Hillary’s evasive maneuvers and yesterday’s links

Hillary Clinton on Benghazi

Hillary Clinton has been able to evade the shrapnel from pretty much everything that’s blowing up around her. It doesn’t help that her adversary is not really going after her for any of it, but oh well.

Media ignore the tsunami of black violence against cops

The Democrats’ self-serving distractions

Drudge vs. conservatives

The robot that took out Micah X. Johnson

Tapper questions Dallas police chief’s decision to kill the Dallas terrorists who had just shot a dozen people and killed five officers

Pro-Palestinian activists blame America’s racial violence on… you guessed it… Israel

Where are the BLM protests in crime-ridden areas?

Pushing back against police vilification

No, the Pope didn’t endorse Trump

Trump may or may not be vetting pro-choice General Michael Flynn

Money from Jewish Republicans isn’t flowing in for Trump2016

Chris Christie auditions for VP by pretending like it’s a coincidence that he’s doing things that seem like an audition

Oklahoma Mary Fallin, vying for VP (or stand-up comedian), says Trump is a “uniter”

Hillary is a disaster for both America and Israel

A question for Hillary on Black Lives Matter

The bar for POTUS is set low indeed

Obama: “Very hard to untangle” motives of Dallas cop-killer

American media: Behind their bloody keyboards

Deray McKesson arrested at BLM protest

Black El Paso police chief tells press BLM is a “radical hate group”

Is the last day of the 2nd Amendment approaching?

Obama: Gun control is necessary “if you care about the safety of our police officers”

…New American: Yet he’s still arming federal agencies to the teeth

No federal power over guns, even if the 2nd Amendment never existed

Why the left always talks gun control

Smith & Wesson gun sales near all time high, post Dallas

A common sense reason for clinging bitterly

The house that liberalism built

“I’m shocked Milo got banned from DePaul,” said nobody ever.

Fathers, family, and faith

Mike Rowe awesomed all over the place. Again.

5 forgotten Hillary scandals

Clinton supporters reject Israel settlements proposal

Questioning Hillary Clinton’s tuition-free college plan

Comey’s Hillary decision requires “the willing suspension of disbelief”

How the world fell out of love with Obama

Charity-cheating Democrat faces 357 years in prison over fraud charges

Oregon fail: Another Obamacare co-op collapses

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino says security professionals are “done” with President Obama

Islamic State shoots down Russian Helicopter with U.S. TOW missile system

Race relations will be Obama’s biggest failure

Islamic State extremists try to show softer side by organising their own Jihadi Games including events like musical chairs in Iraq

Warrick: Islamic State has “metastasized”

ISIS losing militarily, expanding terrorism abroad


Sponsored: Mark Levin’s “Plunder and Deceit: Big Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future”

A U.S. withdrawal from South Korea would be the ultimate nightmare

Arguments against transgenders in the military

Recent attacks counter Kerry’s claim of despair in Islamic State

Texas: Aborted babies must be buried or cremated. They can’t be disposed as “waste.”

Supreme Court inaction is an action against religious liberties and unborn children

Churches fight back against Iowa bid to silence biblical views on sexuality, gender identity

Pastor calls for people to respect police

The left’s racial rhetoric hypocrisy

Dallas was a hate crime, but DHS secretary Jeh Johnson “can’t be sure”

Will Turkey’s new diplomatic push reduce its American Muslim Brotherhood support?

Apparently, the appeal for collegiate affirmative action is fading across a wide spectrum of Americans

President Obama likens BLM to the abolition movement. No, really.

India: Worship Jesus in public, pay a fine

Groundbreaking Trump

Of course: NARAL’s Hogue crazy about new Democrat abortion platform

Law enforcement prepares for hundreds of anti-abortion protesters with “Summer of Justice”

Despite Trump pledge, Fallin won’t guarantee platform changes on abortion

Palestinians who murdered Israeli couple in front of their children get life sentences

Will: If this is an “economic recovery,” what will the next recession look like?

MIT study: No scientific consensus on global warming crop impact

Want to reduce violence? Promote the family.

Trump is daring the delegates to act. They should accept the dare.

Larry Hogan’s split with Donald Trump divides Maryland Republicans

Unfortunately, age would be a factor if Newt gets picked for VP

…CNN: Gingrich “actively lobbying” to be Trump’s VP

Trump said he would release his convention speaker list… last week

Russia expels US diplomats in tit-for-tat row

IMF says EU on brink of collapse, while euro currency may have to be scrapped

Christians in Kurdistan file complaints about land seizures and attacks from Kurdish residents

Mom details how she’s fighting Obama’s transgender agenda

Treehuggers’ dream country, Germany, is out on most green energy subsidies

The BDS playbook

The real victims of Iran’s empty war cries

Saudi prince joins in calls for Iranian regime change

How Iran occupies Basra

A close examination of Hillary’s evasive maneuvers and the pieces that failed to hit her

Hillary goes from liberal to full-blown radical leftist in an effort to appeal to Bernie’s millennials

Will Americans realize that somebody has to pay for Hillary’s “free college” plan?

FBI insiders smell something fishy in Comey’s defense of Hillary

Jewish Press’ Donny Fuchs lays out how Hillary Clinton would be a terrible President: “Corruption personified”

Two bailiffs killed, deputy sheriff injured in Berrien County courthouse shooting

…FoxNews: Gunman dead

Violence directed at cops escalates as President pretends all protests are peaceful

French: BLM is not the solution to the problems facing black communities

Dallas police chief faces toughest challenge of career

Protester threw a concrete block on police officer’s head, breaks spine

Black Christian woman’s righteous rant: “Black Lives Matter is a cult”

Donald Trump is making a real mess of his campaign

Is Trump’s VP in like Flynn?

Donald Trump leads the Republican Party down a troubling, fateful path to Cleveland

Living in a Kardashian world

The atmosphere is ripe for a Republican party implosion

Trump’s GOP foes make a last stand in Cleveland

Proposed GOP platform stays true to marriage and free trade

…The Week: Platform calls for marriage amendment

Obama is the greatest illusionist since David Copperfield

The extraordinary perils of the ordinary cop

Media fans flames of racism

…DailyCaller: Facebook, too

…Firing Line: Facebook is okay with post inciting violence against police

Putin sees what Obama will not: Russia to put BLM on terror list

Are militant groups inspiring attacks on police… or directing them?

More crime, fewer cops in Baltimore

That awkward moment when Al Sharpton called for the murder of “pigs”

St. Paul Police: 21 officers injured overnight, interstate closed

Mainstream media is allergic to facts when it comes to police shootings

When the Commander-In-Chief acts as the de facto head of a terror group called #BlackLivesMatter

Ginsburg: “No law should deny a woman her right to choose”

Petition Declare BLM as Terrorists
Petition to declare BLM a terrorist group

…Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children: The case for branding BLM as domestic terrorists

…Politistick: Threshold reached

…RightWingNews: Is BLM built on lies? Facts say yes.

…Frontpage Mage: Time to designate BLM a terrorist organization

…Obama’s response to Dallas? Gun control and a 21st century gestapo.

Hillary’s most trusted aides in jeopardy

Hillary should be legally disqualified from holding any public office

Americans generally don’t agree with Comey on not charging Hillary

Explaining away Huma: Hillary has until Tuesday to explain why Huma double-dipped on jobs

Why hardship is an essential element in the Christian life

Russia’s religious sharing law worries Christians

China demands churches’ tithes

Why Christians should care about Israel

Why we don’t care about Comey and Clinton

Hillary’s skipping away from the law would have destroyed another politician

Hillary has a Blumenthal problem. Max, that is.

Islamic State extremists try to show softer side by organising their own Jihadi Games including events like musical chairs in Iraq

Warrick: Islamic State has “metastasized”

ISIS losing militarily, expanding terrorism abroad

Remain ministers warming to Brexit

Cameron to resign Wednesday. May will be PM.

No, Breitbart, Tory voters are not defecting to UKIP over Theresa May

Arnold: “Christians must lead the charge” to end sex trafficking

Street art vs. Iranian religious oppression

U.S. was founded on Christian principles

Micah X lost his Christian faith in Afghanistan, parents say

Obama administration brushes off credible intel that Iran is buying nuclear, missile materials

Worse than we thought: 1200 German women sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve

U.S. to deploy 560 additional troops to Iraq in Islamic State fight

The liberal war on climate dissenters

…New American: Prosecutors persecuting climate skeptics busted hiding records

Obamacare going bust

The importance of the House GOP health plan

Buy Ted Cruz’s book – “A Time for Truth: Reigniting the Promise of America” (Sponsored)

The costs and cheap politics of underincarceration

Another day, another round of unconstitutional executive branch actions

Lawmakers: Cut regulations if you want to expand broadband

Elie Wiesel and the need to resist the culture of death in all its forms

Anti-fracking study retracted

Rising delinquency rates highlight potential for upcoming crisis

Due process is a roadblock, not a right in Trump’s America

VP prospect Lt. Gen. Flynn is socially liberal

Sources: Indiana’s Mike Pence has a “95% chance” of being Trump’s VP

Conservative pastors aren’t hopping on the Trump Train

Has the Dallas shooting emboldened more killers?

New study shows police are not racial biased against blacks

…LI: Harvard blows another hole in the BLM narrative

Buy the Secret Service Agent’s book where he spills the beans all over Hillary Clinton (Sponsored)

Belgian Premier warns EU won’t help U.K. out of “black hole”

Brexit won’t get a revote

EU’s democracy problem exposed by Brexit

Obama’s utter failure in Afghanistan

Hamza bin Laden, son of Osama, calls for revenge for his father

French journalist goes undercover with Islamic State terror cell

Dump Trump movement has enough votes

…Resurgent: RNC moves to oust anti-Trump delegates

…RedState: Republican delegates plan to block Trump’s VP

…Reuters: The number of people wanting an option other than the two liberal Democrats from New York is growing

…TNA: The remaining options for patriotic conservative Americans in this sick Presidential race

…TheRightScoop: Notes from the “Free the Delegates” conference call

…NR: What’s next for #NeverTrump?

…Soshable: After Orlando, the Benghazi report, Comey’s email travesty, and the Dallas shooting, Trump should be demolishing Hillary. He’s not.

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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