Sheriff Joe confused, Trump’s abortion silence, and the Benghazi report: yesterday’s links

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is taken aback by Donald Trump’s flipflops on immigration and deportation. Meanwhile Trump says absolutely nothing about the Supreme Court abortion ruling. In Hillary Clinton news, the Benghazi report was released and proved to be exceptionally meaningless. She won’t be held accountable. Sad!

Brexit Britain is free, independent, and no place for racism

UK leaders must let the Brexit vote stand

5 thoughts on Brexit

Is Brexit the first shot of WWIII?

Will these new details from the Benghazi investigation finally sink Hillary Clinton?

Is Moody’s in the tank for Hillary?

The breadth of Hillary’s Benghazi lies

Benghazi GOP lawmakers say Hillary Clinton created conditions for attack

Why our leaders won’t name the enemy

Egypt refuses to repeal its blasphemy law

U.S. government cash funds anti-Israel groups

Cruz to Trump: I don’t care if you invite me to speak at the convention

Cruz blames “willful blindness” to jihadism as critics call him Islamophobic

Cruz assails Obama anew over terrorism fight

Trump to face millions in “totally unfair” attack ads

Trump unleashes garbage Trumponomics in front of garbage wall

Marco Rubio on his “worrisome” endorsement of Donald Trump

Trump declines to clarify contradictory immigration position

House sit-in: Democrats jump the shark

The left’s gun control long game

Celebrate the 2nd Amendment as Democrats have more sit-ins

Clinton, Trump make hiking spending levels seem so easy

Healthcare’s war on costs is really a war on patients

Car dealer-congressman subject of ethics probe

Trump recycles Clinton’s trade policy

James Dobson walks back story of Trump’s conversion

Trump’s charity record isn’t very good. Here’s the evidence.

…Chicago Tribune: Trump has promised millions to charity, but records don’t support claim

Man caught filming young girls in dressing stalls at Target. Of course.

Federal judge says the Constitution is irrelevant. Here’s why he’s wrong.

Russell Moore: A time for choosing

Some satanic traps for Christians post Orlando

Islamists follow different routes to same goal

A long Trump summer

Trump’s Muslim ban: From simple clarity to plain confusion

Wolf: Trump cares more about his dumb trucker hats than the Supreme Court

Erickson: Do what is right, not what is easy

Why nobody respectable will work for the Trump campaign

Pierson gives truly confusing interview on Trump’s Muslim ban

GOP activists: Don’t vote for Trump unless he releases his tax returns

Presbyterian Church passes resolutions supporting BDS, slamming Israeli settlements

…LI: Obession with Israel, disregard for Muslim slaughter of Christians

The dark pessimism of American Christians

Climate scientist: Screw science, you can just see global warming

Donald Trump Abortion

Notable silence on abortion ruling

…RedState: Why is Trump silent on SCOTUS abortion ruling?

…Weekly Standard: Nothing on abortion, but he did pop off on
CNN and Elizabeth Warren

…Yahoo: Trump’s changing views on abortion may be the reason for his silence

…Althouse: Gender politics isn’t his thing

Benghazi report: “Message discipline” took priority over the truth

…CNN: No bombshell, faults administration

Hillary Clinton’s email story continues to get harder and harder to believe

Ex-Secret Service agent: “People need to know the real Hillary Clinton and how dangerous she is”

Sheriff Joe Worried About Trump

To preserve conservative values, this is a time for resistance

Donald Trump’s spokeswoman struggles to explain the state of proposed Muslim ban

Trump’s secret data reversal

Donald Trump still can’t win, Brexit or no Brexit

Where the Trump-Brexit comparisons break down

New Clinton emails include dozens of documents she failed to turn over to State Department

Gingrich unloads: “Hillary Clinton lies all the time”

Fox host: It doesn’t bother Hillary that people died in Benghazi

The Supreme Court’s hypocrisy on abortion and free expression

Loesch shuts down another feminist and shows her the door

Abortionist sentenced to prison for 18 months for doing illegal late-term abortions

Court fails to protect religious liberty again

Clinically insane: Nation reacts to abortion bombshell

Supreme Court allows state to force pro-life pharmacists to sell abortion pill

Pro-lifers aren’t the ones putting women at risk

Why doesn’t the buck stop with Hillary?

What made WaPo finally doubt Clinton’s email lies?

Hillary blames the internet for her problems. Again.

Farage: Nothing on earth could even pursuade me to support Hillary

…Politico: Clinton acts like she has a “divine right” to Presidency

Benghazi report forecasts Clinton administration: Blood, terror, and lies

Is the West prepared for an Islamic State attack?

Al Qaeda to jihadis: Make sure to kill white people to avoid “hate crime” label

Olympic countdown: Al Qaeda terrorist released from Gitmo to Uruguay into Brazil, whereabouts unknown

Israel to hold cybersecurity conference in Beverly Hills

Germany girds for potential spike in Islamic State attacks in Europe

Congressional support for illegal internet giveaway collapses

Justice Department employees to undergo brainwashing with Black Lives Matter ideology

Obama administration selects man with zero immigration experience to head border patrol

Brooks: Immigration system has been “overflooded”

O’Reilly: Open borders and mass immigration do not work

Of course: Senate Dems blocking $1.1 billion Zika bill because Planned Parenthood isn’t getting a cut

Oh, academia: The best of the worst of gender studies papers

Istanbul bombing: Live updates

For better or for worse, social media is important and we need your help

Benghazi Should Have Ended Hillary

Benghazi should have ended “Hillary 2016”

…Bozell: Gowdy punted

…RedState: Why wouldn’t Gowdy call Hillary out for lying?

…Erickson: Hillary’s lies about Benghazi demonstrate we’re in an age where character does not count

…Soshable: Benghazi must not be brushed aside

…Politistick: The Four D’s Clintons always use to cover up scandals

Eric Trump has been illegally begging foreign politicians for campaign cash

Trump supporters are fully embracing his latest flip-flop

McCain: Delegates free to make up their minds

Trump goes the full Bernie in speech on jobs and protectionism

Sowell: The affirmative action fraud goes on

WaPo: “Some things just shouldn’t be decided by the people”

Kansas latest state to fight back over Obama edict

Even after Ben Rhodes comes clean, NY Times still reports his Iran lies as truth

Obama’s former chief speechwriter goes to bat against information leakers

Liberalism’s all-purpose, universal scam

Trudeau’s “propaganda machine”? Media Party capture “every juicy last drop” of two Amigos jogging

Obama administration plays hooky from Cruz hearing on radical Islamic terrorism

ISIS “kill lists” increasingly target U.S. civilians

How much do Americans really fear ISIS?

What guns can do

No, threatening to kill a U.S. Senator isn’t how you start a conversation on gun control

Obama’s Muslim Homeland Security adviser demands national gun registry

Gun owners in paradise now in special FBI database

Judicial Watch: Benghazi panel made Hillary a “martyr”

Smug Hillary tells conservatives to get over it

Hillary: It’s time to move on

Is Frexit next?

Scarborough, Lee nail leftist Brexit hypocrisy

After Brexit, can WE exit a few things, too?

Brexit leader Nigel Farage blasts EU in European parliament speech

…Politistick: “You’re not laughing now, are you?”

Catholic League president rejects Pope’s call to apologize to gays

Justice Alito: “Those who value religious freedom have cause for great concern”

…Federalist: Sounding the alarm

Mississippi: Judge rules county clerks must marry same-sex couples

Shameful, inadequate, small: UNC ditches lampooned guidelines on “micro-aggressions”

Eliminating and reducing regulatory obstacles in agriculture

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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