Muslim bans, Johnson’s failures, Abbas’ lies: yesterday’s links

Islamic State

It’s not just Donald Trump. Americans and people worldwide are calling for their governments to reconsider the influx of Muslims into their country. Libertarian Gary Johnson failed badly on the big stage. Palestinian President Abbas continues to lie about Israel.

Beware: How the latest net neutrality ruling effects you

Antisemitism is flourishing on California campuses

Affirmative Action decision affirms block of Merrick Garland

Planned Parenthood medicaid fraud lawsuit moves forward

An open letter to my fellow Republican national delegates

Trump trolls attempt to cut off advertising for conservative blog

35 facts (and controversies) about Zika

Mahmoud Abbas claims rabbis urged Israel to poison Palestinians’ water

Hillaryism: A tired defense of the status quo

How to beat Hillary

Hillary failed to hand over key email to State Department

You won’t believe how much jewelry Hillary received from the Saudi King

Oops! Hillary aide accidentally outs email challenge

The bad moon rising over Hillary

Republicans find a key to dismantle Obamacare

The enormous political risk of Saudi Arabia’s oil reform

Democrats plan to make SCOTUS drop kicking of Obama’s amnesty decree an election issue

Kurdistan rising? Considerations for Kurds, their neighbors, and the region

Democrats: We will overcome the Constitution

Lawmakers seek to re-open “flawed” Iran nuclear weapons investigation

Obama’s money and Israel’s sovereignty

Venezuela’s socialist disaster

Trump and his “world’s greatest memory” said “I don’t remember” 59 times in Trump U. deposition

Donald Trump’s trip to UK perfectly ill-timed

How Fox News handed Trump the nomination

A blow against unilateral government

ACLU opposes Collins gun control amendment, but it passes anyway in Senate

The flaw in the liberal plan to stop terrorism with gun control

26 of the Democrats who participated in the gun control sit-in own guns

Netanyahu rebukes Abbas for Brussels speech “blood libel”

Gohmert goes off on Democrats: “Radical Islam killed those people!”

How America’s counter-terrorism model is making Americans less safe and free

Seattle politician says “naming” matters, refuses to say radical Islamic terrorism

Getting personal in the war v. Islamic State

Escaped ISIS sex slaves shames Obama Administration

California’s taxes driving people away

Thousands flee as Venezuela implodes

How equality destroyed the Carnegie family

Poll shows voters really don’t want Sarah Palin as VP

GOP Senator puts out ad touting his refusal to endorse Trump

Ben Carson explains why Trump is broke

Why this Republican can’t support Donald Trump

Islam’s many faces

Now, about “Norway”

Revealed: How America and Britain planned to destroy the Middle East’s oil

Reuters polling shows overwhelming support for a Muslim entry ban in United States

…American Spectator: Falsifying the public record because it offends Islam

…FrontpageMag: Nations seeking to ban Islam keep growing

Pelosi: We want to create an echo chamber

13 people placed on “terror watch list” that will blow your mind

Schiff only cares about due process criticism if it comes from ACLU

Gary Johnson wasn’t ready for prime time on CNN’s Libertarian townhall

…American Conservative: A missed opportunity for Libertarians

…Taki’s Mag: Johnson’s rise and imminent fall

Maybe Obama deserves some credit for Brexit

Why we will always need to own guns

Retiring Senator Harry Reid turns on his former supporter, the NRA

Iran’s unfriendly skies

The one Brexit opinion you need to read today

What Brexit is and is not about

The rout of the globalists

How Brexit will change America and the world

Why should axing due process stop with the Second Amendment?

My family fled Communism. Stop pushing Soviet-style gun control here.

Ben Carson said what about the 2nd Amendment?

Obama heads to Seattle; how many guns in his detail?

Dumping Donald Trump would no longer be a coup. It’s just common sense.

Bring on the Future
Bring on the future

…Daily Signal: Why Americans should celebrate the Brexit vote

…Zero Hedge: Where are the markets this morning? “It’s scary and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

America: More guns than ever, never been safer

Hillary’s millennial Achilles Heel

Stop blaming the victims of the Tel Aviv cafe terror attack

The American left is evil: Orlando shooting

We’re at war and the Obama administration is in complete denial

Whitewashing Islam from terror attack was second atrocity in Orlando

Britain asks “Bible trivia” questions to Christian refugees: 12 apostles’ names, what is Pentecost


Jarrin Jackson: Conservative fighter in Oklahoma

Massive K-12 reading failure explained

Calls for Texas independence grow in wake of Brexit

Cruz campaign staff won’t work for Trump and they’re not alone

An anti-Trump conservative group sharpens its shivs

George Will leaves GOP over Trump

Islamic State calls for attacks to “paralyze” Europe following surprise Brexit success

Partial round-up of Brexit’s immediate aftermath (aka “Revenge of the Establishment”)

FYI: David Cameron didn’t necessarily resign

First the UK, then Scotland… then Texas?

Saudi Arabia arrests people for wearing ripped jeans and crocs as “unIslamic”

Time to end “zombie” appropriations

Illegal alien who butchered Connecticut woman not deported after serving 15 years for murder because Haiti refused to repatriate

Hillary was firmly pro-“Remain.” Here’s how she reacted to the Brexit vote

Hillary really has not understood the Brexit vote

Hillary proves she’s a robot

Clinton Campaign rushes to dismiss Brexit/Trump comparisons

Britain’s welcome revival of nationhood

Huge blow to BDS – International UAW rules no subordinate body can endorse BDS

Disgraced Homeland Security adviser Mohamed Elibiary scapegoats Egypt’s Christians. Again.

Hawaii becomes first state to indiscriminately put all legal gun owners on FBI criminal watch list

Gun-registry-loving Obama Security advisor refused to “record another Muslim”

Maggie Hassan wants to ban due process and all semi-automatic rifles

Obama tells Democratic donors “it’s up to you” on gun laws

Watch: Not a chance you’ll disarm me

Why isn’t the assassination attempt on Donald Trump bigger news?

Abandon ship

Brexit and the end of international progressive inevitability

Brexit risks? “What about all the risks the UK is AVOIDING by leaving?”

Brexit: Yet another example of biased polling

7 things you need to know about likely new UK PM Boris Johnson

How Congress should seize the Brexit opportunity

EU leaders say ‘Brexit’ should be ASAP

Krauthammer: In 10 years you could have a Britain that is only Wales and England

Will Brexit trigger a “domino effect” among other EU member states?

Obama to lift transgender ban

America’s first freedom: What conservative women must do to protect religious liberty

Defenselessness in the face of our enemies

Anti-Trump delegate files lawsuit to protest delegate rules

Clinton’s calendar riddled with missing meeting entries and name omissions

Trump in massive poll free-fall

Looks like Hillary’s server wasn’t the only thing that could be scrubbed with a cloth

New York’s latest anti-Airbnb effort could violate 1st Amendment

The Supreme Court just rubber stamped racial discrimination

Is the U.S. capitulating to an enemy within?

Military will lift ban on transgender troops July 1

…Crowder: Progress?

Professor compares transgender bathrooms to 1960’s segregation

Obama’s transgender restroom mandate bombs with voters

Fiery history of early Christianity

Cruz US Learn from Brexit
Cruz: U.S. can learn from Brexit

…Politistick: A wake up call for bureaucrats
…Independent Journal: Clear warning about what’s coming next

GOP leaders pushing Obama’s global taxation schemes

Why are liberals so hateful?

Governor to Obama in food stamp fight: “Wake up and smell the energy drink”

Kunicki: Will we fight for freedom or dependency?

Anti-Common Core ballot initiative clears another hurdle

From Brexit to “Texit?”

Can Trump turn Texas blue?

Islamic State detains 900 Kurdish civilians in northern Syria

Why is Bob Corker refusing to list the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization?

NATO Summit 2016: Why the alliance cannot afford to ignore Turkey

The biggest buried lede you’ll ever see

Crackdown on Christians in Vietnam

Men at Work. Or not.

Socialist Les Miserables in Venezuela

Chuck Schumer, world-class hypocrite

The whole “gay revenge” Orlando narrative might be falling apart

Flashback to when Obama threatened Brits against Brexit

2nd Navy Officer fired over Iran’s detention of 10 sailors

Settle down. Brexit isn’t the end of the world.

Hillary's uncertain times

Dianny agrees with Hillary… sort of

Crackdown on Christians in Vietnam

Chinese Christian detained for printing religious materials

Abortion clinic sold “whole brains” of aborted babies for students at summer camp to dissect

After quitting race, Carson campaign routed big bucks to former staffers, limos, hotels

The new rules of Democracy: There are no rules. Just give me what I want.

There can be no capitalism, no republic… without independence


Israel and Turkey: Walking on eggshells

Turkish ruling party’s support base enraged at restoration of ties with Israel

Turkish official: Regional security problem binds Israel and Turkey

“We can’t kill this baby”: Couple walks out of abortion facility, saves life of Down Syndrome son

How the abortion industry is failing desperate women and their children

McCarthy bewildered by HHS abortion mandate in California

Abortion controversy: Pew Research Center spells out major religious groups’ stand on issue

Baseball team hosts 2nd Amendment night and nobody got shot (to liberals’ chagrin)

Another comparison between gun laws and abortion wait fails

No fly, no buy sponsor: 2nd Amendment “will not” protect Americans from radical Islamic terrorism

Religious freedom conditions have worsened in Iran over the past year

Judge Jeanine blasts globalists, makes a dramatic prediction

2nd Amendment is there to allow us to defend ourselves

Hillary leads Trump by double digits in new poll

Don’t believe the spin. Brexit hurts Hillary.

Hillary’s secret donor meetings

Hillary’s Mr. Potato Head

Donald Trump Deportation Flip Flop

Trump’s deportation flip flop

…Huffington Post: Muslim ban flip flip, too

…RedState: Trump’s “total and complete” reversal on Muslim ban

These 6 countries could be next to leave the European Union

Obama removes “bear arms” clause from citizenship oath

This is one of the very few times I agree with Bill Maher

Awful news for Trump from his “favorite poll”

Michigan GOP delegates split on Trump as convention looms

Remember when Trump said national borders were a bad idea?

Digitalization: The death of the humanities?

Russia, China, or Iran v. U.S. Navy: Who wins?

The Iran deal dirty tricks never end

The email scandal grows

Keeping up with Hillary’s lies

Hillary’s campaign should be panicking

Obama's Legacy

McConnell: Trump is “struggling” and really needs to start acting more Presidential

Video: Deace on how someone would sabotage the GOP

Campaign to free the delegates holding nationwide teleconference

The “Free the Delegates” movement just made an important strategic move

Pierson makes absurd comparison defending Trump’s Scotland Brexit speech

Massachusetts voters may get a chance to dump Common Core

Cruz: Obama administration relinquishing oversight of internet may violate federal law

Israeli army completes cyber defense headquarters

Fighting BDS by reaching out to the Christian community

Why evangelicals say U.S. is not longer a Christian country

Memorial and remonstrance against religious assessments

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