Ann Coulter was right. Trump made a mistake with Pence.

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There was a time when I agreed with much of what Ann Coulter said. Then, she heard Trump say something about illegal immigrants and she turned into the enemy of anyone who didn’t kiss his ring and swear eternal fealty. Now, I’m back to agreeing with her on one important note: Mike Pence as his VP is a bad pick.

I didn’t think so at first. Then, I saw the entire 60 Minutes interview and was completely blown away by the Indiana Governor’s utter lack of presence. He wasn’t really able to say much. When he started to say something, he was often bullied by Trump and Leslie Stahl. When he was allowed to actually speak, his responses were weak and uninspired.

This may be the most disappointment I’ve felt about this election since Ted Cruz dropped out. With just about every Republican-leaning website out there calling Pence a “conservative rockstar” or a “strong counterbalance” to Trump, I was hoping to see something that could make me feel a little more at ease about a Trump nomination. Instead, I’m more concerned than ever.

The role of VP is more symbolic than anything else. Other than helping to get the head of the ticket elected, they don’t really do much. There was the hope that a strong, experienced, conservative Vice President might be able to steer Trump in the right direction and advise him when situations arise that are beyond his intellect, but in order to do that, the VP must be strong-willed and assertive. Pence is neither. He demonstrated his lacking strength of will when he threw Indiana’s religious liberty law under the bus. On 60 Minutes, he demonstrated a lack of assertiveness. One more strike and he’s out.

Coulter saw this immediately.

It’s clear that Mike Pence is a yes-man. He’s there to nod at everything that Trump says. He’s there to chop down his own convictions and hop on the Trump train on issues such as the Muslim ban, free trade, and foreign affairs. He’s going to be Trump’s nice attack dog. Most importantly, he’s going to be Trump’s apologist.

This is all going to shine bright and clear once he gets out there on his own. Trump wanted someone he could dominate and he certainly got that with Mike Pence.

At one point in the interview, Trump interrupted Pence to confirm for the world that he would listen to Pence when he had something to say. This, of course, is Trump-irony in its purest form. The interview’s most laughable moment was when Trump bragged about how humble he was. Seriously.

Trump got his yes-man, but Pence won’t help him get into the White House. Perhaps he’s the least damaging to Trump, but in a race as close as this one, Trump should have gone for someone strong and aggressive. There just wasn’t enough room on the ticket for two alphas.

JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. I completely agree. Pence is supposedly a conservative rock star but has energized virtually nobody. I see him as another Trump boot licker, similar to Hannity, who is mostly there to parrot Trump’s childish stupidity to the world rather than offer a set of guiding principles to run on.

  2. A terrible mistake, now Trump has to campaign with boring Pence and if he gets elected that’s the person he’ll have to work with every day. He’ll simply be less motivated to do both. Pence may get him votes, but he kills the energy which makes Trump want to run for President in the first place. Gingrich would have been perfect for the role and I imagine he was Trump’s first choice. What a disappointment Trump didn’t dare take the risk.

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