Trump’s RNC speech and yesterday’s links

Donald Trump Dark

Trump capped off the Republican National Convention on Thursday with a speech that every leftwing (and many rightwing) journalist is calling “dark.” It told of a broken America and declared that the only person who can fix America is Trump.

Trump’s brand is tarnished by cheapness

Brad Thor shines a spotlight on the true “hero” of the RNC

Republican critics maintain opposition to Trump despite coronation

Libertarian Gary Johnson gives his anti-Trump pitch

Gun control: Three people shot dead… in gun-free England

2nd Amendment is fundamental to nation

Gun seller says his bank demands “ridiculous” information. He blames Operation Choke Point.

Rules Schmules and the Streisand Effect
Rules, schmules, and the Streisand Effect

Obama’s problem with the color blue

Targeting police isn’t a hate crime. It’s terrorism.

Ohio policeman served sandwich containing shards of glass

Tax army larger than the U.S. army

Milo Yiannopoulos permanently banned from Twitter

Obama and U.N. join forces to assault parental rights worldwide

Big debt, little study: What taxpayers should know about college students’ time use

GOP platform: Dump Common Core, pass school choice

Beleagured GOP leaders make their pitch, but will Trump’s party buy it?

DOJ wants Supreme Court rehearing of Obama amnesty case

The problem with socialism

How the European left manipulates you with headlines

Religious liberty under siege in Mississippi

Trump brings the Establishment gang back together again

Susan Wright: GOP, I’m leaving you

Trump’s new super PAC attack dog

Cuccinelli runs from NeverTrump

In support of allowing every delegate to vote his/her conscience

Ailes Out

Confirmed: Ailes out

…Mediaite: Ailes “furious” at Megyn Kelly

…Politico: 21st Century Fox still denies

Black Lives Matter: Beyond the riots

Democrats own these terrorist attacks on police and they’re only going to get worse

Hispanics, Christians speak out against California bill targeting religious universities

GOP platform: It’s time to get rid of the EPA

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Convention of states gathers steam despite RNC setback

U.N. pushes fast-track ratification of Paris climate deal as countries get cold feet

Egypt’s Christians protest and pray after Christian murdered and building torched

Christian students in China barred from going to college unless they stop going to church

What should a Christian Conservative look for in a president?

One woman, three girls stabbed for “wearing shorts and t-shirts” at French resort

Islamic State, Nice, and the European jihadism that’s here to stay

Drone expert concerned by failure to shoot down UAV in Israeli airspace

German train ax attack puts Merkel migrant policy back in spotlight

Gingrich proposes to criminalize the visiting of sites deemed “favoring” terrorist groups

Islamic State says it’s behind German train attack

Yusuf al-Hindi: The mysterious Islamic State recruiter in India who’s got intel agencies worried

Turkey formally requests extradition of cleric from U.S. as purge widens

Turkey coup: Purge widens to education sector

Ankara ‘explosion’: Huge plume of smoke seen above Turkish capital days after attempted coup in country

Republicans have spent too much time trying to sell Trump to their own delegates

Will Cruz endorse Trump?

…Washington Examiner: What will he say in his speech?

Catholics split on Trump or Hillary with 77% of Hispanic Catholics backing pro-abortion Clinton

Banning abortion is just common-sense science-based public policy

14-year-old Pakistani Christian kidnapped, forced to marry Mulsim man she works for as a servant

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GOP shadow convention just in case
GOP shadow convention. Just in case.

…Spectator: 10 reasons Aaron Goldstein will never vote for Trump

…Hayride: The same Establishment losers who gave us Trump are already looking to their futures

…Federalist: What to do if you’re disillusioned with 2016

…CR: The convention proves the GOP is a dying party

…Commentary Mag: The low energy convention

Anti-Trump Republicans lash out at Matt Drudge

Trump will fail the heroes who endorse him

Muslim to give closing prayer on day 2 of Cleveland Trumpfest

Trump’s prosperity preachers

The media is not paying enough attention to the Trump-Kremlin ties

Douthat proposes Republicans dump conservatism to win. Here’s why he’s wrong.

Trump’s weaknesses on full display in Cleveland

The perpetrator of the Nice outrage exploited Western notions of human rights

Afghan “refugee” shouts “allahu akbar” while attacking 20 people in a German train, yet motives “completely unclear”

49,000 kids dying of malnutrition linked to Boko Haram

Azerbaijan unblocks Iran’s frozen assets

Erickson: There is zero need for Ted Cruz to endorse Donald Trump

Cruz backers chant 2020, while Senator says “I don’t know what the future is going to hold”

Can Cruz make Trump great again?

Cruz walks tightrope between Trump and 2020

Ted Cruz’s big night

Trump campaign manager expects Ted Cruz’s speech to be “pleasing” to nominee

Christians win in North Carolina, take down university speech code

Judeo-Christian values shelved on night two of the convention as Muslim leader invokes name of Muhammed in closing prayer

Concern grows for Christians in Turkey after failed coup

16th-century Christian symbols found in Caribbean cave

No coup for Christians in Turkey

Most Americans want Trump and Clinton to address Christian persecution

Erdogan’s coup against liberty

What does Kerry plan to do about Erdogan?

Tapper to Kerry: “It doesn’t look like ISIS is on the run”

U.K.’s bold, new leader shuts climate change department

Who is Fethullah Gülen?

The plot: A report from Turkey

Indiana abortions drop to 7-year-low

Florida renews fight for abortion restrictions

An open letter to Hillary Clinton about black babies

Who will succeed Roger Ailes?

Senate Democrats get irrational during “web of denial” climate change event

Solutions for black Americans, beginning with the need for dads

Hawaii Congressman Mark Takai has died at 49

Black guns matter: The 2nd Amendment is color blind

14 people shot in Chicago in one night. Of course, liberal media won’t mention that.

Massachusetts AG decrees that most common firearms in America are illegal

A good guy with a gun

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Megyn Kelly reportedly encouraged female colleagues to speak about Ailes harassment

Politicians want to tell people what to do. People should ignore them.

A cop’s perspective on Black Lives Matter

5 things Obama needs to say about black crime but won’t

Lloyd Marcus versus Black Lives Matter

Administration vilification of police force masks divisive record of the Left

Do all lives matter or do some matter more?

#BlackLivesMatter propaganda exposed case-by-case

Sheriff Clarke is right: we’re seeing ‘guerrilla urban warfare against the police’ fueled by a false narrative about police shootings

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Cruz Stays True
Cruz stays true

…RedState: Refuses to endorse Trump

…Twitchy: Urges voters to vote their conscience

…The Federalist: He knew exactly what he was doing

…Facebook: Full speech

…Business Insider: The look on the Trumps’ faces as they watched Ted Cruz speak says it all

…Resurgent: Speech of his life

…NR: Cruz isn’t changing a thing

…Twitchy: A setup? Donald Trump read Ted Cruz speech in advance, says non-endorsement no YUGE deal

…CR: Did Trump actively whip up boos?

…RedState: For Cruz, it doesn’t matter where your start. It matters where you finish.

…Shapiro: Everything you need to know about the “vote your conscience” speech

South Carolina ethics commission narrows governor’s allowed use of football tickets

Jenner to RNC: “Coming out Republican was harder than coming out trans”

The biggest surprise of the GOP convention is how boring it is

RINO Ryan heaps false praise on veterans, mum on cutting benefits to fund Obama budget

Immigration backlog tops 500,000 cases

Gov’t dependency a “narcotic” enabling racial tensions

ICE on track for lowest number of deportations since 2006

Senior arms expert: Report on secret Iran deal document underlines “very serious” problem

Israel is the only safe place in the Middle East for Christians

Turkey’s coup attempt has played straight into Erdogan’s hands

Iranian Kurdish leader to “Post”: Iran regime is a common enemy

U.S. gathers allies in fight against Islamic State

Erdogan is nuclear, unchallenged, and being hailed as “Mahdi”

Clinton Cash exposes pay-to-play matrix

Republicans pummel Hillary to unite GOP

Newly released pages raise troubling questions about Huma Abedin’s own jihadist connections

We’re losing our republic because we lack the will to restrain democracy

Obama’s links to pro-terrorist groups

Maine delegate explains why she was physically removed from the RNC floor

GOP platforms calls for multiple amendments to the Constitution

NeverHillary NeverTrump
Who wants a truly conservative party?

…Strident Conservative: From #NeverTrump to #NeverGOP

…Weekly Standard: It may be time to bolt the GOP

…CNN: Donald Trump claims GOP mantle

…French: Never Trump, now more than ever

…Caffeinated Thoughts: Trump’s nomination according to #NeverTrump in Tweets

…American Thinker: Republican primaries stolen by Democrats

…The Week: What’s next for #NeverTrump?

…Carpenter: Where do we go from here?

…Politistick: Trump’s campaign chair declares that the GOP no longer exists

…Commentary Mag: Can the GOP stay a party of ideas?

…Resurgent: The GOP will not snap back to conservatism

Donald Trump RNC Speech
Trump speech draft

…Bloomberg: Speech to paint image of damaged nation only he can save

…NY Times: He wants to be the “champion of the forgotten”

Executive Amnesty: Obama’s path to U.N. 2030 Agenda and global socialism

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Does America need mobile nukes?

Prominent journalist killed in car bombing in Ukraine

The EPA doesn’t know how to check gas mileage

US sanctions three Iran-based al Qaeda leaders

We need more Islam to counter the so-called Islamic State

“How Boko Haram forced me to watch my son beheaded”

Iran left with no choice but to confront the US, official warns

U.N. condemns Iran for violating the ‘spirit’ of the nuclear deal

When do values trump Democracy?

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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