Mike Lee goes off, Bill talks to Loretta, and French guns from Arizona: yesterday’s links

Mike Lee

Mike Lee made a clear case about why he’s not ready to endorse Donald Trump. Bill Clinton took time to talk to Loretta Lynch about “mundane” topics. A gun used in the Paris attacks came from Arizona.

Huma, vast right wing conspirator

…Washington Times: Server set up before secretary term

…Twitchy: Huma tries to do the right thing. Like Hillary.

…Washington Examiner: Private email may have interfered with Clinton’s job

…Bloomberg: Huma’s frustrated

Clexit and Trexit

“Free the Delegates” takes legal action to unbind

Why this Republican won’t vote for Trump

Nate Silver gives Hillary nearly 8 in 10 chance of winning

More elected Republicans endorsing “conscience voting” for delegates

Snyder: Should convention delegates be unbound?

Liberals lose cookies over trending #HeterosexualPrideDay Twitter hashtag

Gay YouTube star claims he was assaulted near gay club. He lied.

DOJ employees to undergo “implicit bias” training

Marine Corps goes gender neutral

Cruz blasts Obama for whitewashing radical Islam

Cruz grills Muslim Advocates president who scrubbed the FBI lexicon

What did we learn from Ted Cruz’s hearing?

Cruz exposes “willful blindness” to jihad

Ted Cruz demolishes SCOTUS for striking down Texas abortion law. Trump’s response just says it all.

Pro-abortion group complains newspaper rejected ad calling pro-life people “anti science”

Money for Planned Parenthood pays for abortion. Period.

When abortion fans let the truth slip

Schumer says Planned Parenthood can stop Zika

Fighting the pro-choice narrative

James Dobson doesn’t want to be a sucker for Trump anymore

…SooperMexican: Dobson isn’t sure about Trump

…TPM: Dobson backpedals

IRS’s Lois Lerner passed more than a million pages of confidential docs to the DOJ

…NR: Lerner likely broke the law

Jordan widens Islamic State crackdown amid signs of home-grown extremism

The artlessness of war: Don’t name thy enemy

California Senator calls 2A supporters “heartless…vicious…dirty…supporters of terrorism”

NATO designates cyber as official domain for warfare

State Department report says Chinese cyber attacks “ongoing”

Shouldn’t we first help the Christian victims of Mideast genocide?

Russia to release Clinton emails?


Lee breaks down Trump

…RedState: Frees the beast

…Politistick: Shreds TV host, too

…The Blaze: Epic rant

…Erickson: This is what a leader looks like

…Politico: Trump skepticism hardens GOP

A look back at Obama’s gun control push

The case for MORE concealed handguns

Maine restaurateur takes the law into own hands, bans responsible gun owners

Gun control is totally about the children or something

Man-made climate change is science… political science, that is

Warmist guru Michael Mann tells DNC platform committee to use scary propaganda, not science, to panic voters into accepting flawed theory

…Moonattery: Mann says no need for data; global warming dogma is self-evidently true

Benghazi victim’s mother slams Clinton as “liar”

Benghazi report: State Dept. withheld requested weapons because they were not “aesthetically pleasing” — Video

Benghazi explains why the culture war mattered

The Benghazi report misses the real scandal in Libya

Veteran breaks silence, slams Hillary

Attkisson: Mrs. Clinton’s Benhazi chapter

What Difference Does it Make

The demise of the 4th Amendment

Muslims killing Muslims in droves, but Israel the one being condemned

Resident asked to remove American flag from apartment balcony by complex management

University of California spends $158K on Planned Parenthood’s PR firm to prove it’s not biased

Pro-Trump super PACs are flopping

Trump v. the Trump campaign

The Republican establishment has a big problem

Really, really bad news for GOP Senate races

Donald Trump accused of another for-profit education scam

Trump wants consequences for GOP rivals not endorsing him

Donald Trump is spamming foreign politicians asking for money

Hillary says more death for unborn children is a victory

Pro-Hillary Clinton super-PAC accepted $200K in banned donations, the Hill reports exclusively

WaPo: Clinton failed to turn over 160 work-related emails to State Department

Hillary’s epic “Hamilton” fail

Are preparations being made for American occupation?

Government hoarding supplies, claims no need to panic

Senate Republicans: Amend Paul Ryan’s Puerto Rico bailout provision

House candidate attributes quote from Hamilton (the musical) to Hamilton (the founding father)

Unmanned sea vessel fires first torpedo

Iran spirals down, down, down

Iran’s empty condemnation of terrorism

Rubio predicted Turkey

CIA chief expresses concerns that ISIS could carry out Istanbul-style attacks in U.S.

Istanbul airport attack is part of Islamist war on Turkey’s modernist population

Frankly Graham is unhappy with Obama’s response to Turkey attack

The cost of slow-rolling ISIS is clear in the Turkish airport attack

Bill Clinton Loretta Lynch
Why did Bill meet with Loretta?

…Twitchy: Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch TOTALLY didn’t talk about you-know-what during their private convo (suuuure)

…ABC: Meeting happened before Benghazi report

…Daily Caller: Lynch claims chitchat and small talk… for half an hour

…American Mirror: Was Bill in Phoenix just to cross paths with Lynch?

…LI: Gross appearance of impropriety

Democrats hold gun control events; Seattle mayor, council blasted on guns

Araya: “People die when you don’t have guns”

Was the 2nd Amendment for “well-regulated militia” only?

Concealed carrier prevents mass shooting at SC nightclub

Oregon mother shoots home intruder

DHS: Illegal border crossing of family units exceed FY15

New AP European History framework ignores religion, snubs Churchill, whitewashes communism

Anti-Common Core activists slam Florida Congressman for false ads 

LA wants to fine businesses for asking about criminal records

Mother: Cops called on third-grade son over racism concerns for talking about brownies

Trump accuses “special interests” pushing TPP trade deal of “rape”

Critics: Trump trade plan won’t save jobs

…NR: Trump on trade

Trump’s “anti-globalism” is actually anti-free trade

Trump had a very different message about trade before he ran for President

Judge, ACLU oppose a hospital’s “right to choose”

When abortion fans let the truth slip out

The Supreme Court priorities: Abortion before religious liberties

Another Supreme Court decision: Yes to abortion drugs, no to religious liberty

If Israeli “settlements” are an obstacle to peace, explain what happened in Gaza in 2005

Conservative rockstar is born as Glenn wins Colorado Republican Senate battle

The ‘Ferguson Effect’ is driving a surge in violent crime and inner-city deaths

Time to act on Iran’s human rights abuses

Obama administration’s promotion of Iran’s economy has prompted no change in Iranian behavior

…Townhall: Administration faces lawsuit over Iran deal cover-up

…Free Beacon: Obama administration’s pro-Iran efforts fueling terrorism

Hillary’s big money super PAC takes big illegal donations. They’ll likely get away with it.

…LawNewz: Largest Pro-Hillary group accused of accepting illegal donations

Judge expands investigation into Hillary’s dealings with foundation donors

Fast . Furious. France?

Fast. Furious. France?

…Judicial Watch: Gun used in Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix

…Bearing Arms: Phoenix, home of Eric Holder’s weapon smuggling plot

Islamic State and the threat of WMDs

To avoid confusion, al Qaeda suggests killing white heterosexuals

While feds scrubbed references to Islam, terrorists escaped notice

Malkin: Outsourcing security is dumb and deadly

Globalists move to sabotage Brexit

The European Union: What went wrong?

Brexit highlights need for trade without costly regulations

The EU should learn from its defeat, but probably won’t

Brexit’s energy lesson for California and other environmental extremists

The EU is about control, not free trade

Why the anti-Israel boycott movement is an immoral threat to peace

Bob McDonnell not out of the woods yet

Yes, Congress can (and should) fight Zika without playing politics or spending more money

Democrats blame GOP after blocking Zika funding bill

Russia provokes U.S. on the high seas, almost rams destroyer

Facebook again moves to silence conservatives

Tennessee republicans announce ‘Blue Lives Matter’ bills for police safety

Religious protections on the brink in California

Muslim vandals desecrate Saint statue in Italy

ISIS suicide bombers hit Christian village in Lebanon

…Algemeiner: NY Times sees the Christian slaughter, puts it on page 5

Will the terrorization of Egypt’s Christian ever stop?

Dan Hannan slaps around CNN’s Amanpour on her Brexit hysteria in crazed debate

The road to Brexit: How Merkel thwarted Cameron’s smart gamble

11 countries gearing up to strike trade deals with Britain

Brexit should be a good sign for American conservatives (but it won’t be)

Why does Obama hate Britain?

Brexit inspires GQ to suggest denying old people the right to vote

Trump Muslim Ban

Ya, about that Muslim ban…

…NY Times: How Trump keeps changing his mind on abortion, torture, and banning Muslims

…WaPo: Fooled ya!

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