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Barack Obama Dallas

There’s a lot of finger-pointing in and out of Washington DC. Black power groups, Republicans, Christians, BLM, and others are being accused of being the primary reason that the Dallas massacre happened, but at least a few people are pointing their fingers directly at President Barack Obama.

Hillary is unaccountable. Is it time for a Convention of States?

Hillary’s brazen lying

Indicted Hillary Clinton superdelegate used charity as “slush fund”

Hillary Clinton, the UN and blasphemy laws for the USA

Hillary lectures “white Americans” about justice from her perch high above the law

Hillary spokesman insists she didn’t tell a single email lie

Micah X Johnson

Micah X Johnson

…Zero Hedge: “Black Power Political Organization” – BPPO – claims responsibility

…TNA: Archive of BPPO’s Facebook posts

…Schlussel: Many have blood on their hands

…NR: Copycat attacks in Missouri, Georgia, and Tennessee

…Marine Times: Victims served in Navy and Marine Corps

…Buzzfeed: BLM leaders condemn police shootings

…Trump: We must restore law and order

…Clinton: Vows “to fight ‘systemic racism’ in police departments”

…French: America is driving through the abyss and it’s time to hit the brakes

…Ex-cop: Quit targeting my brothers in blue

…Twitchy: Ted Cruz shows the President how to respond like a leader

…Lifezette: African-American callers say country needs respect for authority

Wharton students to Trump: You don’t represent us

NYPD turns down request for Donald Trump to address officers

If Trump declines the Presidency after winning, possible scenarios get weird

Is Trump chicken?

Mr. Trump goes to Washington

Huckabee demands fealty to Trump as a prerequisite to speak at the convention

…Resurgent: Huckabee’s shame

Michigan attorney general aims to block federal transgender guidelines

More states sue Obama administration over transgender bathroom policy

George Takei is not happy about gay Sulu

Theresa May has questions to answer about LGBT charity scandal

UK ambassador: Brexit may make Israel relationship more important

Obama stays out of Brexit fray

Marine deserves same leniency as Hillary, attorney says

Hillary Clinton disqualifies herself

Senate moves to strip Hillary’s security clearance

Chaffetz’s FBI referral on Hillary perjury a time bomb?

Blitzer to Clinton: “Should you have known better?”

Setting straight the Obama administration’s flawed perception of Israel

Trump’s Israel adviser is skeptical about a two-state solution

Recognizing that Israel is not an occupying power in Gaza is good for everyone

Free traders respect ordinary people

Internal memo could hurt Carlson’s case against Ailes

Democratic congresswoman indicted in fake charity scheme

Departing Oklahoma lawmakers launch conservative think tank

Christiana Figueres nominated to be first female Secretary General of the U.N.

House appropriations bill cuts IRS budget

The challenge to create jobs under the NLRB’s new joint employer standard

Sponsored: Brad Thor’s “Foreign Agent: A Thriller (Scot Harvath)”

2nd Amendment Foundation calls for independent investigation of Philando Castile’s death

Conservative blogger Michael Strickland arrested after drawing gun at Black Lives Matter protest

Do calls for gun control deflect attention from deeper problems?

Sources say Trump wants to nominate a Democrat for VP

Trump can’t use his email list after 4 in 5 of his fundraising messages were flagged as spam

Trump is wrong about NATO

If Trump gets ousted, then who?

Four greatest risks of evangelical leaders backing Trump

The left wants to ban old people from voting

Is Barack Obama Responsible
Is Barack Obama responsible?

…RedState: National police officer says Obama helped start a “war on cops”

…Erickson: The only thing our leaders in Washington want to talk about is gun control

…Lifezette: The president is conspicuously selective in deciding when black lives matter

…Judicial Watch: FBI warns Louisiana about more attacks

…Rush: BLM is “quickly becoming a terrorist group”

…Sheriff Clarke: War has been declared on cops in America

Oregon fail: Another Obamacare co-op collapses

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino says security professionals are “done” with President Obama

Islamic State shoots down Russian Helicopter with U.S. TOW missile system

Race relations will be Obama’s biggest failure

Green party candidate wants Bernie to take her place

Six more women accuse Ailes of harassment

…Hannity: “All BS”

If we’re not going to give troops in Afghanistan what they need, why have them there in the first place?


FBI pros question decision not to charge Hillary

Hillary still lying about emails

The fatal flaw in Comey’s theory about Hillary

Four ways academia, elected officials, and activist judges protected the abortion industry in June

Pro-life Democrats ask their pro-abortion party to “open the big tent” to them

Abortion and sex trafficking: You’re subsidizing both

Behind the lines: Islamic State shifts strategy

Islamic State fighters switch tactics to attack Iraqi cities

New report shows Islamic State has been increasingly silenced on Twitter

NATO to create joint intelligence division

…LA Times: Obama leaves final NATO summit with work unfinished on both Afghanistan and Russia

…WSJ: NATO plan for Mediterranean naval mission ruffles EU

…DW: NATO extends mission in Afghanistan

Discrimination of Christians in America

What Brexit means for Christianity

“Purge: Election Year” shamelessly slams Christians

Middle East Christians alarmed over potential spread of ISIS violence beyond Iraq and Syria

Narrative starts to fall apart in Minnesota police shooting

The attack in Dallas won’t be the last

#BlackLivesMatter “based on a lie”

Blame BLM for Dallas

Ben Sasse on the “distressing gap” between what we see and what we wish

Planned Parenthood issues stunning statement about black children

Abortionist strangles baby while nurses watch

GOP, religious workers blast administration, Clinton on abortion

Hillary is the most radical pro-abortion candidate ever. Here’s why.

Russia’s new “big brother law” has Christians, Muslims and Jews fearing for their religious freedom

The Gospel in the aftermath of shootings

Clinton continues to misrepresent the truth… and the media is okay with that

…Clash Daily: Does anyone believe that Hillary is really too ditzy to handle email properly?

…DailyWire: Video clearly shows Hillary committing perjury

Obama Police Narrative Hits Bahamas

Obama’s police narrative hits the Bahamas

Iran to continue missile program “with full force”

…Times of Israel: Tehran brushes off UN chief’s call to halt launches

West should push for Iran regime change

Iranian dissidents gather at #FreeIran rally in Paris despite Iranian regime threat

Free Iran: Understanding the first opposition group of its kind

Cruz reveals why he agreed to speak at the GOP convention

Kelly: “I wonder how women would react to Cruz praising the man who insulted his wife”

Cruz blasts “political” FBI over Clinton probe

Cruz discusses Dallas shootings with Beck

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