The “greater evil” is the one that becomes you

Donald Trump Westboro Baptist Church

During the GOP primary season, those of us opposed to Donald J. Trump fought hard for a more rational choice (basically anyone else). What we heard back from the Trumpkins was that they liked Mr. MAGA because: he tells it like it is (he doesn’t); he’s politically incorrect (e.g. rude, vulgar and ignorant); and he gets things done (realistically, as does anyone not in a vegetative state.)

Ever since Trump got the nomination in the bag, however, Trumpkins no longer try to convince us of their idol’s awesome powers. Instead, they confront true conservatives with a single gotcha question: “You don’t want to see ‘Killary’ elected do you? Do YOU?!?” This is when even the most hardened #NeverTrumpers feel some twinge of doubt regarding their resolve. Plus, we’re tempted to acquiesce just because we’re sure the pulsing vein on the Trumpkin’s forehead is about to explode, and we don’t want to be responsible for the mess.

But then we realize that the current dilemma – just like their exploding veins – is not our mess. The Trumpkins ignored our every warning about their ridiculous candidate, and they especially doubted our sacred oaths never to degrade ourselves by voting for Oompah Loompah Grande. The Hillary Presidency will be on their heads, not ours.

And yet, there’s still that twinge. Let me share how I’m dealing with it.

I think about Westboro Baptist Church and the Church of Satan in San Francisco.  I am a Christian, and importantly to this discussion, also a Southern Baptist. Therefore, logically, I am not a Satanist. Yet if you asked me which of these two organizations is the lesser evil, I propose it’s the honest devil-worshippers.

If you’re an adult, take a quick look at their respective websites. I’m not saying that the Church of Satan site isn’t spiritually grotesque – it is – but I literally winced when the Westboro Baptist page appeared on my computer screen. The Satanists are what they are … and I am satisfied to have no affiliation with them. But the creatures that comprise Westboro Baptist blasphemously masquerade as Christians, and they have the treacherous gall to claim denominational common ground with me! I see these false Christians as much worse than the Satanists because they hatefully foment misunderstanding of Christ’s Gospel. And I never miss an opportunity to make it clear that good Baptists have nothing to do with them or their repugnant dogma. (And, no, it doesn’t matter if they may be ‘correct’ on a few religious points here or there.)

This same principle applies in choosing between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I’ve never been a Progressive Democrat and I’m never going to be a Progressive Democrat. They can conduct Black Masses to Big Government as they choose – even going so far as to nominate a real witch as their presidential nominee. As the GEICO ads say, “That’s what they do.” I’m not involved and I don’t care.

But what do Republicans do … or not do?  Real Republicans do not think it’s okay to make fun of disabled people, spew loutish comments about women, insult ethnicity… or generally act like a spoiled 10-year old child. They are not magnets to racists and anti-Semites. Real Republican presidential candidates are expected to know something about economics, foreign policy and social issues. And real Republican presidential candidates respect the law and honor our Constitutional Rights. That’s why I must make it clear that what congregated in Cleveland is Trump’s Party and not my GOP (or that of Reagan, Eisenhower, Coolidge or Lincoln).  It is Trump and his minions, and not the principled conservative holdouts, who are RINOs in the truest sense of the acronym. Trump befouls conservatism and the Republican brand.

Take heart. If you’re a life-long conservative who doesn’t vote for Trump, and Hillary gets elected, it’s doubtful anyone worthy of your respect will think less of you. But if you go against your conscience and vote for Trump, those very same people may legitimately question if they ever knew you at all. That’s an evil none of us should choose.

Jim Carroll

Jim Carroll is a freelance writer and marketing consultant living in Eufaula, Alabama. During a communications career spanning nearly 30 years, Jim has worked as a radio deejay, producer and commercial copywriter; a newspaper journalist and editor; and a marketing communications manager and creative director for a major direct mail advertising company. A libertarian-leaning conservative, Jim’s first published work was a ‘letter to the editor’ of the Columbus (Ga.) Ledger- Enquirer at the age of 11 in support of President Richard Nixon. Apart from The Bible, he lists Milton Friedman’s "Free to Choose," and Stanley Milgram’s "Obedience to Authority" as the greatest literary influences in his life. Jim is a 1985 graduate of Auburn University.

  1. I have never had a twinge of doubt. God’s Word commands me to defend innocent life. (Proverbs 24:11-12) It tells me that God will bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse her. I am not called to win elections, nor to pragmatically choose a (presumed) lesser evil. I am called to obey God and accept whatever consequences He decides to allow. We are under God’s judgment, and we cannot vote our way into “lesser” judgment. A President Hillary will never be sovereign. Neither would a President Trump. GOD is sovereign, and if HE decides we will be taken over by Muslims, NOTHING that ANY president could do would stop that from happening! I encourage everyone to vote your conscience, but FIRST, make sure to align your conscience with God’s Word. There will be NO MERCY until there is REPENTANCE. repentance is NOT tears and words. It is complete, unquestioning OBEDIENCE.

      1. Thank you JD. I have no brilliance, only the wisdom that anyone can have if they put their trust in Christ and His Word. Feel free to send me a friend request on FB. If there is no friend button, you can message me and I can friend yoy. Blessings.

  2. In other words: ‘The greatest of evils is your acquiescence to it.’ Brilliant analysis, gotta add that to my ‘book of sayings’.

  3. I am printing this article out and adding it to my collection. I can be considered a “Never Trump” voter and have had twinges of doubt from time to time because all of my “past favorites” (Ingraham, Coulter, Palin, Prager, Hannity, O’Reilly, Perkins, and Schlafly, just to name a few) drone on and on, day after day about the Supreme Court and the Democrats and Hillary being president with a never-ending drumbeat. The other day I went to D’Souza’s movie about Hillary and again I got that twinge of doubt. But through reading articles, like this one and others such as “A Vote’s Consequences and a Voter’s Conscience” by Matthew J. Franck, “The Problem of Character: Why Conservatives Must Reject Donald Trump” by Ashleen Menchaca-Bagnulo, and More Than A Speech: How Cruz Destroyed the ‘Lesser Of Two Evils’ Narrative” by Daniel Horowitz, I come back to my original thoughts and refresh my soul with Mark 8:36: “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?”

    1. Look at it based on this question, what has the philosophy of ‘The Lesser of Two Evils’ vote done to stop, let along reverse the path to our present day state of affairs?
      Now from the rhetorical situation:
      IF: you`ve voted such and you`re happy now, then it`s worked for you, keep going.
      IF: you have voted such and are not, then as Einstein is supposed to have said, why would you continue acting insanely?
      It`s a little question I pose to lesser of evils proponents, and like progressives, they get SO angry at their inability to respond to logic with emotions and feelings!

  4. God knows what we’ll do. He chooses our leaders.

    I voted McCain and then Romney, because “We can’t let Obama win!!” was heralded near and far; and both times, he won. Dems would not engage with them. They certainly won’t with Trump.

    These days, I vote as I see fit. The GOP/DNC career buds don’t want a real and conservative candidate. GOP majority leaders in House and Senate have fought Cruz since 2012 and hardly want him upsetting their perks, gleaned from playing nice with DNC, as president. I’ve thought all along that Trump is a shill and he proves it almost hourly.

    This is all a farce and I’m no longer playing along. I’ll do my best to help freshen up Congress and local offices.

  5. As a new contributor to The New Americana site, I must say I am very gratified by the comments I see here. Thank you all

  6. You just don’t fully get it! I’m never voting for Hillary or Trump, and you poo-pooed any and all support for the one true Conservative and never once stood arm in arm with Ted Cruz; He championed every word of the Constitution. Sure, there was another Liberal in the Republican Party, Kasich, but the Conservative Constitutionalist was Ted Cruz, and Ted Cruz walked into the lion’s den and faced down the lion(s). What you don’t get is, we have a problem with Satanist and the Westboro Baptist. Both are heinous and blasphemous and bring darkness to America. If you want to stand by and give room to these people, that’s on you, but, it will never be who were are a Born-Again Christians. No, this is a choice between whether you’d rather have a heart attack or cancer. We choose neither. Write in where you can and vote your conscious.

  7. You are right about the GOP not properly belonging to Trump. But the same machinery that “crushed” the opposition to him were there when they “crushed” the Taft opposition to Dwight Eisenhower. Eisenhower was one of the first to derail the Republican party in our time. Taft delegates were shut out – physically. We see this all too often in state and national GOP organizations. The Democrats do the same thing. We ought to be different – we should be the example of republican political practice. But instead we do as they do – we allow rigged conventions. We break arms, we put delegates on trains out of town (Eisenhower), we shut off mics. Until we correct this behavior or abandon the party that permits – encourages – it, we cannot say we are honest.

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