Christians should sit this Presidential election out

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It looks like Christians have a bye week November 8th, only there’s no advancement to the next bracket after that. I thought I had died and gone to Christian, constitutional, conservative heaven when I saw the Facebook post from The Resurgent on a potential miraculous Walker/Cruz upset at the convention. But the chances of a supernatural Hail Mary pass at the RNC to nominate a Conservative President that will win the country back into God’s favor is almost nil after the unfortunate decision to not let delegates vote their conscience. How fitting that the GOP is mandating that people forego their internal gauge, given the nonsensical election landscape this year.

The one fruitful, maybe unintended, outcome of all of this is that we’re seeing a separation of the JV, varsity and elite Christians. How in the world did we nominate a pro-choice candidate to represent the once conservative, Republican party? This is baffling. That’s a party platform for crying out loud.

Trump, Hillary, Potato, Potahto

From a worldly world view, Trump and Hillary differ on some issues like immigration and well…immigration.  Maybe. I can’t tell from Trump’s VP pick, Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN). After all, Pence in December of 2015 tweeted, “Calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are offensive and unconstitutional.” That was in response to Trump’s unpredictably, predictable (er…reverse that) proposal for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the U.S. Shoot, Pence could have been Hillary’s pick with that sentiment.

However, Pence proved to be the “yes” man that some had hoped for, on Hannity Friday night, when he stated “I am very supportive of Donald Trump’s call to temporarily suspend immigration from countries where terrorist influence and impact represents a threat to the United States.” Now if we can get him to agree with Trump on his supporting position to allow unborn babies to be disengaged up to the day before they were supposed to be born in some states (Colorado), we’ve got ourselves a wonder-twin team in the White House.

From a Christian world view, Hillary and Mr. Trump are drastically the same on issues like pro-choice and not understanding the reason behind terror attacks, the most recent one in Nice, France. Hillary wants gun control and to talk about the terrorists’ motivation and Trump calls for a declaration of war. But both are blissfully unaware that that we’re witnessing drills from the playbook of Revelation.

The Road to Damascus – Hillary is a better Choice for Christians

I’m already bored with hearing that if I don’t vote for Trump, I’m voting for Hillary. No. If I don’t vote for Trump or Hillary, I’m not voting for either. Christians need to remember the story of Saul’s conversion in Acts 9:1-19.  The Apostle Paul was not a follower of Jesus, and actually ordered Christians to be put to death. God had a different plan. The accounts of Paul’s conversion experience after the crucifixion are described as miraculous and supernatural in nature.

I don’t want to guess which direction God might go with this, a miracle at the RNC, the conversion of Hillary on the road to the White House, or none of the above. All I know is I want a third party for the next election.

Jane Northrup

Jane Northrup is a Christian, constitutional, conservative spitfire with a burning passion for helping others. She is an unapologetic capitalist and non-conformist and is recognized for her energy and enthusiasm . She is the founder and owner of Authority Staffing, the first for-profit staffing company in America specializing in prisoner reentry, and featured in the 2016 May/June edition of Ministry Today magazine as 1 of 21 Gospel driven businesses. Jane is the author of Fly by Faith on the Wings of Serving Others – a Former Offender’s Guide to Job Search Strategies and Retention, available for purchase on She is involved in prison ministry and she is passionate about leading people to freedom from poverty and government slavery through hard work, determination and faith in Jesus Christ. Jane has a bachelor's degree from CSU in Fort Collins, Colorado, where she currently resides.

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  1. With Saul’s conversion, only God could peer into his heart and know he truly changed, those around him could only wait for the outward expressions of his repentance. As it was with Saul, we can only know that Donald or Hillary have converted beyond a doubt, when we witness the outward expression of their repentance. We shall know them by the fruit they produce. Well to date, both have at times promised to deliver both good and rotten fruit, and they have at times produced good and rotten fruit. Though, what makes it particularly so difficult to trust them is that both are notorious liars, and nothing so far has shown that either has changed.

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