Ergogan’s aftermath and yesterday’s links

Recep Erdogan

Following the failed coup attempt in Turkey, Recep Erdogan is going to great extremes to make sure that power is consolidated to him and that those who participated in the coup are rounded up. This is going to get ugly.

On foreign policy, Donald Trump makes George W Bush look like a colossus

The internet responds to new Trump-Pence logo

Lest we forget, Mike Pence threw religious liberty under the bus

2016 GOP Convention

Russia, the United States, and religious freedom

The child asked, “What if I identify as a dinosaur?”

Christian refugees face death threats from Muslims in camps, say German churches

LGBT legacy: Obama’s immoral transformation of America

Nice terrorist smuggled nearly $100,000 to family in Tunisia days before attack

Islamic State group claims Nice attacker as a “soldier,” five suspects in custody

Time for justice: France cannot be the new normal

After Nice, let’s stop the nonsense

Terror in France and the annals of willful blindness

Muslim journalist blames France for Nice terror attack

This NY Times’ spin about the Nice, France terrorist will make you dizzy

Is France giving in to terrorism?

After Nice, let’s stop the nonsense

Turkish Coup Attempt in Progress
Erdogan forces rounding up rebels

…SkyNews: Dozens killed in act of “treason”

…Reuters: Crowds answered Erdogan’s call

…Politistick: World rattled

…Mediaite: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube blocked. Instagram, Vimeo left up.

…ABC: Turkey blames “terrorist organizations”

…Obama: All parties in Turkey should support democratically-elected government, show restraint

…Fox News: Turkey calls for return of 8 “treacherous officers” seeking asylum in Greece after deadly coup attempt

…Politico: Turkey accuses U.S. of harboring coup mastermind

…Townhall: Erdogan fires over 2,700 judges following coup attempt

Trump ally Carl Paladino threatens to hang #NeverTrump delegates

If convention moves fail, “Better for America” group be the last hope to stop Trump/Clinton

Jeb Bush: Trump does not represent the future of the country — or the GOP

Trump brags about “crushing” conservatives and the grassroots

Preorder Ben Shapiro’s book – “True Allegiances” (Sponsored)

Europe won’t admit their migrant mistakes because they simply don’t want to be proven wrong

France suppressed police testimony about torture in Bataclan concert hall

Gun control wouldn’t have stopped the terror attack in France

Palestinian hailed for developing “innovative” car-ramming terror tactic used in Nice attack

Pipes: Three possibilities for Europe’s future as Islamization rises

Netanyahu in 2014: Terror will come to France

Hero jumped into lorry to fight France terrorist

France terrorist attack is shocking and barbaric, but not surprising

Why can the French President (but not the U.S. President) say “Islamic terrorism”

Why the Left can’t respond to mass killing’s new deadly weapon

Nice attack exposes gun control folly

Time to recognize the truth behind Europe’s endless terror

Charter school group speaks out against Democratic platform

Agents rescue immigrants in Texas from refrigerated trailer

Horrific accounts of torture, mutilation committed by ISIS attackers who stormed Bataclan concert hall

Number of Islamist plots against the U.S. rises to 89

The suicide of Europe: A preview of coming attractions

Isis downs warplane, kills and crucifies the pilot in Syria

CNN has a very difficult time using the word “terrorism”


Buy Hillary’s America: The latest book and documentary by Dinesh D’Souza (Sponsored)

A Hillary Clinton presidency could end up letting ISIS and al-Qaeda off the hook

Hillary’s emails so top secret, even Congress can’t see them

A Clinton Presidency could resettle hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants in U.S.

Rastafari cook ordered to cut dreadlocks, U.S. sues for discrimination

Third Lebanon-Israel war: Not “if” but “when”

“Free” community college is a bad deal for taxpayers and students

Slavery and America’s founding fathers: How did they really feel?

Attacks like the one in Nice are what “authorities fear the most” because they’re easy to commit

Malkin rips sick media whitewash of Nice terrorist attack

Nice terror suspect a “well known” French-Tunisian criminal

Will Obama call for truck control after Nice attack?

Christians should support markets and churches, NOT social democracy

Israel balks at Obama’s new 10-year aid offer

Thousands of Christians to gather on National Mall for “Together 2016”

Politicians target Pikachu

Navy to put armed guards at recruiting stations

Bullying Black Lives Matter blame innocents

Democratic Senator not happy with “maniacal” Founding Fathers over that whole separation of powers thing

Gun-grabbing: Faulty logic allows hypocrisy to reign

Piers Morgan tries to “shame” Dana Loesch for NRA ad … BIG mistake

Here’s what the FBI has to say about national gun ownership

Texas 2014 abortion data provides little evidence of a public health issue

Planned Parenthood investigation: One year later

Pastor Garlow: “No American should be forced to participate in abortion”

Graham, Tebow deny speaking at RNC despite campaign claims

Why William F. Buckley would vote for Hillary

Seth Meyers reminds Republicans against pornography that this guy is now their nominee


GOP abandons conscience

…RedState: The GOP isn’t worth saving from itself

…Resurgent: Trump and the Establishment become one

…Free Beacon: Inside the GOP dissension in Cleveland

…RedState: Mike Lee warns of revolt

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Why are progressives on an anti-Christian witch hunt?

“God before government”: Churches raise Christian flag above Old Glory

Time running out for Christian colleges in CA

Tear Down This Wall

The left’s insidious war on free speech rights of climate dissenters

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Obamacare didn’t work, so Obama wants to go with fully socialized medicine

House passes interior-EPA appropriations bill to rein in costly Obama regulations

Congress releases secret “28 pages” on alleged Saudi 9/11 ties

The honeymoon’s over on the Iran nuclear deal

The trillion dollar question: Will China’s economic slowdown damage America?

Trump Regrets Pence

Trump second guessed Pence

…NR: Trump tried to back out of Pence pick the night before announcement

…RedState: Rumor that Pence pick leaked to keep Trump stuck

…HeatStreet: Testy exchanges, hurt feelings on the road to Trump’s VP choice

Dear young conservatives: It’s time to make your stand

Cruz addresses Obama’s feckless response to terrorism with truth bomb

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