The remaining options for patriotic conservative Americans in this sick Presidential race

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

It’s impossible to put an accurate number on the multitudes of Americans who are not at all pleased with choosing between the two liberal Democrats from New York as the next President of the United States. For many, the situation seems hopeless. The reality is that there’s still a glimmer of a chance that things might still work out for America.

Most feel powerless to do anything about it, but we can. By staying in touch with developments on conservative news sites and sharing those developments any way we can, it’s a small drop in a very large bucket but one that needs to fill up, fast. The GOP convention is around the corner. The time to act is now.

Here’s a breakdown of how we see the options listed in order of preference from best-case- to worst-case-scenario. Knowing your options and the implications of each can help to maintain personal sanity even if the rest of the world burns around us.

Trump implodes with Rule 40B intact

Have faith! This is the scenario that would give America the best chance for survival. In it, Trump has a meltdown, scandal, or other disqualifying moment in the days between the RNC rules committee meeting and the convention. This is important because one of the tactics that pro-Trump delegates will likely employ is to keep rule 40B which only allows candidates with delegate majorities in eight or more states to be on the ballot. In this scenario, the delegates bound to Trump would abstain on the first vote and nominate Ted Cruz on the second vote.

Even if you’re not a fervent Cruz supporter, this is a superior option than parachuting in a white knight candidate like Scott Walker or Paul Ryan because it will not be viewed as a coup nor will it be the Establishment superseding the wishes of the base. Cruz came in second and has the most support outside of Trump. If Trump implodes, his supporters will not be in a position to protest. Cruz would go on to defeat Hillary Clinton in November.

Trump implodes with Rule 40B struck

This scenario is similar to the one above and would still likely yield a Cruz nomination, but it allows for the opportunity of a white knight candidate from the Establishment. With zero infrastructure in place and only four months to hit the campaign trail, this would be harder. Cruz already has infrastructure. He’s still fundraising (for Senate in 2018). He can build the biggest organization the fastest. Even if you’re hoping for Marco Rubio, Walker, or someone else to be the candidate, Cruz still has the best chance against Hillary.

Third-Party conservative candidate

After Bill Kristol and Mitt Romney failed to push a third-party conservative candidate, the last viable remaining hope rests with Better for America. While they don’t have a candidate announced yet, they’re on the New Mexico ballot and plan on being on 25 ballots by the end of July.

This would be lower on the list if it weren’t for the concept that it would actually have a chance of working IF they do everything exceptionally and both major party candidates continue to fail at inspiring America. The first part of the “if” requires a strategy that I’m not sure they’re prepared to accept, one that I would prefer not to disclose in writing (if they want to reach out, so be it). It’s not that it’s devious or against the law or anything, but it definitely works better if the strategy isn’t in the public realm.

This and all of the remaining options will likely yield a Trump or Clinton Presidency, so place most of your hope on an option above.

Delegate coup

“Free the Delegates” is getting the most traction while pro-Trump factions are fighting to stop it. Unfortunately, it likely won’t work even if it does work. You see, Trump won’t go away with his tail tucked. He’ll fight. If he’s ousted at the convention, the very least he’ll do is make certain that his ouster has zero chance of winning while building his media outlet. The worst he could do is run as an independent. Both options will likely result in major losses for the Republican party for at least this cycle if not for a couple more.

With all that said, one might wonder how this option could possibly be preferable to just accepting Trump and voting for him. The reason is simple: Trump will destroy the Republican party from within if he’s nominated and he’ll destroy America from within if he wins. With the delegate coup option, the rebuilding process can begin immediately. Without it, Trump dictates what happens within the party and we’re already seeing “conservatives” shifting their views to match his. I shake my head in utter disappointment whenever I see Jeff Sessions, Newt Gingrich, or Tom Cotton bend their principles to defend their new master.

Gary Johnson

I’ve devoted hundreds of hours researching Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to understand the opposition. I’ve spent countless hours researching Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Walker, Ben Carson, and Rand Paul, plus some time devoted to the other GOP candidates.

I’ve given Libertarian Gary Johnson about an hour of my time. After the convention, that may change. What I’ve seen of Johnson has not impressed me enough to give him serious consideration, but he seems to be more conservative that Trump or Clinton. If all else fails at the convention, I’ll give him a closer look.

Don’t vote

As unAmerican as that sounds, it may be the only option for those of us who take voting seriously and believe in voting FOR something rather than AGAINST something else. Many who plan on voting for Trump are doing so because they can’t imagine putting Hillary in the White House. The same can be said on the other side; there are plenty of Democrats who would be willing to vote for a Republican other than Trump.

For the sake of our principles as a country, it’s better to not vote for the “lesser of two evils” and to begin the next phase of the American political structure now.

Pick your poison

The last option is to vote for either Trump or Clinton. It’s an option I’m very unlikely to accept. Hillary is certain to be terrible. Trump may be better or may be much worse. There’s no way to tell at this point and unless something major changes between now and the election I’m not inclined to choose between the gas chamber and the electric chair.

In this crazy Presidential election year, hope is fading but it’s not gone yet. Until that day comes when all options are exhausted, it’s the duty of every patriotic, freedom-loving American to fight for a better option.

JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

    1. The concept of the Constitution party is strong, but they haven’t been able to make any significant impact. If nothing viable happens before Trump is officially nominated, we will work with the Constitution party to combine with other conservative parties to form a more powerful force before 2018 or 2020. In the meantime, it would take a national name to give the two party system a run for their money.

      1. I think this is similarly true about Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party in general. They are not a serious third party that is ready to govern, as evidenced by the ‘debate’ that looks to have occurred in a Motel 6 conference room with whatever 1980s podiums they could find in the basement. The mostly naked guy showing up on stage during their convention, while entertaining, was also embarrassing and unprofessional. Gary Johnson isn’t even capable of explaining himself and his beliefs coherently to friendly voters. While good in concept, the Libertarian Party is not prepared for anything serious and will remain an irrelevant protest party even if they do manage to pull in a few more percentage points than normal from disaffected Republicans.

  1. You forgot the most like-republican conservatives candidate – Darrell Castle of the constitution party. Thats where my vote goes if the rnc nominates trump

  2. If Trump is the GOP nominee, that party has finally abandoned even the pretense of adhering to Conservative principles. In that case, I’ll be voting for Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party. The CP is already on the ballot in 18 states and on track to get ballot access in 23 more.

  3. “In this crazy Presidential election year, hope is fading but it’s not gone yet” Hope is gone! Trumps the nominee. The GOP has become irrelevant,and it looks like Hillary will probably bumble her way into the Whitehouse. Of all the years, this year should have been a shoo in for a Conservative Republican to sail into the Oval office. But no, somehow the Republicans managed to screw this up too!

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