Independence day means not many stories: yesterday’s links

Independence Day

There really wasn’t a whole lot going on other than the usual failures and shenanigans by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. We took it as a semi-day-off.

Hillary’s standard “I knew nothing” excuse hits the Bill-Loretta tarmac

Did Judicial Watch inadvertently help Hillary prepare for her FBI interview?

Democrats’ platform will have Hillary pushing single payer healthcare

Hillary hooligan Max Blumenthal proves the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree

…Algemeiner: Defames Elie Weisel, other holocaust survivors

How Lois Lerner’s IRS ruthlessly targeted the Tea Party

More erratic behavior from Russian fleet

Keeping the spirit of liberty alive

Conspiracy: Failed Trump assassin was trained by FBI agents posing as Islamic terrorists with Orlando shooter Omar Mateen

Video: Army veteran saves bald eagle… with gun

America will have lethal hypersonic weapons by the 2020s

Hillary and The Untouchables
Hillary and The Untouchables

…RedState: Hillary meets FBI for 3.5 hours

…NR: Why so long?

…McClatchy: Indicted or not, Clinton could lose politically

…Dianny: Oh, if only they waterboarded her

…Allen B. West: Hillary claims she was “pleased”

Israeli settlements: A policy worth pursuing

The media must cover Palestinian support for terror

Iranian military official: We have 100,000 missiles in Lebanon ready to hit Israel

Newt: Trump’s “not trying” yet

Who is Paula White, Trump’s spiritual guide

Please Sarah Palin, go away

Trump’s defenders are becoming unmoored

Indictment Unlikely

Charges unlikely

…Ex-DOJ official: Don’t get your hopes up for a Hillary indictment

…Judge Jeanine: Why Hillary won’t be indicted

…Blasting News: Trump’s not happy

Cruz exposes arrogance, incompetence, of Obama’s anti-terror failure

Violent crime surges in California

Taxpayers dollars at work: Feds unveil painfully embarrassing anti-terrorism video

The soul of America

Is abortion a sin?

Liberals ready assault on abortion laws after Supreme Court verdict

How Orthodox churches overcame estrangement

A vast majority of Americans still believe in God

A “Declaration of Dependence” on God

Christians attacked by Hindu mob in India

Portion of United Methodist Church breaks away on homosexual prohibitions

Christianity and Independence Day

America’s education system needs radical change

NY school isolates six-year-old white kids, tells them they’re racist, privileged

Where is the concern about American college campus groups that support terrorists?

Thanks, affirmative action: Asian student with perfect grades rejected from colleges

College concludes ‘make America great again’ slogan is a ‘racialized attack’ that violates school policy

Moronic microaggressions week at college insurrection

Hack yields Clinton campaign email, records

The hard truth about the new Democratic party under Hillary

Witness in email probe seen leaving Clinton’s house on day she met with FBI

Wright: Trump campaign chaos continues

Shapiro: “Don’t justify the perversion of your principles in order to justify your support for him”

Trump using a white supremacist meme disqualifies him from President

Senator Cotton unable to make a case for his support for Trump

…Todd to Cotton: “What you outline as a foreign policy is the exact opposite of Donald Trump and seems, really, closer to Hillary Clinton.”

Reason #373 to reject Trump: Trade

You scratch my back...

Ice cream is the newest evil in Boulder

Trump can’t believe the size of Colorado crowd. Neither will you.

Republicans hedge on supporting Donald Trump at second day of Western Conservative Summit

A common theme among conservatives for Trump

Attacked by Trump, Mexicans look to Jewish groups for help

A swing and a miss for Trump in Colorado

Japanese court: We can religiously profile Muslims

Austrian Presidential election overturned

Sheriff David Clarke: Black “Lies” Matter

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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