Living in a Kardashian world

Kardashian World

“If you are never Trump at this point after ALL that’s happened, then you are for Hillary fan and I want NOTHING to do with you. Unfriend me please!”

Although I am getting used to these types of posts, I should have had my morning coffee before I opened my Facebook page.

Conversations go on well after I sign off at night so the first thing I have to do is delete the “f” bomber comments, the undercover Trumpets propaganda and the used-to-be-Cruzers who have gone over to the dark side of party over principle. Then there are the jackholes that go through all the trouble of setting up fake pages with all the right Cruz memes and praise. When I accept their friend request , they school me and my friends of truths that we are obviously too stupid to see.

Why are Trump supporters all so angry? I honestly haven’t met one that wasn’t a programmed drone whose computer chip seems to be malfunctioning and frozen in time and thought. Only recently I had to enlighten a Trump fan on why Ted Cruz was not responsible for Ben Carson’s loss in Iowa…[Long Sigh].

I have long been interested in and involved in politics. Guess you could call me a junkie. My idea of a good time is watching a good debate or convention happenings. It all made sense when I went back over my family tree. Public servants and preachers on both sides of the fence. All democrats, I might add.

Democrats were different back then, the older generation tells me. But, I have concluded that their faith was more important to them and the Democrat platform reflected that.

Being a Republican election official in my county for well over a decade now gave me a pseudo sense of being on the right side of history. The party of Rush, Hannity, Fox News, Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin.

Boy, was I sucker punched.

On a daily basis.

For months the dominos fell one by one. My beloved governor that I campaigned for, Rick Perry, talked out of both sides of his mouth. Even friends and family and bloggers that I read every day.

Some changed abruptly, some more subtly. I noticed it with Rush months before anyone talked about it. He has been my professor of Conservative studies. After 20 plus years I feel like I have my doctorate in Constitutional Conservatism. For that I will always be grateful. The knowledge, however, is a two-edge sword. Did Rush really think he could pull the wool over his loyal listeners ears? Careful to say that he won’t endorse anyone and then handle Trump with kid gloves, laughing off his antics with a flippant “that’s just how he is!”

All this Trump mania seems to change the personalities of ones I thought I knew. They lost all humor and say stupid things like they don’t care if Trump performs abortions in the White House. The bloggers will give advice on painting a metal chair, how to grow a decent bell pepper, share a video of their new puppies and then in the next breath call me a moron, an idiot, insane.

I am reminded of a parable in Matthew. (Chapter 13). The sower and the seed. The different types of soil.

The first type of soil is dirt along the side of the road. Just laying there. Indifferent. Doesn’t care about principle, law and a moral compass. It resists all truth in the stone heart. This person allows the Evil One to pluck up the seed without a fight. But they go and vote anyway without knowledge.

The next soil (person) might even think they are Christians. They go to Easter-Christmas services. Walked the aisles to the altar . They have no solid roots in anything. This type of person watches the Kardashians (who endorse Hillary as President and even call themselves Christians).

They get caught up in the latest cool thing, always like a good time, the current trendy thing. And the showmanship of The Donald. Mob mentality. Tunnel vision. If a seed falls that Cruz isn’t a liar, the last thing they hear is Trump saying “Lyin’ Ted” and they move on to the next new thing.

The third type are the thorny people. The cares of the world, the change in the game plan, the panic, the fear as they see the weeds growing up around them. Outnumbered. They give up their faith. They were all in with Cruz when he won Iowa and kept up the spirit 100%… for awhile. Now they are running in the opposite direction. 100% Trump. Don’t like him at all but he is their only hope. They don’t know they are choking until it is too late.

The good soil. We all want to be that kind. I have never had my faith and definition of character tested to this degree. It was better when there were more people that were unified behind our candidate. The faith of some wavered after New Hampshire. Lost more after Nevada. They started speaking defeat online. Depression everywhere. I found myself giving pep talks all day. How Ted could still win it. We prayed for Indiana. That’s when a lot of Cruzers left the fold. Cruz suspended his campaign. Even more gone. There is a remnant. I vowed to see it through to the end of the convention. #nevertrump #neverhillary #neverjohnson #noregrets

“As for what was sown on good soil, this is the one who bears the word and understands it. He indeed bears fruit.” (Matthew 13: 18-23)

  1. I will be right here, praying for Ted, tears in my eyes if/when Trump takes the nomination. And I will feel as if God let me down. I expect people to let me down but I don’t want God to realize that we probably deserve a Trump or Clinton presidency so He will give us one. That is the scariest thought of all… that God is giving us what Clinton and Trump supporters are fighting for. If He has given up on us, hope is lost.

  2. Andi-you are good soil, I can tell. You have weathered the wind, the storms, the destruction all around you and your roots grow stronger. God will never give up on His Children. No matter what happens, He is still our King!

  3. To those who support Trump.
    Those of you who support Trump and still consider yourselves to be patriotic have a duty to carefully consider the evidence at hand on what is going on in the party.
    First of all, you need to carefully think about why up to 12 Million Democrats temporarily crossed over to support Trump during the primaries. And you have to consider why a hostile press supported Trump with free airtime during this time period.
    Think about it: Why would the Democrats desperately want Trump to be the nominee?
    Second, you also have a duty to thoughtfully reflect on the fact that most polls and analysis shown Trump losing in an electoral bloodbath.
    Why are some not bothered by this reality?
    Third, There is also the very strange case of a presidential candidate taking action against his own interests. Why are some not alarmed by this?
    These are very dangerous aspects that should serve as a big flashing WARNING sign to Trump supporters – if they were interested in winning. And yet some dismiss these items without a second thought – Why?
    The purpose of this is to plead with those who support Trump to consider the evidence at hand and help avoid setting a temporary mistake in stone that very well could be the grave marker for the party.. and the nation as constituted…
    The evidence I have presented should be the impetus for you to reconsider your support for Trump.
    There is no rational point to supporting a candidate who will lose and take down the rest of the party with him. As previously stated, there are some in the Trump movement who are immune to facts and reality. Thus, there is only one logical conclusion for their actions and that is to have him lose and help Comrade Clinton win.
    Those of you in the formerly Conservative media can find redemption in what you do now. You along with every other true patriots in the Trump camp should be taking the following steps:
    1. Be mindful of the distinct possibility of a down ballot apocalypse IF Trumps remains on the ticket.
    2. Implore Trump to drop out of this farce and let someone qualified take over in his stead.
    You are at a crossroads, stay with Trump down the dark path and you will be marching off to oblivion. Because if he is nominated your fate will be tied to his and those who cannot dwell in reality or worse yet, those who want a Trump disaster.
    It is your choice.
    It will not be easy, but doing the right thing never is.

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