SCOTUS rules against life, Thomas speaks out, Trump should release the delegates: yesterday’s links


The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of abortion in Texas (and everywhere). Justice Clarence Thomas speaks out about the decision. Donald Trump is challenged to release the delegates himself to prove his powers.

NYC firefighters forced to take transgender sensitivity training

The Idaho migrant sexual assault cover-up proves you can’t trust the mainstream media

Hardly anybody wants to speak at Trump’s convention

…American Thinker: Opponents will invariably portray the incumbent as a clone of Trump or one of his best buddies

…Mediaite: Republicans explained that they thought it was best to steer clear of Donald Trump

…Resurgent: Cruz and Kasich should speak at the convention without endorsing Trump

Some “Remain” Democraphobes want to ignore the Brexit referendum

Brexit: The winds of change and what they portend for us

Post-Brexit global equity loss of over $2 trillion worst ever

Understanding Brexit: The powerless press their thumb in the eye of the power elite

Butterfly effect: How a bar fight in Parliament ended in Brexit

The Supreme Court’s affirmative action confusion

91-year-old man confesses to, apologizes for fabricating life story as Auschwitz survivor

Anti-Semitic crimes of violence doubled last year

Missouri Governor vetoes Constitutional carry law

Armed citizens DO stop shootings. Here’s the latest example.

Supreme Court upholds domestic violence gun ban

Taki: More questions than answers

Canadian academic jailed in Iran for dabbling in feminism, security

Obama’s big border lie

Adoption, not abortion

LGBT group launches controversial web series that targets America’s youngest, most vulnerable

Is the Trump campaign lying about their incredible fundraising haul?

…RedState: Yes, Trump is lying about fundraising

…Fortune: Can you spare $10 to help elect a billionaire?

University still won’t admit “radical Islamic terrorism” exists after radicalized student shot people

Senior Chief Seal Edward Byers finds incredible strength in his commitment to faith

SCOTUS overturns McConnell bribery conviction

Missiles for terrorists but no guns for Americans

Special forces association rips Patraeus, McCrystal for gun control betrayal

Owners defend their choice of AR-style firearms

Conservatives don’t have to pay for a nothingburger with cheese

Donald Trump Lurches Left

Trump lurches left

…Erickson: We must stop Hillary at all costs. That means we must stop Trump.

…Politistick: In 2012 the GOP betrayed its conservative base and they’re ready to do it again

…Hawkins: If Donald Trump is the nominee, Hillary Clinton has already won in November

…Washington Examiner: What would Cruz do if there was a GOP convention coup?

…Bloomberg: Trump embraces executive order to avoid Congressional gridlock

Greenspan warns a crisis is imminent, urges a return to the gold standard

Top federal scientific integrity official left days before data manipulation report

Former Mizzou professor fighting university to receive unemployment benefits

Supreme Court Abortion Ruling

SCOTUS rules against life

…NR: Women and life and the court: March for Life president responds

…Texas Radio: Abbott, Cruz slam HB2 ruling

…Patriot Retort: Undue burden

…Strident Conservative: Unregulated abortion more important than women’s health

The problem isn’t Fed policy. It’s the Fed.

Barack Obama, venture capitalist?

The end game of bubble finance: Political revolt

Walker administration fights back against new Obamacare mandates

“Transgenderism” shaking up America’s schools

New DHS counterterrorism proposal falls flat

George Will: I left the GOP for the same reason I joined it, because I’m a conservative

Levin plays Hillary speech to attack her as sounding like Trump

More damning Clinton emails released

Another 34 work-related emails Hillary Clinton deleted just turned up

Hillary sometimes sounds careful with her words just because she’s careful with her words

Sacrifice civil liberties? You first.

Awesome satire: How the far-left media would have covered historical events

Will Brexit provide momentum for opposition to U.S. trade deals?

How Brexit will impact the global economy

Anti-Brexit protestor can’t explain why Britain should stay

The media’s disgraceful Brexit meltdown

9 insane things in the new Democratic party platform

…Noisy Room: Meet the communists and socialists on the Democratic platform drafting committee

Hillary hints at giant giveaway to corporate America

The eye-popping cost of Hillary’s refugees

Poor ol’ low energy Hillary can’t walk the gay pride walk

Clarence Thomas

8 best quotes from Clarence Thomas’s Texas abortion dissent

…Chicks on the Right: Thomas accuses court of “bending the rules”

…Life News: Thomas says court wants to create “putative right to abortion”

Add New Jersey to the list of states boycotting anti-Israel boycotters

Shapiro debates, destroys Sally Kohn

Anti-Common Core initiative moves one step closer to ballot

Mike Rowe destroys Ray Story

Foreign policy establishment’s Hillary endorsements reveal their true colors

Democrats rush to cover Clinton on Benghazi

…IJ Review: Democrats claim no wrongdoing

It’s official! Hillary Clinton deleted her self-awareness along with all those emails

Hillary rails against the nations she takes donations from and gives arms to

Abbas aide: “Wherever you see an Israeli, slit his throat”

Denial will not defeat Islamist terror, Mr. President

America wants Israel’s Iron Dome… to protect Europe from Russia

Dash rips into Hollywood liberals who push for gun control

Two “good guys with guns” stop attempted murder in Walmart parking lot

The Democratic Kool-Aid on guns perfectly explained

Corker pushes for protection of 2nd Amendment that keeps guns out of terrorists’ hands

Who ISIS really wants: How the Islamic State lures women over the internet

Pro-ISIS Saudi brothers “decapitate” mother for opposing Islamic State

Possible revolt in ISIS ranks in Mosul

US eyes Israeli short-range missile interceptor for Europe defense

Kerry assures Americans Islamic refugees pose no threat

Cruz responds to Trump’s attempt to block him at the convention

ExposeAbortion(dot)com re-launched in response to Supreme Court decision

Pro-lifers on Supreme Court abortion case: “We’re coming back in full force”

Political correctness won’t defeat radical Islamic terrorism

“Refugee” men now “students,” hitting on 14-year-old girls

Brexit, the GOP and the administrative state

16 reasons to celebrate Brexit’s win

Farage: Putin was more of a statesman than disgraceful Obama in Brexit campaign

Trump Should Free the Delegates
Trump should free the delegates

…TIME: More Trump delegate tremors

…CR: 5 Republicans switching allegiances in 2016

…NR: More evidence Trump is losing support among Republicans

…RedState: Anti-Trump delegate mutineers descend on Cleveland

…Weekly Standard: Inside the latest effort to stop Trump at the convention

…Washington Times: “Free the Delegates” aims to take down Trump at convention

Donald Trump is the epitome of the Washington elite he claims to hate

Trump’s policies will not cause recession: Economist

With Trump, the GOP is heading towards oblivion

God, Trump, Christians, and wisdom

Liberals are trying hard to tarnish Reagan’s legacy

House blueprint calls for free market, patient centered healthcare reform

UNC takes down microaggression list that says not knowing gay people is offensive

Pastor banned from advertising Jesus because it’s too offensive

Naghmeh Abedini tells Christians: My family found Jesus as Muslim immigrants to America

Atheists target “God’s country” sign in small town in Texas

Tolerance police targets Christian schools

What Brexit means for the European Union’s future

Pundits whine, but the British have a right to sovereignty

Why all the post-Brexit hysteria?

Trade and immigration after Brexit

Why Brexit is a win for Brits and us

A Christian renewal? What Brexit means for traditionalists.

Guess how many gun purchases there have been per day since Obama took office

Paul Ryan: I won’t tolerate another sit-in from Democrats

Do gun control advocates need to check their privilege?

Pro-lifer defends teen after baby taken

Another avenue closed for the pro-life movement

Ruth Bader Ginsburg falsely claims childbirth is more dangerous for women than abortion

Cruz unloads on SCOTUS over abortion ruling

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