Cruz to speak: yesterday’s links

Ted Cruz can Unify the GOP

Last month, Donald Trump was calling Ted Cruz names again and Ted Cruz was telling Donald Trump that he didn’t really care about whether or not he spoke at the convention. This month, they kissed, made up, and now Cruz is speaking. Will he endorse before the convention?

Dozens killed in “Islamic State” strike on Baghdad Shiite shrine

Are Iran, West on collision course over missiles?

The leftist-Islamic alliance exposed

State Dept Reopens Email Inquiry
State Department reopens email probe

…The Right Scoop: Just more kabuki theater

Trump backs off Muslim ban, but it’s already way more popular than he is

Pro-abortion rights group lumps vulnerable GOP senators in with Trump

How to force Trump to release his tax returns

Why can’t Trump stay on target?

James Comey Hearing

Comey grilled

Watch James Comey defend Hillary by implying that she’s not all that bright

Hillary wasn’t under oath, recorded, or transcribed in FBI interview

Congress to ask FBI to investigate whether Hillary lied under oath

Marco makes his mark: Leads Senate push to strip Hillary of security clearance

James Comey makes the government safe for corruption

House Republicans push for new Clinton investigation

Comey: Hillary lied and was negligent but that doesn’t mean she did anything wrong

The transgender suicide rate isn’t due to discrimination

The Supreme Court’s new attack on the 4th Amendment

Socialist Venezuela destroys its currency

Germany adds stricter rape laws after migrant attacks

Buying Guns in California

Records show increase in California gun licensees since carry reform

Here’s how David French handles his concealed-carry permit when pulled over

Anti-gun professor threatens to shoot up NRA headquarters

If we’ve learned anything from recent police shootings, it’s to wait for all the facts to come in

Will California ever thrive again?

Cut taxes, increase tax revenue

African Union unveils biometric passport for New World Order

Brexit: Next UK prime minister will be a woman, as Gove knocked out of race

Did social media dumb down Brexit?

Brexit shows why central planning won’t work

Globalism has failed: Why Millennials should thank Boomers for Brexit

Would Trump quit if he wins the election? He doesn’t rule it out.

Trump fails to exploit Clinton weakness

Like father, like son. Eric Trump gets creepy talking about Ivanka’s “beautiful looks”

Defending Trump corrupts his most loyal supporters

Boko Haram victim narrates how his family was killed

Turkey terror attack suspect freed from Gitmo, part of “Russian Taliban”

Famed Christian leader accused of paying ransom to ISIS

Cruz to Speak at Convention

Cruz to speak at convention

…RedState: Endorsement, no, speaking slot, yes

…USNews: Hatchet buried in private meeting

Bishops warn against growing persecution of Christians in Iran

$100 million Christian theme park makes the Bible “come alive”

Iraq invasion “sounded death knell for Iraqi Christians”

300 Muslims torch Coptic Christians’ homes in Eqypt as warning not to build new church

Causes of the federal government’s unsustainable spending

O’Reilly: Obama’s “emotional attachment” to Muslim world has endangered the U.S.

Cruz’s fight to protect the internet from authoritarian regimes

Bud Light runs shameless “equal pay” commercial. It’s cringeworthy.

Sasse Still #NeverTrump

Still #NeverTrump

…Ben Sasse spokesman: “Sen. Sasse will not be attending the convention and will instead take his kids to watch some dumpster fires across the state, all of which enjoy more popularity than the current front-runners.”

…WaPo: Trump, seeking GOP unity, has tense meeting with Senate Republicans

…Erickson: We have betrayed our founders

…RedState: Trump seeks to reassure lawmakers by referring to part of the Constitution that doesn’t exist

…NR: Never forget that the GOP establishment preferred Trump over Cruz

Israel needs more “God-speak”

Ethiopia backs Israeli bid for AU “observer” role

Israel’s “ultimate” ship defense now validated on land

High Court rejects petitions against Israel-Turkey agreement

Liberty still lost

Ailes responds to Carson lawsuit

Special interests look to influence political conventions — discreetly

How state bars are taking down conservative attorneys

7 takeaways from the FBI director’s hearing on Clinton email use

Why Hillary must go to jail

It ain’t over

Hillary’s non-indictment might not help her

In an effort to unite party, Trump attacks Republican Senators

Why isn’t Trump attacking Hillary?

Are Trump’s surrogates feeling the strain?

Sad! Gov. Chris “Shinebox” Christie unlikely to be chosen as Donald Trump’s running mate

The Islamic State is using armed drones in Iraq

Islamic State recruiter in Syria directed Ohio college student to attack

Terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah find safe haven in Germany

U.S.-backed forces drive into Islamic State-held city

The Islamic State’s new propaganda film is like an HR meeting, but with beheadings

Death toll from Baghdad bombing nears 300

Iran Boeing Deal

Democrats join Republicans in concern over Boeing-Iran deal

Iran’s Parchin particles: Why should two mites of uranium matter?

Iran wants to develop its solar market, but trade restrictions are getting in the way

German intel report charges Iran seeking illegal nuke, missile tech

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