Religious liberties, Iranian fumbles, and Hillary’s emails delayed: yesterday’s links

David French Candidate

David French and others point out just how much our religious liberties are in jeopardy. Iran keeps messing everything up after their nuke deal. Hillary Clinton’s emails won’t be released until 2018.

EU cannot rely on NATO and needs new defense policy says Brussels chief

Conservative group asks for probe of Lynch-Clinton meeting

The Russian jihad is coming of age

Canada set to lead new NATO battle group against Russia

Clinton donor promised to make her “look good” if appointed to national security board

Hillary panders to gays with a straight face, gets blasted

Hillary’s “free wifi” plan is a $275 bill tax hike

Russia to release Clinton emails?

Greenpeace is more dishonest and dangerous than the mafia

Media suddenly SILENT about that Islamophobic “hate crime” in London — could THIS be why?

The GOP isn’t anti-trade yet

Leading scholar on “microaggressions” is aghast at how colleges are using his research

Rifle raffle for Orlando terror victim support earns wide support

Tennessee gives liberals a dose of their own medicine, passes AWESOME pro-gun law

“Gunpocalypse” in California

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards: In 25 years, Israel will no longer be on the map

CIA director says Iran must do more in fight against ISIS

Iran spirals down, down, down

Iran’s empty condemnation of terrorism

Senior American at IMF says Iran faces ‘fundamental’ economic choices

Obama administration hiding info on $1.7B “ransom payment” to Iran from Congress

What America can learn from Israel

Disgraceful: Why hasn’t Obama condemned murder of 13-year-old US citizen in Israel?

Israeli-American girl, 13, knifed to death in her bed on the West Bank by Palestinian

Hallel Ariel, ‘princess in white,’ mourned in Hebron funeral

Trump refuses to provide evidence he forgave personal loan to campaign

Reports say Trump used to eavesdrop on employee’s phone calls

Trump thinks his SCOTUS appointees would have reversed abortion ruling, but…

Media completely confused by Trump’s use of jury metaphor

Islamic State group: Why is it attacking Turkey?

Does Turkey get the ISIS threat?

Andrew McCarthy: Islamist ideology seeks to “supplant our Constitution”

U.S. accepts record number of Syrian refugees in June despite terrorist screening worries

Boris Johnson rules himself out as UK PM

Anti-Brexit elites aren’t the ones who suffer from their policies

Brexit pushes U.S. closer to Germany

Nexit? (as in Netherlands)

You are not Daniel. You are an idol worshipper.

Kristol to GOP establishment: Stop waiting for Trump to pivot

Democrats prepare to utilize Trump oppo research

DHS: If we say “Islam” or “jihad,” the terrorists win

Saluting Senator Ted Cruz

Cruz tears into DHS chief over “systematic scrubbing” of radical Islam during contentious exchange

…Washington Examiner: “No idea” if officials are scrubbing

Ted Cruz v. Jeh Johnson on scrubbing materials, jihad

Iran deal: Why is Team Obama trying so hard to hide information from you?

Iran sacks bank chiefs amid uproar over high salaries

…Jerusalem Post: Dictatorship inside, instability outside

…Haaretz: Second thoughts on Airbus deal

Iran forges ahead with Atlantic ambitions

Religious Liberties Slipping Away

Religious liberties slipping away

…Daily Signal: Why Americans should care about attacks on religious liberties in Russia

Paul Ryan v. 2nd Amendment

Radical Islamic terrorists targeting gun-free malls

Is gun ownership falling in the U.S.?

Ernst, Grassley, Fischer and Sasse introduce Sarah’s Law

Internet governance is in danger

How about alienating “taxpayers?”

Obama’s “common sense” reforms are pure liberal foolishness

Why the Supreme Court’s ruling could be worse for pro-lifers than you think

Donald Trump did not convert to pro-life. Of this I am certain.

Choosing Planned Parenthood over Zika

Planned Parenthood will try to overturn pro-life laws nationwide after SCOTUS ruling

Judge blocks Indiana law banning abortions on babies with Down Syndrome

Reince needs to lead now

Heart of darkness: The evil at the core of modern liberalism

The hypocrisy of Democrats on sex, race, and terrorism

Shameless cronyism in the Obama administration

Alan Grayson reminds us why Democrats will always be donkeys

Christian conservatives: Federal regulation and economic priorities are out of whack

Obama regime seeks to delay releasing Hillary emails for over 2 years

Clinton donor promised to make her “look good” if appointed to national security board

Hillary panders to gays with a straight face, gets blasted

Senate to vote on bill punishing “sanctuary” cities

Good without God? Not in the long run.

Shouldn’t we first help the Christian victims of Mideast genocide?

Slowing economic growth to clean the environment will dirty it more

Coal ash bedevils Oklahoma town, revealing weakness of EPA rule

White House opens restrooms based on gender identity, but not sure of other federal buildings

Pentagon’s transgender policy defies common sense

The Pentagon’s social justice warriors

US military repeals ban on transgender service members

VP Christie?

…Spectator: Christie would be the worst possible veep choice

…CNN: Gingrich a top option

FEC Democrats vote in secret to punish Fox News

…WaPo: The FEC has no business judging Fox News’s debate

The FEC’s impulse for censorship

Agencies conspiring against the 1st Amendment



Lee breaks down Trump

…RedState: Frees the beast

…Politistick: Shreds TV host, too

…The Blaze: Epic rant

…Erickson: This is what a leader looks like

…Politico: Trump skepticism hardens GOP

Trump Pennsylvania campaign is MIA

On trade, Trump is an encyclopedia of error

McConnell silent on Trump – Makes plans to protect RINO incumbents

Islamic State kills Christian priest in Egypt’s North Sinai

Turkey suicide bombers were from Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan

Iraq airstrikes kill Islamic State fighters leaving Fallujah

Hillary’s coterie of antisemites

Your guide to knowing whether your news outlet is in the tank for Hillary

Hillary Clinton emails didn’t ‘set off any bells’ for State Department’s Patrick Kennedy

Hillary Clinton, code talker

Brexit shows why the U.S. income tax is so bad

Markets undaunted by Brexit

Obama administration’s goal is to undermine Brexit vote

World government promoters punched by Brexit

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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