RNC: Rules, schmules, and the Streisand Effect

Reince Priebus Paul Ryan

Alaska wants their delegate votes to be officially recognized by the RNC. Utah also had their votes changed from 40 for Ted Cruz to 40 for Donald Trump. The RNC is trying to stand behind their rules. This time.

The problem is that they’re being very selective with which rules they want to follow. After yesterday’s call for a roll call vote for passage of the convention rules was quashed, we’re seeing a trend with today’s events. Symbolism is important and the RNC is failing.

They want to put out the perception of unity, but by stalling every effort to declare the real sentiment of opposition by a large minority of the Republican party, they’re highlighting the discontinuity unnecessarily. Had they allowed a roll call vote yesterday instead of lying about the voice vote, they would have been able to win for Trump easily. Instead, they turned it into a debacle.

Today, Trump didn’t need Alaska’s or Utah’s votes in order to win the nomination, but the RNC decided to change their votes by sticking to their “rules.” Now, the discontent within the party is being highlighted. It’s like the Streisand Effect. Had they simply allowed the votes to happen as they were declared by the states, Trump would have won the nomination anyway and nobody would have cared about Alaska and Utah. Now, they’re turning it into something. This is a major failure by the RNC.

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