Europe won’t admit their migrant mistakes because they simply don’t want to be proven wrong

Nice Terrorist Attacks

Europe is progressive. Europe is the bleeding heart of the world. Everyone else is bigoted and backwards, trapped in their old ways by stuffy old leaders who cling to their conservatism. That’s the narrative that they’ve been selling the world ever since they began accepting massive amounts of Muslim migrants. That narrative is falling apart and they’re too proud to admit it.

Western culture is not ready for Middle East Muslim ideologies, but those ideologies have been ready to take on western culture for decades. They’ve watched. They’ve waited. They’ve found the opportunity to spread. They are spreading.

This sounds harsh. It sounds bigoted to some. Unfortunately, it’s the very clear truth that’s apparent to anyone who is willing to take off their glasses of political correctness and realize that assimilation is a one-way street for a large percentage of modern day Muslims. They will not assimilate any more than they have to, but when they have the upper hand in the form of numbers and a politically charged victim status, they are prepared to do the assimilating on their host communities.

It’s human nature. When we are driven by a strong idea, religious or not, we want to expand that idea to our surroundings. Islam is doing what other religions (including Christianity) have done in the past: forcing their way of life and value systems onto a diverse society. This time, those diverse societies are the western worlds of Europe and, to some extent, America.

The terrorist attack in Nice, France, is just the latest in a string of tragedies perpetrated in the name of the Islamic State. It won’t be the last. Regardless of the backgrounds of this or any radical Islamic terrorists, the need to revise our current perspective is very clear.

This must be addressed properly. Currently, it’s not. Here’s how it should be addressed…

Admit the truth

European governments are in a state of public denial. They know what’s happening. They see the reports of violence, intimidation, rape, and terrorism. They then suppress as much of those reports as possible.

Rather than suppressing them, they should use them to rein in the problem. Intolerance is not causing crimes perpetrated by Muslims. Islam is. Until Europe (and the American left) is willing to admit it, they’ll never be able to address it.

Compassion for the situation

I’ve stated many times that the situation in the Middle East requires solutions. There are people who have lost everything, who are being persecuted, and who need assistance from western society.

Here’s the problem. The solution being applied now – mass migrant acceptance – is also acting as a solution for radical Islamic terrorists wanting to gain access to the west.

A concerted effort by the west with the assistance of countries in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia can create a situation where migration to Europe or America is unnecessary. There is plenty of land available for migrant camps. There are resources around the world to give those in the greatest need the safety and nurturing they require.

With that said, there will still be those who want to migrate to the west. For those people, assimilation must be a requirement. I’m not for banning all Muslims from entering any nation, but I am very much in favor of a controlled and properly monitored immigration policy in all countries that enable education and prevent what we’re seeing in Europe today.

From a Christian perspective

It is part of our calling as Christians to want to help those in need. Helping one group in a way that puts another group at risk is not really helping. We must do everything we can to truly help; there are still millions at risk in the Middle East alone, let alone areas of Africa and Asia outside of the Middle East that have their own series of similar problems.

There is no better time to spread the Gospel than when helping the body as well as the soul. We cannot turn our back on those in need, but we also cannot create an atmosphere where crime, intimidation, rape, and terrorism are enabled through our own actions.

In short, we have to be smart about it.

For western culture in general and Europe in particular to survive another two decades, we must be willing to push aside political correctness and see the Muslim migrant issue through a lens of reality. We can help. We just don’t need to be dumb about it.

JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

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