Melania’s plagiarism and yesterday’s links

Melania Trump Plagiarism

Whoever wrote the speech for Melania Trump’s GOP convention borrowed a few lines from Michelle Obama’s Democratic convention speech from 2008. Overall, this really isn’t a big deal other than the attention to details missed by the Trump campaign. This shouldn’t really be a major issue for Donald Trump or his wife.

Iran hardliners gain authority in backlash that could sideline Rouhani

UN accuses Iran of flouting international law

Has anything changed in the year since Obama and Kerry gave Iran everything they wanted?

Reports of the Iran nuclear deal’s success are greatly exaggerated

Iran violates. The world ignores.

Confidential text secretly enables Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions

Democracy is surviving Citizens United just fine

D’Souza: How the Clinton Foundation got rich off poor Haitians

The enigma of Hillary as enabler

Convention time: Send in the clowns

Draft Coburn

Draft Coburn

…Politistick: The candidate that NeverTrump has wanted “may have just emerged”

…Twitchy: Could Senator Tom Coburn really challenge Trump at the #RNCinCLE?

…TNA: I would support Tom Coburn for President

…Resurgent: If Coburn is willing, then #FreeTheDelegates should unite behind his name

In response to those who say #NeverTrump is pro-Hillary

Former Trump business associate accuses him of sexual assault, demands apology

Trump reverses, plans to ban Syrian Christian refugees from the U.S.

Ryan: Trump “not my kind of conservative”

RNC Chaos
RNC chaos

…Fox News: Republican officials approve convention rules, triggering uproar

…NY Times: Floor fighting ensued

…Daily Mail: Trump foes revolt

…Resurgent: RNC officials systematically harassing those who signed the petition

…Shapiro: Convention shatters as Trump lackeys steamroll rules vote

…Hayride: Dumpster fire, day 1

…Politistick: Lee explains RNC/Trump’s dirty tricks

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Top Hillary VP candidate Castro slips up

Aragorn sidesteps Hillary, will vote Green. For the elves.

“Hillary Clinton killed my friends in Benghazi”

Hillary’s America: A two-by-four bashing Democrats

Hillary scolds white people after Baton Rouge killings, targets guns

EU believes Turkey has their purge list ready BEFORE failed “coup”

Why did Obama reaffirm support for Erdogan?

The five strangest facts about he coup in Turkey

Turkey’s failed military coup will empower Erdogan further on path to tyranny

The social and economic costs of legal abortion

Pastor goes to Capitol Hill to fight California’s obtuse abortion mandate

“House of Horros” abortion clinic finally forced to close

Are campus bureaucrats incapable of respecting free speech?

Nine things millennials should know about socialism

Budget deficit nearly doubles during Obama’s tenure

The state of American liberty and the need for an Article V convention of states

How Donald Trump laid waste to Republicans’ minority outreach

Trump’s “Art of the Deal” ghostwriter regrets making Trump seem like a winner

The Trump charade

What happened to the RNC’s corporate sponsors?

Kendal speaks: How Trump and the RNC killed consertism at the rules meeting

Trump’s campaign chairman gets booed for saying Kasich is “embarrassing his state”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announces Police Protection Act

The left’s repulsive rationalization of violence against police

Anti-police leftists invited to White House meeting on “police/community relations”

3 facts that show there’s more anti-cop hatred from blacks than racism from cops

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Ailes out?

…Yahoo: 21st Century Fox denies

…Mediaite: Former Fox employees anonymously support Carlson’s claims

Lone wolf terrorism is caused by Muslim immigration

Why can’t we talk frankly about Islamic terrorism?

Former French president calls for expulsion of radicalized Muslims and electronic tagging of those “at risk”

Nice truck terrorist maybe wasn’t a “lone wolf” after all

Six Islamic State men conspired to carry out terror acts: NIA to court

Off to a Bad Start

Off to a rocky start

…The Week: When it comes to Pence’s Iraq vote, Trump says, “I don’t care”

…Spectator: Will Pence’s Obamacare perfidy damage Trump?

…Reason: Pence’s towering hypocrisy

…TNA: Ann Coulter was right. Trump made a mistake with Pence.

…Caffeinated Thoughts: What Pence lacks as a running mate

…The Rebel: Top 5 reasons was Trump’s worst choice for VP

Kosovo jails five for planning to pledge loyalty to Islamic state

Iraqi Christians taking on ISIS

Moscow Times reports over 2000 Russians who joined Islamic State killed in Syria

Dhaka in denial. “It’s ISIS, you guys.”

Uncle says France attacker was recruited by Algerian Islamic State member

Lemon crushed by Clarke

Cleveland police union president: Obama has the blood of police officers on his hands

Helter Skelter: Black Lives Matter trying to succeed where Charles Manson failed

Iran is putting political prisoners’ lives at risk by denying them medical care

Five lessons on cybersecurity from the general who built Israel’s defense

Did someone in the Turkish government have a purge list ready to go?

The secular religion of the identity-politics left

Rand Paul is just a handful of votes away from auditing the Fed

Buy Dana Loesch’s book – “Flyover Nation: You Can’t Run a Country You’ve Never Been To” (Sponsored)

Josh Hammer: I’m writing in Cruz

Chris Matthews: “I don’t care” what mother of slain Benghazi hero felt

Levin tears into Priebus for RNC power grab

Is a Trump-Pence ticket really the best thing?

Shapiro: 5 things you need to know about Trump’s convention

Serious question: Is Trump working for Russia?

Chris Christie is super bitter about not being Donald Trump’s VP pick

Cruz in control for 2020

Police Capt. Robert Melton has died; second KCK officer shot and killed in two months

U.S., Iran at odds over nuclear deal “add-on document”

Nobody Fired for Melania Plagiarism
Nobody fired over Melania’s plagiarism

…DailyWire: 3 silly ways the Trump campaign is dealing with the plagiarism charges

…USA Today: Trump campaign denies plagiarism in Melania’s speech, blames reaction on Clinton

…Goldberg: This is simply grotesque political malpractice, bordering on sabotage.

…Politistick: Melania’s “Rickroll”

…RedState: Civil war in campaign

…TNA: The real problem with Melania’s speech

Hillary’s cough is back

The trouble with Hillary’s free tuition “plan”

Possible Democratic VP Juliuan Castro let off hook for violating federal law

Rand Paul calls for “prison sentence” for Hillary

Hillary: The candidate where racist pandering and cop-hatred meet

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Margaret Sanger, still vile, and beloved, after all these years

The war on Christians extends to Turkey

Nigerian Christians feel abandoned by the west

Democratic extremism on abortion

Atheist activist group seeks to remove Christian flag from Georgia courthouse

5 things to know about Omarosa, Trump’s new Director of African-American Outreach

The former party of law and order goes bananas (as in banana republic)

Senator Lee demands apology from RNC

Republicans gather in Cleveland to nominate Todd Akin… I mean Donald Trump


The anti-cop President

Evaluating the financial risks in China

When does media spin become a lie?

Why police body cameras can help heal divide

Why we must stop surrendering to leftist evil such as Black Lives Matter

How the media covers up Muslim and Black Lives Matter terrorism

WaPo data: Cops shoot whites nearly twice as often as blacks

Kosovo jails five for planning to pledge loyalty to Islamic state

Iraqi Christians taking on ISIS

Moscow Times reports over 2000 Russians who joined Islamic State killed in Syria

Dhaka in denial. “It’s ISIS, you guys.”

Uncle says France attacker was recruited by Algerian Islamic State member

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