Still no charges: yesterday’s links

Comey Lynch

FBI Director James Comey started a press conference by detailing every reason that Hillary Clinton should be charged. Then, he proceeded to declare that he was recommending no charges. Of course, Attorney General Loretta Lynch complied.

Delusional Al Gore calls himself the ‘Jackie Robinson’ of global warming

Is Chicago imploding under Rahm Emanuel?

Homeschoolers crush public school students’ SAT scores

As Ramadan Ends We Need To Strike

As Ramadan ends, it’s time to take out ISIS

Suicide bomber attacks Indonesian police headquarters

Suspected terrorist held from train in near Indian border with Bangladesh

Hundreds slaughtered in a single weekend as Obama boasts “progress”

Utahns oppose public bathroom accommodations for transgender people

Iowa: “Some” churches must comply with transgender bathroom laws

U.S. transgender population estimate has doubled since 2011

Cruz releases statement

Cruz releases powerful response to FBI’s Clinton email debacle

…LawNews: Cruz calls for release of all information used to reach “dubious decision”

…TheBlaze: Recommending no charges against Clinton “threatens the rule of law”

Cruz endorses another anti-establishment conservative

Cruz nails Obama administration over Islamic terrorism

Kelsey Grammer: “Reproductive rights” is a dishonest name for abortion

Congress lets abortion politics derail Zika fight

Planned Parenthood abortion clinic sends 60th botched abortion victim to the ER

Venezuelan disaster proves truth about socialism

Anti-white discrimination all the rage

Egyptian TV: Muhammad a pedophile, narcissist, murderer, false prophet


The last, strongest bastion of the #NeverTrump movement: the Republican national security establishment

Republicans, keep bailing the Titanic

Conservative group urges Scott Walker to accept a presidential “draft”

Republican delegate revolt grows in effort to sidetrack Trump nomination

#NeverTrump fires back at Palin’s “traitors” charge

Caruso: Palin can sod off

Is anything beyond the pale for Trump?

Trump Loses to Hillary

Poll: Trump loses to Hillary. Anybody else would beat her.

Less than two weeks before GOP convention, the party’s congressional wing still shows little enthusiasm for likely nominee

Hillyer: No VP pick can move me from the #NeverTrump camp

Striking down Mississippi’s religious freedom law another example of judicial activism

Together 2016 aims to unify 1 million Christians in prayer on National Mall

Muslims kill Christian woman for refusing to permit mosque building on her property in Uganda

NFL star Benjamin Watson: America is not a Christian country

Noah’s ark attraction ready to open in Kentucky

Krauthammer: Negligence does not require intent

Dianny: Married to the mob

Jacobson: “Those who lived under communism understand exactly what just happened”

Hillary’s banana republic

Ryan: Intel chief should block Hillary from getting classified briefings

The end of the rule of law?

Did Comey fear Hillary?

Mexico’s supreme court rejects legalization of abortion

South African cardinal calls U.S. abortion rate “a genocide” for blacks

Democratic platform digs into abortion rights

1,379 babies saved from abortion in Iowa over last four years

Islamic State tightens grip on women held as sex slaves

Islamic State shifts strategy from building territory to spreading terror worldwide

Different targets, different countries: The challenge of stopping Islamic State

Turkey can’t afford to ignore Islamic State

Ex-National Guard member charged with plotting to help Islamic State

The hypocritical elites deserved Brexit

After Brexit, Top EU bureaucrat wants a “European government”

The real meaning of Brexit

Brexit was about politics and sovereignty, not trade zones

This arrogant anti-Brexit writer makes his elitist feelings known

Did Nancy Pelosi’s chauffeur do some stunt driving for an emergency shoe shopping trip?

Epiphany at The Independent? Shock as Palestinians described as terrorists.

Koch brothers’ plight likened to that of civil rights workers in the 1950s

So, is this Senator Lindsay Grahamnesty’s Presidential failure revenge?

Beaten and abused for their faith in Jesus: Christian persecution in India

Christians disguised as zombies preach at gay pride parade

Is the U.N. creating a police force to fight Christians in the U.S.?

Syrian refugees admitted to U.S. spikes in June… but only 0.3% were Christians

Christian Iraqi population shrinking with persecution “worse than under Saddam Hussein”

Court documents show Rolling Stone ignored multiple warning signs in UVA “rape” story

5 myths about FDA’s regulations of vapor products

Why don’t feminists fight for Muslim women?

Muslim socialist speaker in Toronto: Kill Israeli Jews

Black conservative tears into Trump’s flirtation with white supremacist: “This is not excusable”

Adviser: Trump ‘not going to get rid of’ Iran deal

Yet again, Trump makes sure nobody pays attention to the Hillary scandal

Trump praises Saddam Hussein for killing terrorists “so good”

Iran eyes EU gas market

U.S. legislators to call for release of Americans held by Iran

The plight of human rights violations in Iran

Liberals assail conservative women, but love Hillary

Pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC returns government contractor’s contribution

Judge wonders if release of Hillary Clinton emails is being deliberately delayed

Even “mainstream” media liberals find Hillary untrustworthy

Screw U

Queen Hillary

…Atkisson: 15 FBI findings and why it’s not all about Hillary

…Politistick: Cruz questions integrity of emailgate decision

…McClatchy: Now it’s up to voters to decide if Clinton’s email use matters

…Paul Ryan: FBI’s announcement “defies explanation”

…National Review editors: Comey’s risible recommendation

…Resurgent: Comey should resign today

…Giuliani: “Today, Hillary Clinton was put way above the law”

…Flopping Aces: Two-tiered system of law… Clintons and everyone else

…Heat Street: 5 people not named Hillary Clinton who were punished for similar crimes

…Mises: Why Hillary wasn’t indicted

“GunnyTime” host R. Lee Ermey “blackballed” from Hollywood for conservative views

Conservative instincts vs. the living Constitution

Looks like the U.S. could be facing another recession

Hillary Clinton James Comey
Comey recommends no charges

…RedState: Clinton avoidance of charges “likely inevitable”

…Fox News: Biggest threat to her campaign now eliminated

…Comey: “This investigation was done honestly, competently and independently, no outside influence of any kind was brought to bear.”

…Politistick: Since when has ‘intent’ to break the law factored into a decision of whether or not to file charges?

…Townhall: Staff “extremely careless”

…Judicial Watch: We’ll keep trying

…Allen West: I’m delighted by the verdict

Nigerian troops avert suicide attacks on IDPs, kill 6 Boko Haram militants

Children born of Boko Haram rape persecuted

Boko Haram’s other human tragedy: malnutrition

Arrested terrorist is a brother to Presidential body guard

Israel-Arab Muslim mother of 5 with PhD arrested for trying to join ISIS

Horowitz: The most breathtaking and frightening fix in American history

Megyn Kelly tears into Hillary’s email excuses

Clintons: Masters of escape

A sampling of reactions to the FBI decision

GOP Congressman calls for new independent investigation into Clinton’s emails

Lawlessness flexes its muscles

First signs of ISIS lone wolf attackers in Israel

Gazans sent to smuggle Hamas funds in their shoes enable Israel to learn about new tunnels

Resilience in the face of obscenity

Israeli PM: Africa has no better friend than Israel

Israel and Egypt, BFFs

Diplomatic ties help Israel defang international criticism

Damon calls for U.S. to ban guns “in one fell swoop”

Court holds machine guns not protected by 2nd Amendment

In Germany, gun control fails again. “Weapons of war” found during raid near mosque.

Will the House investigate the Democrats’ impudent gun control sit-in?

The 2nd Amendment is the first domino in the toppling of the Bill of Rights

Witness the complete failure of strict gun control

Iran threatens to restart nuclear program

Chicago on the brink

Rapes by migrants in German swimming pools are surging, police quietly admit

Speaker Ryan’s test

Bangladesh is being urged to confront its Islamic State problem

Islamic State expands in Europe, Mideast, North Africa, Asia

US jets abandoned Syrian rebels, who then lost battle to Islamic State

Islamic State is ‘clear and present enemy,’ says Sacramento imam

Lebanese bank shuts down hundreds of Hezbollah accounts

Terrorism can be over if we cut up its credit card

ISIS is simply doing what they learned from Muhammad

Remembering some obvious truths about the Iraq war

President Obama explains his “strategy” in Afghanistan

Robert Spencer: Muslims wouldn’t bomb Muhammad’s city, would they? Sure they would.

Democratic platform draft calls for federal funding of abortion

Abortion business closes, sold to group that will provide care for homeless people

Federal judge blocks Florida law defunding abortion giant Planned Parenthood

City won’t let pregnancy center open next door to abortion clinic to save babies from abortion

Four reasons why if you oppose tyranny, you should oppose abortion

ACT: Common Core does not prepare students for college

These three conservative policies have allowed Indiana’s economy to flourish

Iranian Kurds are rising up against the Mullahs

Comey freed these Islamic terrorists, got them citizenship, prosecuted feds who pursued them

Comey’s FBI helped convict Navy reservist who “handled classified materials inappropriately”

Ryan: Republicans will hold hearings on Clinton email investigation

Cruz drops truth bombs on “no charges” for Hillary

Someone who was once indicted by Comey has some choice words for him

Nearly one million illegal aliens at large, including 170,000 convicted felons

NY Times op-ed calls for Obama to pardon millions of illegal aliens

Rejecting assimilation is key plank of 2016 Democratic Party platform

Clinton is lucky she’s running against Trump

Republicans signal Clinton’s email controversy is only just beginning

Hillary calls FBI Director a lying liar

Gang of eighters hope for a GOP thrashing

Hillary must condemn Max Blumenthal’s assault on Elie Wiesel

After FBI shirks Hillary indictment, Washington Post upgrades her 2-Pinocchio lies to “whoppers”

AP fact-checks Hillary. Her story “collapses”

Scarborough: “I don’t question Comey’s integrity. I question his courage.”

Gun, due process rights mentioned in Constitution; abortion isn’t

The reason I open carry

Constitution “provide for the common defense”

Buchanan: Will the west survive the century?

Indigenous woman yells ‘I hate white people’ before punching white woman, but it’s not a hate crime judge rules

9 things to know about Gary Johnson

Gretchen Carlson files sexual harassment suit against Roger Ailes

America’s schools and families are failing the coming generations

Revolutionizing healthcare for the better

17 times Donald Trump said one thing and then denied it

Pro-Trump RNC member claims nearly 700 delegates are anti-Trump, 900 more are “in play”

Erickson: Trump wants Hillary to be President

After Brexit, is Texit possible?

The Democrats’ backroom hypocrisy on for-profit colleges

Another study finds same-sex parenting isn’t best for kids

Loretta Lynch James Comey

Lynch makes it official: No charges

…Wolf: The public knows that Clinton was reckless with national security and will face no punishment for doing so because she is politically connected with Obama

…Daily Caller: Lynch, Comey set to testify before Congress

Trump isn’t a model for the GOP’s future

Trump blew another good news cycle

…Resurgent: As good as it gets for Trump

Conservatism’s future after Trump

Russia to send Iran another S-300 missile system shipment “soon”

Empowering Americans in poverty: A proposal for reforming the safety net

VA health care still has “profound deficiencies”

Judge rules Kansas can’t defund Planned Parenthood abortion business

Planned Parenthood clinic allegedly botched 60th abortion since 2009

Investigation finds Planned Parenthood so bad it “borders on outright medical malpractice”

ACLU sues U.S. gov’t to force Catholic groups to offer abortion

Pro-life doctor who is “sick and tired” of abortion invents new unisex condom

Another lesson from the life of Elie Wiesel

U.S. sanctions Kim Jong Un and 10 other leaders

EU fluffs Canada trade deal, devolves into squabbling

Clinton Crime Syndicate

Crime syndicate

…Erickson: Take James Comey at his word. Just try it.

…Wolf: Hillary set up her own private email server for these three reasons… and Trump would have done the same

…Shapiro: It’s not just the corruption that shocks. It’s the flagrant, shameless display of it.

…American Thinker: Why Comey blinked

…Frontpage Mag: Do we want a nation of laws or men?

…TNA: The bright side for Republicans after Hillary’s latest “above the law” moment

…Datechguy: And people wonder why conservatives are arming themselves

…Independent Sentinel: The Clintons and Godfather II

…Diana West: Dictatorship of the Clintontariat

GOP Veepstakes

2 down, 4 to go

…WaPo: Corker withdraws

…TPM: Ernst withdraws

Sorry, Speaker Ryan. Your gun bill is still too liberal.

…DailyWire: 5 things you need to know about Ryan’s bill

Wounded Knee helps justify the 2nd Amendment

Is Hillary trying to replace the 2nd Amendment

Barone: Racial discrimination on campus is likely to go on forever

What should America do at the NATO Summit?

Iowa law forces churches to accept LGBT agenda

Noah’s Ark makes its mark in Kentucky

…Ken Ham: Ark Encounter is Christian message to the world

1 million Muslims reached by united prayers of Christians worldwide as Ramadan ends

California LGBT agenda runs roughshod over religious freedom

Christianity can’t be stretched to endorse homosexuality

The Constitution protects against NIMBYism

Goldman warns of a sharp plunge in stocks in “next few months”

Flawed person vs. toxic party: The 2016 choice

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