Unfortunately, age would be a factor if Newt gets picked for VP

Donald Trump Newt Gingrich Age

I’m not doctor, but I would assume that both Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich are in better health than Hillary Clinton based upon what we’ve seen from her in the last couple of years. That’s why it’s sad that a Trump-Gingrich ticket would be hard to make America swallow with their combined ages of 143 years.

Whether you’re a Trump supporter or not (I’m not), it’s a shame that age is still a factor in American politics. Yes, 70+ is elderly, but health must be taken into account. In a world where it’s not uncommon for people to live and remain active well into their 80s, Trump’s (70) and Gingrich’s (73) age shouldn’t be viewed as a liability, but it will be.

I won’t be voting for Hillary Clinton and if Trump is the nominee, I’ll probably vote for him. Until he’s officially the nominee, I’ll fight for a better alternative. With that said, I won’t be attacking him for his age, nor Newt’s age. I trust their health a heck of a lot more than Hillary’s.

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