Ben Sasse on exceptionalism, Ramadan ends, Farage out: yesterday’s links

Ben Sasse for President

Senator Ben Sasse demonstrates on Independence Day why America is exceptional. Ramadan ends, thankfully, as terrorism spikes through the Muslim holy month. Nigel Farage is stepping down from UKIP leadership.

The Democrats’ “emergency” assault on the 2nd Amendment

Hundreds march in Inverness in support of 2nd Amendment

65% believe U.S. on wrong track as June background checks surge

State Department thwarts deportations to appease immigrant criminals’ home countries

Goldman reveals how China is covering up hundreds of billions in capital overflows

Utah GOP delegates urged to reject Donald Trump

Will the GOP delegates keep with the spirit of 1776?

Scottie Nell Hughes flips out, ignores facts while defending her exalted leader

Hillary has the second highest candidate unfavorable rating, ever. Unfortunately for Trump supporters, it’s not a reason to rejoice.

James Dobson and the Christian right sleep with the enemy

3 coordinated suicide bombings rock Saudi Arabia

Saudi officials included in declassified list of people of interest after 9/11

Russian operatives are harassing U.S. diplomats. Obama is doing nothing.

Algemeiner: We don’t need the world’s permission to defend ourselves

Trump may have turned these swing states blue

Gingrich: Trump “doesn’t know what he’s doing,” need to “quit screwing up”

Keyes: Trump’s strike at pledge breakers presages party dictatorship

With few political allies, Trump plans celebrity convention

Democrat or Republican, Oklahoma has always been conservative

U.S. Navy: Seizure of American soldiers by Iran violated international law

Deja Vu: US House Republicans screw over bondholders like Obama did with the auto industry

Tim Kaine’s abortion predicament

Lila Rose: Let’s unmask the lies of the abortion industry

Pro-lifers push back against the Supreme Court

Israel strikes two military targets in Syria in response to cross-border fire

Rouhani on defensive after backlash against banker pay

Bank of Israel buying “hundreds of millions” of dollars

Trump goes full Mondale

Trump’s swing state troubles

Ivanka thinks her dad is totally about gender equality

Libertarian Gary Johnson is pretty sure Trump is a racist

Newt loves free trade. He just won’t admit it anymore until Trump picks his VP.

Rules committee wants to prevent anyone from challenging Trump nomination

Freddie Gray prosecutor faces possible disbarment

CA universities have a discrimination problem, just not the one they’re addressing

Microaggressions: Political correctness run amok

Oh Canaduh: Leftist Trudeau pushes gender-neutral ID cards

And we fought a War of Independence because of a government that used to do this?

8 fun facts about our founding fathers

Ben Sasse reminds us why America is truly exceptional

U.N. participation and the loss of American sovereignty

Democrats lurch left with platform, especially on abortion

…Haven: They want to abolish the death penalty, too

Socialism steals liberty, economy

Iran threatens to destroy Israel. Again.

Carnage across the world as ISIS carries out deadly attacks. Is the worst yet to come?

How to keep the Bangladesh powder keg from exploding

Mother of Palestinian who murdered 13-year-old girl: “My son is a hero. He made me proud.”

Islamic State launches first successful attack in Malaysia

DOJ pushes trans-integration amid readiness crisis

A transgender military is not funny and is not okay

Obama’s transgender policy “devastating” military

Donald Trump Antisemite

Trump says antisemitic Tweet had a sheriff’s star on it

…TNA: Trump’s “sheriff star” shows he’s either an idiot or he thinks we are

…Mediaite: Twitter responds

…NBC: Posted weeks before on racist feed

Malaysia links nightclub attack to Islamic State

Israel links Tel Aviv cafe attack to Islamic State

Turkey to cooperate with Russia against Islamic State

Islamic State escalates terror campaign with Baghdad bombings

Why Islamic State targets airports: A global stage and variety of nationalities

Patriotism at All Time Low
Patriotism at an all time low

…Shapiro: On Independence Day, leftists get #AmericaWasNeverGreat to trend on Twitter

…LI: Reagan’s Independence Day address, 1983

…NR: America’s founding changed human history forever

…Noisy Room: Celebrating America

…Brother Bob: Stay stupid, my leftist friends

…Mediaite: Modern media has turned the USA into the divided states of America

…Dianny: Liberty isn’t fair

…Politistick: Ted Cruz’s Independence Day video reveals what made America great

…Strident Conservative: Who is really celebrating independence?

…Mike Rowe: “Personally, I’m partial to Independence Day”

Amanda Carpenter perfectly identifies the “worst part” of Hillary’s FBI interview

Biden thinks Hillary didn’t do anything “intentionally wrong”

…SNA: Here’s the problem with Biden’s defense

In the two-front war on character, Hillary needs to give up

Hillary will get you, James Woods, and your little dog too

Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez, a Clinton VP hopeful, thinks America needs to fear the “far right” in Europe

Trump's Choices

Morse: “Gun grabbing socialists never let a crisis go to waste… even if they have to create one”

FBI flagged this Congressman as a terrorist. Here’s why he’s against the new gun ban.

Six facts that disprove everything liberals say about gun control

Conservative list of grievances against the 2016 GOP establishment

Abortion is morally wrong — and it’s sexist and racist, too

Mexican Supreme Court overwhelmingly rejects proposal to legalize abortion nationwide

Blocked Indiana abortion law comes amid procedure’s decline

Pro-lifer to Indiana judge: We’re better people than that

Why not ban abortion entirely?

Huma admits Hillary burned official schedules

Wikileaks releases 1,258 of Hillary’s emails pertaining to the Iraq war

Clinton Cash

Hillary’s transparency brag goes up in flames. Again.

Clinton against appointing special prosecutor

Hillary may keep Lynch as AG

No, Loretta Lynch was not “ambushed” by Bill Clinton

Daniel Greenfield on the next generation of Islamic terrorism

CIA caught off guard by Islamic State’s rise in post-Moammar Gadhafi Libya

…QPolitics: Director admits he’s clueless

The city where ISIS now occupies all churches

Obama’s last ditch effort to make globalization happen

June gun sales crush record


ISIS terrorizes Baghdad

…NY Times: Over 120 dead

…Iraqi News: Suicide bomber identified as Abu Maha al-Iraqi

…Wolf: This won’t stop until they’re “hunted down and eradicated”

…Twitchy: Hillary pays lip service after horrific attack in Baghdad

Ted Cruz warns: Orwellian censorship by Obama’s administration poses grave risk to national security

Michael Moore lets his ignorance run free as he lectures Americans on priorities

The importance of a moral foundation

North Carolina moves to end sanctuary cities

At least 480 civilians have been killed since Boko Haram has significantly increased its attacks in Cameroon

Even Democrats have to admit that the threat of the Islamic State is growing

Kuwait thwarts ISIS attack, arrests 5 alleged terror plotters

Judge: Utah man can’t marry his porn-filled computer

DiCaprio goes full hypocrite on global warming

Constitutionalist or not? That is the question.

BLM fails. Again.

Shown its hypocrisy, Northwestern stops discriminating against free-market student group

Justin Amash shoots down gun control bill, champions rights on Independence Day

Gun-grabbing congresscritter cannot explain why guns with barrel shrouds should be banned

As Congress returns, Democrats and Republicans clash over gun control

Congressional delegation differs on gun rights ruling

The right government policy toward entrepreneurship

How would America’s founders tackle 2016 populism?

Do all lives matter? Freddie Gray vs. Kate Steinle

Nigel Farage Steps Down

Farage out as UKIP leader

1 in 10 crybaby remainiacs planning to leave Britain

5 U.S. independence movements inspired by Brexit

Rights of EU citizens living in UK sparks row

NPR misrepresents how Christians view religious freedoms for Muslims]

The left’s stealth religious war: Church of liberalism vs. Christianity

Christian dating sites ordered to include LGBT singles

Christians in Ghana urged to prepare for Christ

Muslim violence prompts NGO to call for Christian-only asylum homes

The stupidity of the left

Air in red states is better than air in blue states

Court derails Common Core standards ballot question

Brexit: Where the media thinks that declarations of freedom are signs of racist xenophobia

Italy may be next EU crisis

Conservative Brexiters may sway the contest towards Andrea Leadsom

Remain’s ageism following Brexit is vile

Britain’s constitutional crisis

EU exit: It’s a religious issue

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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