Dallas shooting aftermath: yesterday’s links

Dallas Shooter

The news from Thursday night about the murder of five cops in Dallas has dominated the media outlets throughout the weekend. Race is an issue that continues to find itself in the center of the conversation from the people down to the President.

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Multiple Cops Killed at BLM Protest
5 cops killed at BLM protest

…CNN: Peaceful protest shattered

…DailyMail: 3 shooters in custody, 1 killed himself

…Conservative Firing Line: Attack appears to have been planned well in advance

…Mediaite: Drudge covers Dallas with “Black Lives Kill” headline

…Twitchy: Snipers threatened to plant bombs

…Allen West’s thoughts from Dallas

…Obama’s remarks

…NR: War on cops

…RedState: Deadliest night for law enforcement since 9/11

Senate Democrats kill “Kate’s Law”

America is one big sanctuary city

13 questions for Republicans enraged with #NeverTrump

A secret ballot would guarantee a Trump loss at the convention

Gluing together a post-Trump GOP

Republicans excuse or ignore Trump’s comments on Saddam Hussein

Majority of voters think Hillary should have been indicted

Who doesn’t trust Hillary? The world.

Rigged 101

Levin: “Mr. Comey, you’re the fool”

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NATO plans unity, Baltic force at Warsaw Summit

India rising?

Being a modern day liberal is easy

Obama administration lawyer threatened IRS employee testifying about illegal Obamacare payments

Islamic State fighters using drones with IEDs and spy cameras, says Pentagon

Islamic State made Ramadan 2016 the bloodiest ever

Palestinian Authority spends $140 million a year to pay terrorists and their families

YouTube banned video on Islamic terrorism as “hate speech”

Majority of domestic Islamic State prosecutions involve U.S. citizens

Former ISIS fighter says group “executes Christians on the spot, mutilates dead bodies”

Hillary is too connected to jail

Experts say Hillary’s email was probably hacked

It took 19 tortured interpretations of the law to get Hillary off the hook

Should Christians evangelize Muslim refugees?

Russia puts lid on Christians sharing faith

These Christians were burned alive for their faith

Idaho’s Raul Labrador: Trump should pick Ted Cruz as running mate

Erickson: I am fully embracing this conspiracy theory

Conservative pastors are distancing themselves from the 2016 election

Clinton campaign changes story: “Not challenging director’s account”

Loretta Lynch closes book on Hillary investigation, will tell Bill all about it at their weekly accidental meeting

Republicans shred Comey’s “intent” defense

Lenin: Crush, smash the police

Texas inmates break out to save jailer’s life

Liberal policies combined with a divisive climate leave little hope for the future

Iraq war ‘tragedy’ for Christians in entire Middle East

Stop aid to Pakistani government unless it defends Christians, says Peter Tatchell

Pakistan human rights lawyer who defends Christians goes into hiding after death threats

The Director of the FBI wants us to believe Hillary is a moron

In a sane world, this would be disqualifying

Video shows how serious the Hillary email leak really is

A quick list of Hillary’s eight email lies

Is Hillary morally fit to be President?

Prosecutors seek mental examination of supermarket bomber Rasmea Odeh

Alex Gibney’s documentary “Zero Days” breaks down Stuxnet and cyberwarfare

Pentagon needs more money to counter Islamic State drones

Man charged with marking targets in DC for Islamic State

Iraqis mourn 37 killed in Islamic State attack on Shiite shrine in Balad

Pentagon taps Townsend to oversee operations against Islamic State

The ISIS jihadist next door

America’s war to defend Islam

How Obama’s student loan policy makes college impossible to afford

Louisiana policeman seeks congressional seat

Trump slashes TV appearances as advisers clash over controlling his message

Trump will defend the Constitution, even the parts that don’t exist

House Republicans tried to save Trump yesterday, but Trump wouldn’t let them

Trump goes way off message

There is no good reason for any fence-sitting Republican to endorse Donald Trump

Iranian commander: Missiles ready for the ‘annihilation’ of Israel

House passes measure to stop sale of Boeing aircraft to Iran

Germany says forces in Iran trying to torpedo nuclear deal

Iran attempted to buy illegal nuclear technology after 2015 deal: German intelligence

A note to pro-abortion hypocrites

Pressure on RNC to adopt platform defunding Planned Parenthood

Irish parliament rejects abortion for fetal defects

How the Iran nuclear deal enabled Obama to abandon the Iranian resistance

Bangladesh is losing the battle against terror

UK lawmakers call for ban of Hezbollah

Can Russia and Iran still be friends after the nuclear deal?

Military chiefs of Boko Haram affected countries hold first meeting

Famine possible in parts of Boko Haram-hit Nigeria

Nigerian air force jet strikes Boko Haram members

Independent Presidential candidate lands on first state ballot

Really, America: It’s okay to sit this election out

The dangerous war on cops

Resisting the Orwellian attorney generals

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