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Mike Pence VP

After rumors that Donald Trump tried to back out of naming Indiana governor Mike Pence as his running mate, the two are now trying to prove to America that they both loved each other all along.

Gates Foundation acknowledges Common Core “shortcomings”

Ginsburg’s regret

Planned Parenthood killed 946,325 unborn babies worldwide last year

Why do dumb celebrities keep blaming the NRA for everything?

Fighting unconstitutional overreach is an American tradition

Buy Hillary’s America: The latest book and documentary by Dinesh D’Souza (Sponsored)

Dana Loesch has a message for every monster who looks to prey on women

Philando Castile shooting: More than meets the eye

Crimson Tide student paper editor: Do away with the 2nd Amendment

Good guy with a gun, Waffle House edition

Gay mafia makes the First Amendment Defense Act necessary

Pastors of conservative churches say they won’t preach what the bible says on the issues

In Virginia, trans lobby shuts down parents over de-sexed bathrooms

LGBT history lessons edging closer to California classrooms

North Carolina case could determine future of lawmaking

Rewire writer calls for “abortion renaissance” with no restrictions

Would Hillary be worse than Obama on abortion? Yes.

A win for conscience in the house

Pence it is

Pence it is

…Pence pick: Too little, too late

…LA Times: What Trump would get with Mike Pence as VP: a yes man

…Stream: Large number of GOP Senators skipping convention

…RedState: It’s not who’s speaking at Trump’s convention. It’s who’s not.

…CR: 10 things you should know about Mike Pence

…NPR: 5 things to know about Mike Pence

…Federalist: Mike Pence is a fraud

…RedState: Top Trump supporters not happy with Mike “Amnesty” Pence as VP

…Mediaite: URL scooped up by #NeverTrump

…Hayride: A Trump-Pence ticket is a cry for help, not a ticket that can win

The South China Sea arbitration ruling is an opportunity to de-escalate

NATO is finally sending a message to Russia

Obama admin letting China, Russia gain missile edge

Regardless of convention spin, Brexit is the opposite of Donald Trump

How will China’s economic slowdown affect the U.S.?


CNN learns the hard way not to criticize Hillary

“Hillary Defense” invoked by cop accused off trading favors for sex

Napolitano: Hillary and personal honesty

A tarred admiral for Hillary’s VP?

New national AP poll: Hillary and Trump now trailing … some other option

Top Obama adviser: The keep-it-in-the-ground movement is “unrealistic”

The complete student debt story

Democrat AGs targeting climate “dissenters” face legal demand to disclose ties to environmental groups

ISIS Minister of War Killed
ISIS “minister of war” killed

…Rudaw: Confirmed by Islamic State

…SwissInfo: Shishani death may damage foreign recruitment

Fallujah in ruins

Defense department personnel warned to avoid “day of rage” protests

“They lied to me”: Eric Garner’s daughter rips Obama’s race relations town hall “sham”

Americans say media inspires attacks on police

The “broken windows” theory of policing has failed

Obama invites inciters of cop-killers to the White House

Teaching kids to respect police

Jesus is the answer for our racial divide

These Syrian Christians fled Muslim extremist harassment. Then they found it again in Germany.

Why aren’t there more Christians on TV?

God’s too “incendiary” for Cleveland

Preorder Ben Shapiro’s book – “True Allegiances” (Sponsored)

Lawsuit: Federal government lets Facebook, Twitter, YouTube censor “anti-Islam” speech

A defeat for Democracy in the RNC rules committee

Blueprint for Reform: A comprehensive policy agenda for a new administration in 2017

Watching the party meltdown

Will Trump’s new stance scare off more GOP voters?

Trump surrogate threatens violence against “conscience vote” supporters

Thiel confirmed as GOP convention speaker

1968 was worse. Fear-mongers need to calm down.

Sam Nunberg, former Trump consultant, alleges Trump set up fake company, misused campaign funds

House Democrats’ plan to secure nation is less than 2-pages long

American media calls Americans terrorists quicker than actual terrorists

Where are the peaceful Muslims?

Dr. Jamie Glazov: 9 steps to successfully counter jihad

Gingrich: Any Muslim who wants Sharia law should be deported

Terror in France

Terror in France

…NBC: At least 80 killed

…KNS: Nice journalist describes horror

…The Wrap: Fire at Eiffel Tower “an accident,” not related to terrorist attack

…Irish Mirror: Videos during and after attack

…Cruz: “Let us make no mistake about it: Europe is under siege.”

…Islamic State backers cheer attack in Nice

…Allen B. West: Here’s how we MUST respond

The “day of rage” is here

Liberal logic: Free press applies only to quill pens and hand presses

The war on cops: An interview with Heather MacDonald

President blames bad police relations with black community on historic prejudice

Liberal Logic

Hillary’s class bias on immigration

Hillary’s Crisis of Character

What is the FBI hiding about Hillary?

The story behind California’s dueling referendums on plastic bags

How Obama divides America

Social media snowflakes cannot handle Theresa May’s new government

Daniel Greenfield: Divest from Palestine

Hillary channels her “inner Obama” on campaign trail proving it will be 4 more years of misery

Dem candidate whose email defense was that she’s an idiot calls for “intelligence surge” after terrorist attack in France

Hillary’s awful Pokeman Go reference

6 reasons Hillary’s a complete political horror show

Rand Paul launches effort to “hold Hillary accountable”

CFR head: Reducing immigration could cause U.S. Muslims to become “threatening”

Forms of government slavery for $200, Alex

Communists and socialists push Democratic platform toward tyranny

EU UNESCO draft also disregards Jewish connection to Temple Mount

Stop pretending the court is impartial

Rand Paul thinks a debtor nation shouldn’t lavish gifts on other countries. Washington disagrees.

Ted Cruz says Europe is “under siege,” slams Obama’s “willful blindness”

Cruz slams Obama admin for interfering in Israeli election

Cruz decries cancellation of NASA exploration

Cruz, Rubio reflect on Iran deal one year later

Why a Declaration of War against ISIS is legal and needed

Enemies see America as vulnerable prey

Krauthammer: Either we fight ISIS over there or we fight them here

Corker seeks new sanctions against Iran

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