Another Hillary-linked death, Trump flip flops, Obama sidesteps: yesterday’s links

Hillary Clinton Politician

Being associated with Hillary Clinton can be a bad thing, but preparing to testify against her can be downright deadly as another person is found dead conveniently before trial. Donald Trump was for a ban on all Muslim immigrants before he was against it. President Obama is able to not say “radical Islam” once again.

It’s time for a national conversation about a national conversation about guns

Many Christians now view marriage just like a car that can be “traded or dumped,” says U.S. Catholic leader

Video: “Trans power” activists in San Francisco burn U.S. flag

CNN: After months, it’s still unclear what Hillary Clinton’s economic message is

Hillary Clinton knew about national security danger from her server and she hid one. damning. email.

3 reasons Hillary should be worried about Brexit… and why she’s not

Hillary: Savant of Washington insider corruption

More than 1,200 people died of starvation in Nigeria camp after fleeing Boko Haram

Evangelical leaders continue to prove that there’s a sucker born every minute

Thousands of Republican donors avoid Trump

Has Donald Trump changed his Muslim ban proposal?

Trump just criticized Obama for being TOO TOUGH on immigration

Iran’s oil boom fizzles out

Islamic State militants execute five media activists in Syria

Iraqi forces fully recapture Fallujah from ISIS

Netanyahu: Water poisoning claims prove Abbas no peace partner

Hezbollah openly admits Iran is their primary funding source

Turkey grants immunity from prosecution to security and military forces fighting Kurds

The Fed’s interest rate dilemma

Israel sets up 24-hour situation room to monitor Brexit effects

The positive side of nationalism

Israel moves to strip citizenship, residency of would-be IS fighters

Amid Turkey deal protest, PM vows Israel working to retrieve fallen soldiers from Gaza

Thomas Sowell’s escape from socialism

Reading Alan Grayson’s Twitter feed may be hazardous to your IQ

Spain election: PP short of a majority and Unidos Podemos second

Trump aide mum on Dobson’s assertion Trump is a “baby Christian”

7 times Trump talked up the “dishonest” ABC News poll during the primaries

Trump wants to block Ted Cruz from speaking at the GOP convention

Even RINO McConnell not willing to say that Trump is qualified

Mia Love to skip RNC

Is Christian Conservatism Dead

Is Christian conservatism dead?

…RedState: Why Dr. James Dobson’s surrogacy for Trump is troubling

…Erickson: Someone told someone else that Trump found Jesus

Petition for second referendum exposed as fake

…Heat Street: 4chan prank

Scotland threatens to veto Brexit

Brexit fallout to hit Spanish parliamentary election

International reaction to Brexit? Clueless.

Brexit: The political and financial fallout

Egypt: New attacks on Christians

Justice and Freddie Gray

Baltimore rioter sentenced to 15 years

White nationalist stabbings ignored by liberal media

Should Down-Ticket Candidates Get On Board?
Should down-ballot candidates get on board?

Down-ballot candidates should be afraid

Bound or unbound? Understanding the rules

The Fed and Bernanke are wrong about the natural interest rate

Ted Cruz and Barack Obama Offer Differing Responses to #Brexit

Brexit sends world leaders scrambling to manage political, financial fallout

Claims Brexit vote was xenophobic are unfounded liberal propaganda

AP journalist thinks ignorant Brexit “leave” voters really didn’t mean it

Brexit: The new scapegoat

Top U.N. official set to testify against Hillary found dead

…Independent Sentinel: Could be a bigger conspiracy theory than Vince Foster

…Page Six: “Conveniently timed”

Wall Street oligarchs for Hillary!

New email showed Clinton lied to us about her reason for a private email system

Hillary criticizes ‘foreign’ money in politics; ignores $17.1 million given to her foundation

CBS’s Face the Nation notes embarrassing news on Clinton email investigation. It received 20 seconds at the end of the show.

Hillary Clinton’s 4-block #NYCPride pander EXPOSED in just two tweets

Russia and America: Destined fro conflict?

“Hate and extremism” expert says campus conservatism faces discrimination, suppression

UN military vehicles seen rolling down Virginia interstate

Fast and Furious 2? CIA guns sent to Syrian rebels reportedly stolen and “possibly used to kill Americans”

Why doesn’t the left respect Omar Mateen identifying as an ISIS terrorist?

Was Orlando shooter painted as gay to distract from ISIS ties?

SCOTUS poised to issue major abortion ruling

“March for Marriage” challenges WH transgender push

Democratic platform calls for taxpayer-funded abortions

Wolf: What does the GOP stand for in the age of Trump?

Rayne: Trump’s campaign enters dangerous territory

Vander Hart: Should evangelical leaders endorse Trump?

White House refuses Benghazi questions for Obama

No, the internet is not a utility


A trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon you’re talking about no money

Wisdom from a very different Donald

Dash to take on liberal Hollywood

Trump lets slip major move for immigration

Trump drops Muslim ban

Has Trump given up on mass deportation for illegals and temporarily banning Muslim visitors?

Rubio doesn’t believe Trump will make deportation or Muslim ban happen

Charlie Rangel on gun rights… wow.

Early American legal scholar called the 2nd Amendment “a palladium of liberty”

25 years later, a brave woman’s speech against gun control is just as relevant

Environmentalism is ruse for socialism

Heavy fighting reported In Eastern Ukraine as escalation in hostilities continues

Obama disappointed in British voters, hailed Egyptians for electing a terrorist sympathizer

How UN Refugee agency teaches children to hate and attack Jews

Obama sidesteps “radical Islam” in quest for alternative explanations for terrorism

If Obama secretly wanted Iran to have nukes, would he be doing anything differently?

Benghazi survivor fights radical Islam, counters Obama’s “lies” on terrorist threat

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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