Unpaid (for now) conservative bloggers wanted

Writers Wanted

When we embarked on the mission of giving the world a venue through which they could tap into stories of interest to conservatives, we lost a good chunk of our revenue stream. You see, we were once a conservative blog that focused on driving traffic to the site. Now, we’re a new aggregator that drives traffic to OTHER sites. As a result, nearly all of our writers have taken on gigs elsewhere with no hard feelings and an occasional desire to post in their old stomping grounds.

Now, we need more conservative voices. As of today, we can’t pay for them. We run a very sparse set of Google ads and since we’re not considered a final destination site, it’s proving to be challenging to get sponsors. As a result, we’re asking for help.

We need unique, high-quality, conservative content writers who can post semi-regularly with no expectation of financial benefit. As the site grows (which it does every week), we’ll earn revenue through raw traffic and should be able to start paying, but I don’t want to give any false hope.

The benefit is having your name on an article that can be read by thousands. That’s pretty much it. No true fame. No fortune. A little bit of thanks. Otherwise, you’re doing it for the sake of conservatism and America.

Our guidelines are simple: original, high-quality, and conservative. No reprints. No liberalism. It should be noted that we believe both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are liberal disasters waiting to happen to America, so arguments supporting either of their Presidencies would have to be pretty darn compelling

If interested, email us at editor (at) thenewamericana.com

JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. Please count me in. I have treasure chest of conservatism that has been waiting for a time and place like this to provide the sweet aroma of liberty for the free world to take in.

  2. I have never blogged, but this election cycle has interested me in sharing my opinions. I have a couple short pieces I would like to submit.

  3. The New Americana is a blessing in this time of political turmoil. As a former liberal who has become enlightened and educated on conservatism I believe I can offer a unique perspective. I know first hand how and why liberals think the way they do which can help break down many of the barriers of dialogue set by them. Through education I have embraced the values of conservatism and an appreciation for the constitution as I continue to become a student of both. I’ve also served proudly in the 82nd Airborne Division in the 1990’s so I can bring a point of view of a service member as well. My love runs deep for every patriot in our country and looking to do all I can do support and encourage every American. We are all brothers and sisters in what I am considering of what’s only to be the beginning of the conservative revolution.

  4. I would be interested in writing Christian conservative articles for your site. I have experience writing cultural articles for local publications and would like to write for a larger audience.

    1. JD did mention you could reach out to him on twitter too. But, he’s likely very busy, so I would try other ways to reach him.

  5. One thing we need is a replacement for Breitbart.

    I think it would be an efficient use of money to fund an investigative journalism bureau to investigate and expose the leftist institutions. James O’Keefe had balls but we need a more in depth set of reporters. Some of our bloggers are doing yeoman’s work but we need full time professionals investigating and reporting on some of the stories and mythology the left and the dems put out.

    In conjunction, and others have pointed this out first, we need some of our rich guys to buy some womens magazines and other pop culture icons. The magazine would continue much as before but instead of puff pieces on Obama and Hillary, we could get some good pieces on Bush and Romney.

    Also, it could introduce a piece that provided a thoughtful insight into economics or foreign policy or a platform to publish the investigative pieces the investigative bureau generated.

  6. So what do I have to do to be a contributor?
    I’m a conservative Independent who’s become so disgusted with this election I could puke.
    I run a moderately successful Facebook Page, Obama: The Enemy Within with just over 28 thousand Likes that I absolutely refuse to pay Facebook a dime to promote.
    I do share a lot of your links on my Page always being sure to give your website credit.
    My pro-Cruz, anti-Trump position has cost me followers, but with followers like that who needs fans.
    I don’t make money off of it & I REFUSE to put money into the pocket of a billionaire Progressive leftist like Zuckerberg.
    I have some experience with blogging, but retired from it when my friends website at the time seemed to feel like it had become an extension of Alex Jones & Infowars with the more contributors he brought on. I couldn’t be a party to that sort of journalistic delinquency,
    so I just stuck to doing my Page & creating memes instead.
    Thanks .

  7. This site started off OK, then came the attacks on Ted Cruz for endorsing Trump over Hillary as “unprincipled.” Those attacks were unprincipled, not Ted Cruz, and the conservative movement needs politicians like Ted Cruz.

  8. I’d be interested in helping the cause. I appreciate all your hard work JD. I read your stuff all the time now, and get frustrated at the lack of response. My time is limited, but I am willing to help!

  9. While I have never done anything like this, I “blog” almost everyday on my FB page. I would like to be considered as a part-time contributor. If there is one thing I have lots of, is “opinions”.in today’s crazy political world. 🙂

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