonbattery: Support grows for stopping Trump in Cleveland

…Soshable: Texas poll shows ousting Trump at the convention might be a good idea

…George Will: To Dump Trump, Republicans should withhold cash

Dear Trump supporters: Why should I vote for him?

Trump NY delegate threatens to “whack” any delegates who revolt at GOP convention

Christian soldiers not mobilizing for Trump

That rumbling you feel is Judeo-Christian civilization collapsing beneath your feet

Iraq: Kurds and Iran eye an oil deal

Iran’s leaders disagree on propping up Syria’s Assad

Video: Guns, Islam, and Orlando

Ryan: No vote on gun bill that strips Americans of due process

Badinelli: “I don’t want a gun. That has nothing to do with whether you should own one.”

Napolitano: “No fly, no buy” mean no freedom

Last night, Democrats admitted the terrorists have won

…American Thinker: Aged hippies violate House rules

…Patriot Retort: Congress has snowflakes too

…Twitchy: Sit-in briefly interrupted by men with guns

FBI hunts doctor from Flint area tied to Islamic State

Ideologues make for dangerous politicians

New Barnard College curriculum to teach its female students “how to think”

CNN hires Lewandowski

Is MSM trying to take your guns? Absolutely. Here’s proof.

Baseball team’s handgun open carry night promotes 2nd Amendment rights

Democratic Congressman: Yeah, you don’t need guns, but “we deserve” armed guards

GOP recoils at gun stunt

Ben Carson: Let’s put the 2nd Amendment on the table and ask if we need it

Will evangelicals’ support of Trump lead to the defilement of America?

5 most sickening parts of Trump’s meeting with evangelicals

In meeting with Trump, evangelicals hoped for policy details but didn’t get them

Congress should lay the groundwork for tax reform

Affirmative Action: SCOTUS upholds use of race in University of Texas admissions

Cruz to hold hearings on Islamic terror cover-up

Paul Ryan under pressure to outflank Democrats, not just scold them

…Clarion: Disappointment in Ryan provides clue to America’s current mess

Tom Delay hammers servile evangelical “leaders” for softball treatment of Trump

Blaming Christians for Orlando? The media hits rock bottom

U.S. losing its Christian identity

A phone and a pen

House committee renews extension for H-2B visa expansion

Brad Thor teases run

Gerson: Evangelical Christians are selling out faith for politics

Noonan: Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan. Not even close.

An anti-Donald Trump coup is brewing in Georgia

The “Ferguson Effect” is restricting law enforcement’s ability to protect Americans

Another voice predicting Islam’s doom

Ted Cruz endorses Mike Crane in Georgia

Secret Service tell-all: Clintons believed they had a magic pot of royal money to pay for their every whim

Prominent GOP neocon to fundraise for Hillary

Hillary is guilty of what she attacks Trump on

U.S. soldiers arrested for allegedly smuggling illegal immigrants

Files show hundreds of US Terrorist plots, refugee connection

P.C. Europe now blaming women for provoking rapists

Chicago to regulate Uber, Lyft, and AirBNB

McConnell voiding the Constitution using Rahm Emanuel playbook

Obama Immigration Blocked For Now
Obama blocked on immigration… for now

Why is the U.S. embracing Iran… again?

NATO: Iran may share blame for low Afghan recruit numbers

U.S. sailors to face discipline for Iran incident

Feeling abandoned by state regulators, hundreds of rural Pennsylvanians endure contaminated well water they blame on fracking

Southeast Asian Islamic State unit being formed in southern Philippines

Former model-turned-fighter: Erdogan wants to be “sultan of Islamic state

Muslim doctor from Michigan joins ISIS

Islamic State members caught plotting attack on transgender march, Turkey says

How Obama’s overtime rules will hurt disabled children

New Cruz super PAC “Defeat Crooked Hillary” is not about supporting Trump

Trump said he had one of the best memories of all time, but forgot saying it

…RedState: Neat trick

Is Trump even running for President?

Could Trump lose Arizona?

3 things the Democrats’ 25-hour sit-in revealed about their intentions

Freddie Gray: Insight into acquittal

The Orwellian charge of the campus bias response team

University of Arizona to launch nation’s first transgender studies program

Court orders Virginia school board to let transgender teen use boy’s bathroom

Pittsburgh public schools board approves transgender bathroom policy

Charlotte schools set new transgender bathroom policy

Almost half of Ohioans oppose choice for transgender bathroom use

Obama vetoed last bill to defund Planned Parenthood. Pro-life leaders to GOP to try again.

Planned Parenthood spending millions to elect Democrats

Abortionist quits: Describes the horrific abortion that changed everything

What abortion, domestic violence, and sex trafficking all have in common

Iran’s foreign policy is in chaos. How should America respond?

“We must pressure Iran to release Canadian academic Homa Hoodfar”

Ex-Clinton official got Boeing bucks while pushing Iran nuke pact – before $25B jet deal

Egypt’s President is ignoring discrimination against Christians

DHS may ban “religiously-charged” terms “jihad” and “sharia” to avert “us v. them” in anti-terror programs

The myth of the output gap

“Radical Islamic Terror” is a non-existent term on my campus

Paul Manafort

Saudi foreign agent

Obama’s FDA will soon be trial lawyers’ best friend

Liar, liar, pantsuit on fire

Funding Israel’s missile defense… and America’s

Cameron Resigns
Cameron resigns

…BBC: UK leaves

…Nigel Farage: “We have fought against the multi-nationals, we’ve fought against the big merchant banks, we’ve fought against big politics.”

…Erickson: What the Brexit means for U.S. elections

…Ricochet: Independence Day

…Twitchy: Howard Dean declares “British Empire” DOA after #Brexit vote

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