Who needs principles when you can win?

GOP Convention Booing Ted Cruz

As I contemplated the topic for my inaugural piece, I mulled over several ideas.  They all converged into one on the third night of the GOP convention.  Ted Cruz was booed by Republicans for suggesting people vote their conscience and support candidates who will uphold the Constitution and freedom.  The nerve!  How selfish is Ted Cruz?  At least, that’s the narrative by Trump supporters and the RNC today.  How selfish!  He did not talk about himself, but made the horrible suggestion that we put a little meaning behind our votes, and not simply vote AGAINST Hillary (whom he only mentioned once, I might add).  Once!  Can you believe it?  Obviously, that means Cruz wants Hillary to win in November.

The logical gymnastics that are occurring across the political spectrum are on a level worthy of the Rio Olympics.  Heck, the politics occurring today are on a level worthy of Brazil in general.  The reaction to Ted Cruz’s speech lasted well into the next evening.  There was mass speculation about the impact on the 2020 election, which is totally reasonable before the 2016 election even takes place.  There was mass hysteria about how selfish Ted Cruz was for discussing everything but him.  There was violence threatened against him and his wife, (SARCASM ALERT) which is totally reasonable.

I have said it before, and last night solidified it.  Self-proclaimed “evangelical conservatives” are willing to sacrifice conservatism, and its champions, on the altar of Trump.  Those willing to resist are forced into submission with clever slogans.  For instance, not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary.  Adversely, that would mean not voting for Hillary is a vote for Trump.  If you are like me and cannot vote for either Trump or Hillary, by the laws of the 2016 election logic, you are indeed voting for both Trump AND Hillary.  Meaning you have 2 votes.  If you kick in the half vote that Sean Hannity loves to push, you are sitting very nicely at 2 ½ votes.  You are welcome, Democracy.

Out in “middle America”, things are not much different.  I was at a party with some friends this past Sunday when they delved into politics.  Instead of discussing anything of substance, they spoke about Trump’s hair, and his orange pigment.  Both classic topics, but come on, that song has been played to death at the moment.  It was not just all Trump bashing, though.  They did cover what color Hillary Clinton should or should not wear. (Hint, hint: orange was not mentioned)  Should this surprise us?  No.  People are so distracted today.  Whether by pop culture or the soundbites of the 24 hour news cycle, there just is not anymore room to care about a government of, by, and for the people.  Not caring about politics comes so naturally now; it means you can actually have and keep friends.  Which is cool, I guess.

Yet, because of that, nothing really has substance anymore.  How long have Conservatives been saying they will finally stand on principle?  When it actually happens, principles are booed.  Much the same way God was booed at the 2012 Democrat convention.  Outside of “winning”, does anybody even know what the Republican Party stands for anymore?  They clearly do not.

Russ Wayne

Russ Wayne is an actor and comedian. Like a true entertainer, he throws his political two-cents in where nobody asked for them. Russ is a Christ follower, and a conservative. He has been involved in politics for the past 5 years (he’s a young man, so plenty of time yet). He currently serves as one half of the political podcast, The Russ & Brent Show. An avid coffee drinker, it is best not to engage him until after he has his first cup…or ten. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. It’s understandable why Cruz get’s booed when the convevtion is reallly just a “reality” show all about selling Trump. The drama made headlines by the M-S-M, which is free advertisement for Trump… no such thing as bad publicity? Trump supporters, like the DNC squashed Bernie suppoters, are choosing to make a larger policy point to their party leadership by voting for a pivot from the unresponsive-to-the-people’s-will style government we currently see, but will the party leadership listen?

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