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New Political Party

Update: It has begun.

The naysayers will tell us many things. They’ll say it’s impossible. They’ll say that breaking away from the GOP will only empower the Democrats. They’ll say that there are plenty of third parties already and none of them are effective. They’ll say we’re only helping to get Hillary Clinton elected.

I’ve been a Republican my whole life. Ronald Reagan once famously said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left me.” Well, I’m not leaving the GOP. The GOP became the POT – the Party of Trump – and I won’t be represented by him. I swallowed my pride and backed Mitt Romney even though I didn’t think he was a conservative because he was close enough and had an American revival of prosperity in his heart. I held my nose and supported John McCain even though I knew he wasn’t a conservative because I felt he was strong and could do more for America than the Senator from Illinois.

George W. Bush. Bob Dole. George H. W. Bush. I look back at all of the GOP nominees that I’ve supported and it’s clear that none of them would have been my first, second, or even third choice, but they were acceptable and clearly Republicans. The same cannot be said about Donald J. Trump. He’s not acceptable. He’s not clearly a Republican, though now it seems that the Republican party is becoming more like him. Outside of immigration, he’s nowhere near the realm of being called a conservative. Most importantly, nothing outside of his rhetoric would lead me to believe that he has anything other than his own ego to appease. He’s not doing this for America. He’s doing this for Donald J. Trump.

At this point, the options available this Presidential election are down to acceptance of our fate or a couple of extreme long shots. This would seem to be the worst possible time to try to form another political party, but that’s exactly what needs to be done. As Jay Cost noted on the Weekly Standard, it may be time to bolt. As David Leach noted on The Strident Conservative, it’s time to consider #NeverGOP. The questions become where do we bolt to and if not the GOP, then who?

The answer to both questions would be a new conservative party. Like John Daniel Davidson pointed out on The Federalist, the GOP as we know it is over. Briefly, here’s why forming a new party to happen with reasons listed in order of importance from most to least:

  1. 2020 Presidential Race: If Hillary Clinton wins, there needs to be a strong voice from the right to either encourage the GOP or replace it altogether with true conservatism. At this point, we can’t be sure what will happen to the Republican party. If Trump wins, there MUST be a party to oppose him. The GOP has demonstrated an inability to nominate someone against an incumbent; if Reagan couldn’t beat Gerald Ford in 1976, we can’t rely on anyone else pulling it off in 2020. That means that we have four years to unite, raise awareness, grow, and form a campaign infrastructure that can act as a third-party with actual clout.
  2. 2016 Local, State, and Congressional Races: There’s still a chance to influence the 2016 vote for local, state, and congressional races. By 2018, it will be go-time for pushing a conservative agenda and solidifying conservatism within the Senate, House, and Governorships. In 2020, regardless of which liberal Democrat from New York wins the Presidency in 2016, we’ll need to be ready to fight with a solid candidate.
  3. Cementing the Tea Party with Tangibles: For all of the good that has come in the last few years from the rise of the Tea Party concept, there hasn’t really been a true manifestation. Sure, there have been “Tea Party candidates” like Ted Cruz and Joni Ernst who have won office, but they’ve won as Republicans. If Bernie Sanders and others have taught us anything, it’s that candidates can win from outside the major parties by pulling voters from within the ranks of Democrats and Republicans. The Tea Party can do the same thing but has never been able to manifest itself as an actual political party. Now’s the time. We must break away from the label of “Republican” and establish a truly conservative party whose candidates can be backed by Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and even conscientious Democrats.
  4. Consolidating Other Conservative Parties: We’ve seen many shift to the Libertarian party because of discontentment with either Republicans or Democrats, and while they are right-leaning, the core of the party is still a departure from conservatism on many issues. The Constitution party, Conservative party, and others have never been able to build a core of registrants. A new party can be built from a solid conservative platform that can consolidate voters behind the right candidates. We can work with and even combine with these other parties. Through unifying the conservative voice, we can make a real impact on the direction of the country and not rely on Democrats and Republicans to call the shots since both parties are moving quickly to the left.
  5. 2018 Local, State, and Congressional Races: This isn’t grouped with the other elections above because it is less important. Here’s the thing, though. ALL of these reasons are important. If reasons #3 and #4 can be achieved, there’s no reason to believe that we won’t be able to influence the 2018 races. It’s more of a side-effect of the previous reasons. Just like when driving a car, one must be focused on what’s immediately ahead (2016 election) and what’s in the distance (2020 election). Everything in between will be seen by the driver as they shift their focus. It’s a clumsy analogy, but hopefully you get the point.
  6. Formation of a Conservative Voice to Guide Policy Across the Spectrum: Regardless of who the winners are this year, there will be an increased need to shine a bright spotlight on the truths that only conservatism can illuminate. Abortion is wrong and those who can be influenced to see this must be shown the truth. Gun control in every form is a step towards revocation of our 2nd Amendment rights and as more “conservatives” are leaning towards some measure of gun control, it’s important to help them see the error of it. These are just two examples of hot topics that require a voice. There are voices already out there preaching for the causes, but there are often louder voices preaching against them. A strong conservative party can build the voice to amplify the proper message heard by more Americans.
  7. It Can’t Be Done: Conventional wisdom tells us that the corrupt two-party system in the United States cannot be broken. The Democrats fight Republicans and the Republicans fight the Democrats, but they unite behind the scenes to protect the overarching “Establishment” that is actually in power to keep big government big and to keep the people needing to be told what to do. This is America. Our God-given ability to accomplish anything with His support is not unique to us, but by golly it’s been effective for a long time. It can be effective in this endeavor as well if He wills it.

Now that we understand why a new party needs to be formed, let’s talk about how.

Bring the grassroots together

The difference between today and just a decade ago is that the Internet in general and social media in particular have made things once considered impossible very much possible. If you’re reading this, you’re the grassroots. You’re a patriotic American who believes in the values that made this country truly great. You might be losing hope in the future of America because these values seem to be slipping through our fingers and into the abyss of liberalism and populist idiocy.

You are the grassroots.

The Tea Party formed from the grassroots. The Neocons and “Reagan Democrats” of the 70s and 80s started off in the grassroots. Every true element of change needs to start with an idea and a hope of accomplishing something. The hope for a better America is already there. All we need is the idea.

This is the idea.

Give the “pundits” more of a say

When a Facebook group opened up trying to draft Mark Levin as the next Vice President regardless of who was nominated, it made me think. When Bill Kristol floated journalist David French as a potential Presidential candidate, it made me think even harder. There are strong conservatives with the right ideas speaking or writing about the things this country needs to get well again. These voices need to be heard and should even influence policy to some extent.

Keep in mind that truly conservative influential media personalities are few and far between. We need only look at “conservatives” like Sean Hannity and Matt Drudge to realize that self-serving journalism supersedes proper ideology for a large portion of “pundits” popular in America today. I hate to make it sound like a club, but those who have influence over the masses who espouse the conscientious concepts of patriotic American conservatism should participate in unifying the movement. As such, they should also help lead it.

French. Levin. Ben Shapiro. Erick Erickson. Leon H. Wolf. Vince Coakley. Brent Bozell III. There are many pundits out there who can help to bring a new party together and who can help to lead it. When we have enough grassroots support, I’ll start reaching out to those pundits as well as any others who can help the cause.

Form a groundswell

With the grassroots and the pundits in place, we will be able to form a groundswell. This is where every other attempted third party has failed. They could never find the traction necessary to make a difference.

We’ve seen how others have failed. We’ve also seen how some have succeeded. The technology now exists for rapid formation of a groundswell. Social, mobile, and local campaigns are capable of amassing support in ways that past parties have never even attempted. This is why a new conservative party can actually work. Originalist ideas driven by modern technology is the key to success.

If you are interested in learning more, receiving updates, or helping out, please fill out the form below or leave a comment. We have a small team ready but we’ll need more help very soon, so spread the word, share this article, and be ready to act. The time is coming. Our time is here.

Update: Due to a flurry of requests that far exceeded expectations, we will not be replying individually. As we organize, we will reach out to those of you who are interested in helping. To answer the most common question, no, there are no donations being accepted at this time. Fundraising efforts will begin after we have the whole scope in line, a complete plan of action going forward, and an infrastructure to mobilize. In the meantime, please fill out the form and we’ll keep you informed of progress and next steps.

If you want to receive updates about the new conservative party of if you have questions, email me – [email protected] – or fill out the form below.

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JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. Super interested. Filled out the form. I can’t participate from for logistics (full-time grad student) but I’d love to join and help spread the word.

  2. It is may certainly be too soon to think of what to call a new party, but I’ve always considered myself a constitutional Republican so I recommend the name The Constitutional Republican Party.

    1. Roger, I like much of what the Constitution party wants to do, but they haven’t been able to mobilize or modernize to reach the people. After 17 years of existence (if you don’t count the years they were called the US Taxpayer party), they haven’t been able to crack the 100,000 member mark. Like the Conservative Party, they haven’t been able to achieve a real voice. If we attack this from the perspective of velocity and utilize technology to spread the word, we can consolidate the various conservative parties under a single umbrella rather than dilute. If every member of the Constitution and Conservative party came together today to form a single party, they would still be unable to get onto half of the ballots. We need a groundswell and that hasn’t happened for the minor conservative parties. It can. It just needs to be done with a modern strategy. It sounds cliche, but conservatives must unite behind passion rather than out of protest.

      1. They don’t get any traction because people are told that voting for anyone who doesn’t have a D or R after their name is a wasted vote. If conservatives were to coalesce into one party (and the Constitution Party is the best option), then it can become a force in conservative states first. By 2020 it can be a national force, especially if Cruz, Lee, Gohmert, and others see the writing on the wall: the establishment see them as a bigger threat to their power than Trump.

    2. Roger … I like the Constitution Party more than the Libertarian Party. And it seems to be more on the ball than the Conservative Party. But … the website pictures aren’t loading properly and as much as the guy running for office with that party is a great guy you need to pull in someone that will demonstrate that you guys are serious. You need to be willing to bring in a Mike Lee or Ted Cruz ….

  3. The republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open war or secret war with the rights of mankind. – Thomas Jefferson

    But when the Republican becomes in name only, it is time to rename the form of government in order to preserve it.

  4. Unfortunately next : Senator Cruz will do great harm in his speech by giving hope for reform of GOP and discourage conservative’s from forming new party. Cruz will lay out his vision just like Lucy holding the ball for Charlie Brown to kick. Amazingly most conservatives will line up to kick the ball ONE MORE TIME. It has been this way for over 30 years: elected Republican officer holders claiming they will get us solid judges (even Reagan failed in this) and reduce the size of government. Reagan/Bush both formed new cabinet post rather than taking the useless ones and consolidating them to form a VA or Homeland. Conservatives have been eating the scraps Republicans have dropped over the table since “read my lips”. Forming a new party will not be a single battle; it we be a long drawn out war.

  5. I would most certainly be interested in supporting a new party if that party could be realized and maintained upon the Constitution, Bill of Rights & Rule of Law as was meant by the Founders in the first place. A party of “Equal Justice”, not “Social Justice”. A party that respects the individual and property rights, etc…. and most importantly, the recognition that America was founded upon the Judeo-Christian ethic! Not Muslims/Sharia, Hindu, Buddhism or any other exotic form of religious practice.

  6. This is a good idea, but I think the only way this works is if a new party transcends the Republican vs. Democrat lines and becomes a party which espouses liberty-focused principles without appearing to be partisan. I think this was one of Ted Cruz’s faults – he kept using the phrase “courageous conservative,” which turned off people who may have identified as liberty-minded, but wanted nothing to do with being a Republican.

    A new party will need to break independent minded voters out of their comfortable, traditional party thinking and sell its positions as universal American ones, rather than partisan Republican, Democrat, or other party ones.

    I continue to believe that if forced to think about it, most Americans would prefer limited government and the growth of freedom such a change would bring. But, most Americans, including me, want nothing to do with the Republican party.

  7. I think the state parties should disconnect themselves from the ballot-access franchise known as the RNC and reorganize on the national level in a way which respects republicanism from the grass roots. Probably a lot of state parties should also be reorganized. The RNC is a cancer on the local Republican party.

  8. For now, we need to stick with the Constitution Party. Then we can consolidate and grow, or form another party if needed.

    1. The Libertarian Party, the Constitution Party, the Veteran’s Party — having personal experience with two of these, and a passing acquaintance with the third — I am confident that, regardless of what they may advocate, they will get nowhere. I advocate forming a national organization parallel to the RNC but serving state and local parties much better, which will eventually rival the RNC, then finally displace the RNC. I think that could be done in two to four years if it had the right resources. The top down minded RNC — which is anti-republican (small r) — is the immediate problem.

  9. The problem with the Tea Party movement, IMHO, as promising as it seemed, was too many cooks. Too many generals. The battle cry seemed to be “Rally around ME, mine is the original Tea Party”. Too many splinter groups. The movement never coalesced into an organized party.

  10. Canada, where it is much easier to establish a new party and where there have always been multiple parties, went through something similar about 20 years ago with the formation of the Reform Party of Canada. That party grew primarily out of the frustration voters in the Western Provinces becoming extremely frustrated with the countries elections being decided by the time the polls in central Canada closed (Ontario & Quebec effectively ruling the country).

    The Reform Party was a grassroots enough party, albeit with a conservative bent, that it was able to attract a significant number of disaffected NDP (clue collar worker) members. The party was fairly successful electing a peak of 54 MPs but with very limited success in Central and Eastern Canada. Central Canada had the power (Liberals and PQ) and Eastern Canada was very dependent on the largesse of the Liberals.

    In the end, the party merged with the Conservative Party of Canada and finally gained power as the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada with Steven Harper as Prime Minister.

    There are lessons to be learned there for a new conservative party of the U.S.A.

  11. the conservative party would not have a distinguishable platform difference then the GOP. The problem is the people are not electing candidates who adhere to these principles. Would a third party solve this problem? I don’t know, the people in america are stupid and have been dumbed down to the point they are no different then obama drones. If it gets real conservatives on the ballot it is a win in my book, I just don’t know that it will.

  12. I would love to see some principled conservatives break away from The Party. Cruz, Lee, Ghomert, among others sound like a good core to build a national brand around…and I know we have some excellent state level folks in Iowa that would be ripe for kicking the dust of the GOP off of their sandals. No more #MagicR!

  13. Liberal, d-cRAT Trump is the FINAL NAIL of the coffin of what has become the GOP RINO Establishment. I’m 100% done with them. Time to restore a Reagan-like constitutional conservative party.

  14. I’ve never joined a political party, and what has happened with the Republican party establishment and Donald Trump is the prime example of why: At some point, the party becomes its own reason for being, and the party puts its own interests ahead of its members and the country. George Washington advised against the creation of political parties for a good reason. (It’s amazing how smart he was, isn’t it?)

    I do believe that the time for a conservatives to band together, and the time for forming a new conservative party, has come. However, if that party wants me to join, it will have to do a really, really good job persuading me that they have the platform that will protect and defend the Constitution and our individual rights.

    That being said, I am willing to listen. Good luck and Godspeed.

  15. I am extremely interested in this as well. The republican party has abandoned the principles of small government, embracing globalism philosophies that will endanger our sovereignty, are interested in who controls the power – not diminishing the roll over government, try to appease minorities-young people-segments of the population not by instilling values and principles of conservatism, and have failed to protect core principles of conservatism and freedom. I am NOT tired of seeing efforts to work with those of different political philosophies, but I am EXTREMELY tired of time after time seeing republican “leaders” try to argue and defend principles from positions of weakness and from the liberal accepted premise. I do not expect to agree with everyone or everything leaders say or do, but I do expect to agree on core principles of conservatism. I do support calls for unity and discussing how we achieve that unity, but I REFUSE to stand by those that DEMAND unity and submission from me. A demand of unity, is an insecure and fearful reaction to a wrongfully taken action in attempts to satiate ones conscience, rather than accept responsibility and work to correct a wrong. A demand of unity is nothing more than a tyrannical abandonment of conservatism and partnership.

    I am all in and support the formation of a new and effective body that responsibly faces the challenges we face as a nation in the coming months and years, and works to heal, correct, and re-build a culture of conservatism.

  16. This is the only option guys…. But we need to move this year, not 2020.

    We need to give an option for Conservatives to go elsewhere in the midst of Hillary and Trump. We need someone to rise up and lead.

  17. I do wonder if it would be easier to take over the Libertarian Party like the liberals took over the Republican Party. They are at least on all the states registered ballots.

    1. Tom,

      This was a thought, but Johnson is already the nominee and he’s conservative on a handful of issues only. Had Petersen been the nominee, that would have been a more likely choice.

  18. You forgot to mention one essential element……. who would be the donors? Political parties run on contributed $$. Individual donations are fine. But the big bucks belong to the millionaires and corporations. Are the Koch Bros (and their brethren) willing to abandon the GOP for a new Conservative Party?

  19. The main reason Trump got to where he is now is name recognition and incessant media hype. I love what David French stands for, but he’s too unknown. For this to work you need whatever well known true Conservatives who are out there to be a part of it. The leader needs to be charismatic and fearless too. The fact is Trump would have been perfect had he not been a Democrat in sheep’s clothing and such an unmitigated jerk. Finding someone in the Conservative ranks that has all the right qualities will be hard to find. Cruz is closest if he can recover from being vilified by the RINO Establishment and the media. I’d like to see Mark Levin throw his hat in the ring if his heart can stand the rigors of a campaign.

  20. The proposal has been made here that we need a new home for Conservatism, agreed.
    But why dilute the Conservative voice when a truly Conservative party already exists, the Constitutional Party. http://www.constitutionparty.com/

    Go there and read their platform, the heart of Conservatism is essentially the desire to return to the limited government Republic of our past, they are dedicated to this.

    But they need volunteers to get onto as many ballots as possible, while I will not hazard to say we will win, today, we will get the name recognition that can lead to future wins.

    Please consider this option, my fellow Conservatives, ‘From the tiny acorn grows the mighty oak.’, well now is the time to start planting those seeds of liberty.

    Restore the Republic!

  21. I submitted a form to change my party affiliation just this past weekend. I am a second generation republican but am done with them. I am joining the Constitution Party as their platform is something I can actually embrace. My concern is that the Constitution Party appears to be a bit stagnated. Not sure why that is as I only recently looked them over. I like what I see so far but we need something that is on the move and is aggressive. The time is now!

    1. Now don’t you feel a relief? 😛 I chose to leave after it was apparent to me in January that Trump was going to win, and “conservative” outlets, politicians, and pundits were throwing him their support (some well before that of course).

  22. Honestly, I’ve looked at the tenets of other parties, and just could not settle on one because they have all been around and gone no-where. I like the idea of a new party. Call for some of these others that have been around for a while to merge into another, or work with a new party to form a stronger voice in some capacity.

    Personal opinion, focus on a vulnerable senate seat, and a few vulnerable house seats on a national level. Getting a senate and house seats would legitimize a new party, and turn a few heads. It would also remove a clear majority from either of the main parties, forcing them to recognize the smaller voice. This is how you would make a small voice –powerful.

    This would also allow you to focus small budgets in a bigger way. Once legitimized and established in this manner, you rinse and repeat building into a more powerful coalition. It might take one or two national elections, but once you have that foothold, others will follow, realizing that such a vision is not impossible to have realized.

  23. You don’t need a “new” party, there’s already a Constitutional Party in place. Support them give them a conservative name brand leader… maybe it will rise to the top, or not.

  24. The Republican Party has abandoned its conservative principles for the principle of me now first.

    A Party, like a person, without principles is nothing more than a collection of greedy narcissist.

    its time to form a new viable third Party.

  25. I am 100% behind this and will do all I personally can in order to get this launched. Of course this is going to be a huge hill to climb but that should not stop us. The Republican Party is completely dead to conservatives. And this goes beyond the Presidency. Many “anti-trumpers” state that at the very least “we should support the down ticket in November”. Really? We’ve done that already in 2010 and 2014. Trump is a symptom not the cause. Point is a majority in Congress would just lead to more of the same regardless of who the President is. Therefore I’m unable to trust any “R” down the ticket, which sums up the relationship(or lack thereof) between Republicans and patriotic, constitutional conservatives. The party is broken beyond repair.

  26. I think that name selection for this new party should be done with great care, and perhaps even with some man-on-the-street surveys or polls. As much as I love the word ‘conservative’, and as meaningful as it is to us, it does have a negative connotation to many outside the conservative movement–it may be a turn-off for those who could be recruited from the Dark Side, but are put off by the name. Constitution would likely be OK to use. I think using Freedom or Liberty in the name might be helpful–that’s something many people can get behind right off the bat, even before they know what the party is all about.

  27. Great idea – I actually was hoping someone would take the lead and put together a “Conservative Caucus” or other integral organization without which the Republicans could plan on losing any and all elections. No more Presidential elections between a spoiled rotten 3rd grader and an unindicted felon!

  28. There are approximately 23 third party’s, and all one more will do is keep the left in power long enough to finish off the America we all know and love.
    TEA has done a fine job in purging the GOP of leftists, and sure, we have a ways to go, but we’re definitely on the path to stealing the party for our own and turning it Conservative for the first time in it’s existence.

    No! Absolutely not on this third party nonsense, we have neither the money or infrastructure to pull it off, we do however have the drive and determination to kill off the leftist infestation once and for all.
    Join TEA and let’s continue what we started in 2009 on a successful path in securing the party for our own.
    There’s a reason the RINO hate us and fear us, because of our successes thus far, so don’t blow it now by splitting off!!!

    1. The success of a movement like this is not determined by how many others there are like it, but by the determination of those involved, as you say about TEA. I’m not sure why you feel that we are on the verge of eliminating leftists and RINOs in the party, or that they fear us. More leftists have come into the party as a result of Trump, and played a part in his victory. The party as a whole pays no attention to conservatives and clearly don’t want our vote in this election. Trump is pandering to Bernie people, not conservatives, who had no voice at the convention or on the platform. We have no home in this party.

      1. No, that is not even remotely a good measure, because there are too many just like me that know a 3rd party attempt is an asinine idea and will have nothing to do with it. And ,no, I do not “Feel”! I think!!!
        As to the effect TEA has had, 2010 and 2014 were both historic elections.
        We seized more than a thousand Legislative seats across the US from the Marxist party, a clear signal that the Conservative base is angry and making serious change within the GOP.
        To ignore this reality hatches hair brained ideas such as this nonsense, of taking our ball and moving to a new field?

        You said it yourself. “The party as a whole pays no attention to conservatives and “clearly don’t want our vote in this election.”

        So why in the world would you do exactly what they want you to do?
        If we abandon our goal of stealing the GOP from these leftists, we’ll be battling two leftist party’s, and the primary process proved people are dumber than a blivet.
        They will simply fall for all the campaign ads produced by the party with leftist corporate backers. Who will we have bankrolling this nonsense? Koch? He already stated he might vote for Clinton….
        There’s a reason the GOP helped the Marxist party use the IRS as a weapon against TEA, and it’s not because they want us to stay.

        1. Trump is far more liberal than you think or want to admit. He’s at best a moderate Republican. If elected he will be very popular with the Republican leadership in Congress as he will neutralize the stigma they once encountered for not fighting Obama or supporting a more populist agenda. The argument that they were uniting behind their party leader, will help cover their disregard of the more conservative party platform. A lot more liberal legislation will pass under Trump than did in the last four years with Obama because unlike with Obama, the RINOs/CINOs felt obliged to oppose Obama, but with Trump they will be joined by Dems to push through Trumps liberal agenda over the opposition of conservatives.

          Here’s a couple of clues: If you find yourself agreeing more with things you read on InfoWars , instead of in the National Review, then you’re probably not a Conservative. If find yourself supporting Planned Parenthood funding, increasing the minimum wage, subsidizing universal child care, agreeing that in real gap in wages exists between men and women, and thinking it’s a good idea to showcase socially liberal causes at the expense social conservative ones at the RNC, then you’re probably not a conservative.

          Honestly, if Trump was a conservative, the Priebus-McConnell establishment bunch would not have worked so hard to derail the conservatives who tried to block Trump’s nomination at the convention, and Trumps flunkies wouldn’t have joined forces with the establishment to stop the adoption of reforms meant to reward states with closed primaries in 2020. At best, Trump is conservative on maybe two issues, one being immigration and even here he is all over the place.

          The call for a new conservative party is as much a response to Trump’s nomination and the convention strong arming and slights, as it is to the Republican leadership’s complicity and failures with regard to the Obama administration. These betrayals have sent the clear message that the Republican Party is no longer a conservative party in the three legged stool sense.
          Of course, I suppose anyone can call themselves a conservative these days. After all, today we have men calling themselves women, women calling themselves men, what the union between two people of the same sex a marriage so I suppose you can a Trump nomination a victory for conservatism, and Trump a conservative, but for a more accurate label for Trump and his worshipers, I suggest you google ‘alt-right.’

    2. The real fool`s errand is continuing to try and take over a dead entity. The GOP is dead, necrotic with progressives, and there`s nothing left to save.
      Einstein said it best: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results each time.
      Everyone here sees that insanity`s results now, the only question is what`s next?.

      1. Who’s going to finance this wonderful endeavor?
        Like all new startup businesses, you need working capital, investors, people seeking profit on their investment…
        Oh wait, wouldn’t that defeat the whole idea of starting a new party?
        How are you going to keep leftist monied interest out? Unicorn farts doesn’t pay much in returns, so you’ll have to deal with some seriously malevolent individuals if you even want to have a chance to compete with the big boys.

        Look, I get it, I’d love nothing more than to hogtie each and every RINO and ship them off in a leaky boat, and we both know that won’t happen either, but regardless, they will still be our biggest obstacle in the end, leaving us completely without a voice in Congress.
        I’m a Conservative, an optimist at heart, but I’m also a realist, our only chance to compete with these leftists is to remove them from office, as evidenced by TEA in 2010 and 2014, and we’re not stopping just because a bunch of cons want to take their ball and go home in defeat.
        That’s not the Conservative way.

        If you people want to start a 24th 3rd party, go right ahead, but don’t expect real Conservatives to follow, it’s not who we are.

        1. Sorry Solar, you don’t seem to be taking this whole new party push very well. Breaking up is hard to do as the song says, but don’t fret too much, as you said you’re a “real” conservative willing to get in bed and support an man like Trump, so I’m sure you’ll eventually find someone else to replace us.

          You are right though, we now each have to support our own way. Those of us seriously advocating for a new party are more than aware of this. I think all of us are well aware of the difficulties that lie ahead for us. It won’t be easy, but we’ll figure out how to get it done. Where there is a will there is way. Although, maybe it’s possible that you’re more concerned with how you’re going to support the GOP without us?

          Again don’t worry, Trump’s self funding, and he’s bringing in a lot of new high-class, educated, affluent voters (because that’s what the alt-right is known for 🙂 ) so the GOP will more than make up for what they have squandered.

          1. Nope, I stated long before Cruz dropped out that I would be writing in his name.
            Did you even read JD Rucker’s post?
            He put it quite concise. “sounds cliche, but conservatives must unite behind passion rather than out of protest.”

            What you’re proposing is out of anger, exposed by your condensention.
            Taking your ball and running off in protest is exactly what the Establishment has been working towards for years, if not decades.
            It is why they allied with the Marxist to use the IRS as a weapon against us.
            They stated very clearly, they don’t want us in the party, and this 3rd party nonsense gives them exactly what they want.
            How much clearer can I make it?
            This is a great pipe dream, and I’ll take it for what it is, a dream, because there are 23 other 3rd party attempts that knew in their hearts they would make it happen.
            Myself, I’ll follow the formula the GOP used against the Whigs, and watch as the party implodes and we build from the rubble.
            Hey, if it makes you happy, we’ll even change it’s name.

          2. Solar, whether it is politics or baseball participation should be voluntary and mutually gratifying. Playing on the GOP team is no longer mutually gratifying for many of us.

            The fact is for years, many on the GOP team have been behaving like primadonna-all-stars, dominating the team and sucking the joy out of the game for the rest of us. Whether in politics or baseball, at a certain point, after repeated attempts to get them to change, that kind of thing becomes unbearable even for the best of sports. So they leave the team, and form or join a new team. That’s not bad. It’s actually a good thing; otherwise those selfish all-stars may never learn good sportsmanship.

            Yeah, I might be angry now. Honestly though, who other than the primadonnas and their enablers would blame me? You see in the long run it is exactly about passion and principle. Yes, even if a constant disregard of fair play has brought us to this point of anger and disillusion, it’s still about passion and principle.
            People who are hung up on winning the game may have a difficult time understanding this, and may attempt to shame the rest of us from leaving with juvenile taunts, but it’s not about winning a game. We’re going to lose this one, and we’re likely going to lose many, many more. For those of us who store up our treasure elsewhere, we’re okay with that because it’s not about winning, it’s about how you play the game.

          3. I agree, and nicely put. Personally, I don’t care whether the GOP wants us to leave or stay. If a conservative third party becomes a muscular going concern, the GOP will regret losing this coalition either way.

            As I’m sure JD already knows, it’s possible to really get a third party off the ground, using all of the technology available to us that makes it possible to network and get the word out. But we have to be smart about it. Youtube videos, FB and other kinds of networking, banner ads on conservative websites, etc. all make it possible. Crowdfunding for cash? Also, enlisting any big names, at least for support of the idea, would be key. think of Diamond and Silk, the two women who stumped for Trump on Youtube–they have millions and millions of views and ended up on the Trump stage. You just have to find the right approach and the right vehicle to get things going.

            I would love to be a part of this, and I have some useful skills. So, JD, keep it up! Keep us updated by email. If you want to, be in touch with me personally to discuss how I might be able to help with graphics, logo and branding, admin, mailings, internet research, brainstorming, etc. I work in the marketing dept. of a small publisher, so I have some background in getting the word out.

    For some reason the reply function has stopped working, so I’ll have to post out of context.
    Daval, if your sports stadium gets condemned, do you quit playing in the league out of protest and start a new league?
    Of course not, and I’ll let you figure out why, through a question.
    Will you be able to convince other teams to join you in protest? As I said earlier, what is being proposed here is in no way different in why the 23 other attempts at rebellion failed.
    They too felt betrayed, they too started out in anger, and deservedly so.
    TEA has made amazing strides in changing the face of the GOP, exposing them for what they are, Marxist appeasers, and I’m not about to stop now, that we have them in a panic.
    Your support for this nonsense exposes one of two things. you’re either a quitter, or a leftist plant attempting to finish the divisive work on behalf of the Marxist party.

    Susan, do you even know what it cost in money, time and infrastructure to even start a real third party threat?
    Consider what you’d be up against with the monied interests the Establishment has backing them, the same people that back the Marxists.
    I’m not saying you can’t try, I’m, just saying it would be much easier to steal an existing party.

    1. I once thought we were making progress too, and then we got Trump, and then the party sided with him against us at the convention.

      That isn’t progress. Conservatives have had their interests tossed out. We have made our play, and we are no closer to affecting the leadership than we ever have.Those who choose to remain will have their continuing presence used as justification for the actions of the corrupt leadership. I’d love to have somewhere else to go, either as a new party or joining the Constitution Party.

      As far as acting in anger? You bet I am. Trump has shown more passion, and talked of committing more money to seei Cruz defeated in his Senate reelection than he has ever shown in his own train wreck of a presidential campaign. Multiple pundits and establishment types are calling for the political end of Cruz, as though that will help them win anything.

      For that reason, I intend to try and gather signatures to get Evan McMullen on the ballot in TN to try to deny Trump our 11 electoral votes. I don’t believe that he can win the Presidency, but I’d love to poke Trump and the establishment in the eye.

      1. I could go into great detail about the dangers of splitting the vote, how 23, 3rd party attempts failed as well, but I won’t.
        What I do question is how will this movement differ from those of the past?
        We have Reps. like Mike lee, Tom McClintock, Gary Palmer, David Bratt, even Cruz, All have an “A” rating with conservativereview and if this so called movement can’t siphon them away to a new party, well…?
        They are not going to force these people to abandon their efforts in taking over the GOP, they have to lure them away, and from what I’ve read so far, it doesn’t even interest me as a lifelong Conservative.

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