Trump’s spin doctoring and yesterday’s links

Opposing Trump is Not Supporting Clinton

The “Dump Trump” movement scored a major win when a judge in Virginia ruled that their GOP delegates could not be bound to vote against their conscience. This, of course, was somehow spun by the Trump campaign as a good thing.

Italy train crash: “Twenty-three killed” near Bari in collision

Facebook deletes images mocking Clinton, allows pic depicting officer having throat slit

Colbert to Hillary: “You’re so bad at running for President that the only person you could beat is Donald Trump”

Clinton legal team moves to block deposition in email lawsuit

Trump Spin Doctoring
Trump’s Virginia spin doctoring

…DailyWire: Trying to make defeat look great again

…iPatriot: The risk and rewards of a delegate revolt

Another pro-life Democrat chides radical abortion platform

Flynn reverses on abortion

Abortion bill with new restrictions wins approval from Pennsylvania Senate panel

Buchanan: Cops, blacks, and Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s new tuition plan costs more, offers less

Hillary is not above the law

Even after SCOTUS setback, there are reasons for hope for pro-lifers

Democratic Senator questions extreme abortion stance in platform: “Crazy”

Social conservatives score victories with GOP platforms

Facebook sued for $1B for being a medium for terror

Examining the Islamic State’s structure

Vicious torture is part of daily life under ISIS

Why America acts locally, ISIS is thinking globally

Ayotte slams Obama on handling of the Islamic State

Islamic State defectors hold the key to stopping recruitment

Senate Republicans turn to donors who refuse to aid Trump

Jeb Bush: Trump supporters will ultimately “feel betrayed”

Trump’s “spiritual adviser” won’t say he’s accepted Christ

Gergen: Trump’s flirtation and direct association with racism is a problem

What if Trump’s goal is really a Clinton victory?

Worst. President. Ever.

Sheriff Clarke to Obama: “Shut up!”

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5 indications that AIPAC is not really pro-Israel

…NY Post: AIPAC is betraying Israel

Obama administration illegally funded Obamacare with $7B taxpayer dollars

…Washington Times: Obamacare 2.0: Obama calls for revisiting the public option

…CNBC: The President’s new Obamacare wish list

Lynch dodges questions about not prosecuting Hillary

…CBS: Hearing goes 5 hours

…RedState: Gowdy owns her

…Townhall: Collins “misses” Eric Holder who would at least answer the questions

Iran court indicts U.S. citizen on unknown charges

Under cover of nuclear deal, Iran foments regional instability

Iran hasn’t changed its behavior 1 year after nuclear agreement reached, US general says

Buy the Secret Service Agent’s book where he spills the beans all over Hillary Clinton (Sponsored)

Obama’s biggest failure: The President has substantially set back race relations in the United States

Instead of healing America’s racial wounds, Obama makes them worse with cowardly inaccuracies

Donald Trump Master Plan

Delegate coup a win-win for Trump

One day after Dallas massacre, Emory U memo celebrates Black Lives Matter, ignores officers killed

Dallas: The target was order

The war on cops and racial strife are exacerbated by race hustlers and the media

Shea: Fear of “crusader army” label keeps the U.S. from helping persecuted Middle East Christians

Indiana’s Bayh makes keeping the Senate even harder for GOP

GOP Congressmen call for Hillary perjury investigation

The tried and true Clinton “get out of jail free” card

Not the Onion: Hillary claims experience handling classified information is one of her Presidential qualifications


Trump May Have to Rig it Himself
Trump may have to rig it himself

…The Hill: Technically, all delegates are unbound already

…RedState: Judge rules Virginia delegates aren’t bound to Trump

…Flopping Aces: A Ted Cruz coup d’état?

Promoting free trade in agriculture

GOP-led Senate passing bills at rate not seen in decades

Greg Abbott is a rock


Congress to tackle religious liberty, same-sex marriage

Ken Ham gives tour of Ark Encounter… to Bill Nye

Putting Middle East Christians at risk

Could an independent candidate still make it onto the ballot in November?

The truth about dumping Trump

An open letter to those who support Trump…And we all you know who you are.

Trump and the Russian connection

“Dump Trump” must succeed for justice’s sake

The Odd Couple

IRS “security” program can’t stop $3.1B scam

Illinois ditches Common Core tests for high schoolers

In Oklahoma, departing lawmakers launch conservative think tank

Ben Sasse continues assault on both presumptive nominees

The complex issue of convict reintegration in society without expunging their criminal records

Shouldn’t we first help the Christian victims of Mideast genocide?

Pakistan searching for Christian charged with blasphemy in a poem

Christian mother of 7 hacked to death in Nigeria while preaching

American Jewish leaders appear on Islamic State hit list

Israel “readier” for new Hezbollah war

Israel using drones in Egypt to fight ISIS… and Egypt loves it

The war on cops is a step towards federalized police

…Obama administration renews calls for greater federal role in policing

In response to week of violence, Knights of Columbus urges prayers for healing

If you don’t want the police to shoot you, don’t resist arrest

Viral video shows what to do when pulled over

Privatize the police?

Sharpton wonders if 2nd Amendment is for “whites only”

The Divide

Merkel admits open-borders policy brought in terrorists

Preorder Ben Shapiro’s book – “True Allegiances” (Sponsored)

GOP platform may jettison two-state solution

DNC staffer killed in D.C.

From sanctuary cities to a sanctuary nation

House and Senate split on sanctuary cities votes

Illegal immigrants now receiving up to $2.1 billion in food stamps, but that’s just the beginning

Trump should pick a conservative VP for impeachment insurance

5 things about Mike Pence

5 things about General Flynn

Newt, Fox News cancel agreement. VP prep?

Donald Trump may think Pence is a safe choice…

Obama used taxpayer money to defeat Israel’s Netanyahu

Palestinian children’s TV cartoon: Jews do Satan’s work

What is Egypt’s Sissi up to? Maybe an Israel-Palestinian peace deal

Israel warns UN: Hezbollah has 120,000 missiles aimed at us

What does “voting your conscience” mean?

Delegates should rebel if Trump picks pro-abortion VP

How Trump is pushing the GOP in strange directions

Behind closed doors, RNC members admit Trump has hijacked the party

How the media sentiment towards Trump has shifted. Predictably.

Did Justice Ginsburg violate judicial ethics by going after Trump?

McAuliffe calls restoration of voting rights for fugitive sex offenders an “oversight”

Palestinian textbook: U.N.-funded. Anti-Israel. Obama endorsed.

Trump would fail his own VP vetting process

Make the deficit great again

Dear Mr. Trump: Are you even trying to unite the party?

The border wall and four more Trump contradictions

Kushner under fire for using family’s holocaust story to defend his father-in-law

Carrie Budoff Brown named editor of Politico

Pandora under fire for endorsing Black Lives Matter after Dallas shooting

Common sense in education? Kansas school district hits the “pause button” on microaggression policy

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