Even conservatism is at risk in the current Republican party

Peter King

I considered myself part of the Tea Party movement, and I have to tell you today that I am angry. I’m angrier than I’ve been in a while. While the word “conservative” has been used to describe a political ideology for a very long time now, it was with the rise of the Tea Party that I personally, and I don’t think I was alone, started referring to myself as a Conservative rather than a Republican. The Tea Party was exposing problems with “the Establishment,” and so I did not want to be associated with the party, even though I still voted with them. If you are reading this, you most likely felt the same way. But at a certain point, I think that “the Establishment” caught on to what was happening, and started calling themselves conservatives as well.

Fast-forward to earlier this week when New York Representative Peter King (R) said the following after Ted Cruz’s convention speech: “Today, this is a Ted Cruz that I’ve known, unfortunately. He cannot be trusted and he’s not a true Republican, he’s not a true conservative, he’s totally self-centered.” Conservative Review’s Liberty Score for King is 29%, while Cruz’s is 97%.

Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen had this to say about the speech: Donald J. Trump is bigger than Ted Cruz, it just goes to show the distinction between an adult and a baby, and a baby that happens to be a sore loser.” Incidentally, Cohen is a registered Democrat who volunteered for Dukakis, and voted for Obama.

New York Representative Chris Collins (R) said this about the speech: “First of all it made him a small person and it’s typical Ted Cruz – all about him. But I’d like to maybe remind Ted, America did vote their conscious (sic). They didn’t vote for him. This is just plain rude but it’s Ted Cruz. He’s all about himself, which is why he’s got no friends in Washington, D.C. except to a few Tea Party extremists.” Conservative Review’s Liberty Score for Collins is even worse than for King, at 28%.

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee tweeted “I didn’t see a statesman step forth for the country’s future. I saw a self-absorbed politician grab the microphone and try to line up his own future. Ted walked in tall and walked out small.” The CATO Institute gave Huckabee an “F” in his final term for fiscal policy, and a “D” overall, noting that he is “the biggest big-government conservative.”

Then there was Ivanka’s speech, which CNN gleefully compared to Hillary herself, and the delegates wildly cheered as she pushed the debunked liberal lie of the gender wage gap. She brought to mind the Bible, though not in a good way, as she said that with her father, “all things will be possible again,” nearly a direct quote from Matthew 19:26.

Speaking as a Tea Party Conservative, I am left wondering why I continue allowing myself to be associated with such liberal, progressive Republicans. They do not represent me. Donald Trump is not my voice, and he does not speak for me. This is why I started calling myself “conservative,” but as King’s comment shows, the RINOs started co-opting the term as soon as they saw that it was catching on, and I’m left wondering how on earth my true constitutional conservative values are being questioned by a progressive liberal such as himself.

The bottom line is, I’m done, and if you are also a true constitutional conservative, you should be too. If you are someone who embraces Capitalism, meritocracy, individualism and truly small and restrained government, you should be thoroughly fed up with the Republicans who deign to represent you, as am I. The time for a new party, one that truly represents those of us who have proven to be completely disenfranchised by the Republican Establishment, has come. The time is now.

We must capitalize on the anger that we are feeling, the rejection, and the exhaustion of being ridiculed and denigrated from within “our own party.” There has never been a better time to break up the two-party vice-grip that has held sway over our country for far too long. It has become abundantly clear that the Republican party has been trying to encompass far too big a tent, and a split is inevitable. Now is the best chance that we have. Let’s seize it before it’s too late.

Heather Moon

Heather Moon is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Public Policy. She is an avid follower of political news and a sometimes philosopher, researcher, and writer on politics and policy. A strong conservative, she feels a bit displaced in Richmond, Virginia, and hopes to return to her roots in Texas soon.

  1. I agree completely with all you wrote!!! I’ve been fed-up with the “republican” Party for a long time. But we need a leader and a forum to get this all together, we can’t just blog our ideas and hope in thin air this will all happen. Someone needs to make it happen before our Constitution and our Freedoms are completely lost!!!

  2. Funny, isn’t it, to see Branch Trumpidians react when told to support our Constitution? Even funnier, sadly, is that when Cruz said, “vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution,” Trump supporters knew immediately that Trump could not be trusted to be failthful to the Constitution.

  3. Heather- Excellent synopsis of how millions of us true Conservatives feel. I was an alternate delegate for Gov. Reagan at the 1976 Kansas City convention, and I do not recognize the Republican Party today. Now is indeed time to cut ourselves off and start fresh.

  4. Trump, in the name of conservatism, has pulled the GOP far left, yet his adoring, rabid fans thing this is for the good of us all.

    When Trump said he was conservative this was easy to disprove by his life’s speech, actions, donations and endorsements. So his fans said to heck with conservatism, we need Trump. Trump ran on building a wall, mass deportations and banning of Muslims entering America, but then he disposed of each of those by either saying they were only suggestions or flat out throwing them under the bus. Then Trump gave praise the Planned Parenthood, “transgender” bathrooms and the LGBT agenda.

    My head spins that so called conservatives such as Palin, Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter et al, all endorsed Trump whole heartedly. We are at a crossroads, the same crossroad when the Whig party became the Republican Party. It’s time to begin a Conservative party, I have spent my life believing integrity and principle still means something, I intend to stand before God in the same skin. I refuse to yet again vote for a lesser of two evils, in 2016 it is a choice of dictators.

  5. Wow that whole first paragraph describes me and how I felt at the time. Excellent article. I will help in anyway possible to get a new party off the ground. We need to start coalescing in one place and I see no reason not to start here. I’ve had this discussion on The Right Scoop , great pro liberty site, before but it goes nowhere past what the party should be called. It’s too difficult in that forum (disqus). There is tremendous intrest though.

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