Trump’s tax cut reversal and yesterday’s links

Donald Trump Tax Cut Reversal

Donald Trump reversed himself quietly on his proposed tax cuts by abandoning $7 trillion worth. This was done during the GOP convention, which meant that very few people even noticed this betrayal to conservatism and expansion of his liberal big government agenda.

Clinton invites families of blacks killed by police to speak at Democratic convention

Hillary’s top VP pick lets big banks know he’s in their corner

Is cop-hating Hillary a President we can survive?

Hillary ramps up the trolling and blasts picture that will surely give Chris Christie nightmares

Buy the Secret Service Agent’s book where he spills the beans all over Hillary Clinton (Sponsored)

An inside look at how the RNC steamrolled conservatives

Two thirds of Obamacare insurers losing money

Shocking testimony from NGO reveals Muslim UN aid workers keep Yazidis “trapped and doomed to die”

Reagan did not endorse Ford in 1976

“Law and Order” won’t save the Republican party

Do black lives matter to Black Lives Matter?

Media agenda: Put cops in negative light

Could Trump make George W. Bush the last Republican President?

Clinton outraising Trump by 3-1 margin in dash for cash

Trump’s NATO comments “unprecedented”

Donald Trump just talked about foreign policy. And caused a whole lot of controversy.

Trump wants to dissolve the last bit of credibility that Obama has left us on foreign affairs by setting arbitrary conditions to be met before we honor our NATO treaties

Trump’s nomination is a farce and a scam

The media totally blacks out serious sexual assault allegations against Trump

GOP Convention: Make America scared again

Ted Cruz Speaks at RNC

…NR: Lion Ted

…CR: Cruz’s unforgivable “sin”

…Erickson: Exposed by Ted, they are angry

…DailyWire: Cruz won’t be a “servile puppy dog” for Trump

…Soshable: Lost in the non-endorsement is the fact that everything Cruz said was righteous

…Politistick: That awkward moment when Trump said he would not support the GOP nominee

…Washington Examiner: Trump knew Cruz wouldn’t endorse him

…Noisy Room: Trump’s political assassination attempt

…Goldberg’s “I Choose Ted” was trending

…CR: His conservative path forward

Cruz campaign manager: Chris Christie “turned over his political testicles long ago”

Cruz convention speech boos were staged

Cruz to GOP: Freedom or bust

Cruz explains why he didn’t endorse Trump

The Christian right has surrendered to Trump

Hillyer: You wanted Trump. You’ve got him.

Yuuuge conservative issues are missing from Trump’s RNC speech

Wait WHAT?! Did Ivanka really just push the wage gap myth?

Free traders adjust to a Trump GOP that has gone populist

“Vote your conscience” was a Rorschach test and Trump’s campaign failed

Obama-Clinton-Kerry foreign policy is insanity on steroids

Hillary releases ad featuring Trump praising her

Nobody should vote for anyone who broke their pledge

Trump taunts GOP in private donor meeting

Trump torpedoes “peace through strength”

Following Trump plagiarization, spotlight moves to Obama

ProTip: If you’re dumb enough to burn a flag, be careful not to set yourself on fire

FTC cracks down on sponsored content

Obama has eroded America’s domestic tranquility

Murdoch to assume CEO duties at Fox

Protestant pastors at odds with each other regarding election and issues, based on ideology

China on track to have world’s largest Christian population, 200 million believers by 2030

Since America won’t stop Christian genocide, Israel should

Syria’s Christians under siege in Aleppo

Iran preparing to reopen prohibited nuclear sites. Leader: “Iran has no other option but to retaliate.”

French Justice Department orders all Nice attack videos deleted

Hungary’s Orban: “Obvious connection” between illegal migration and terrorism

Obama’s dream of Muslim outreach has only demonstrated to the Arab world that he’s weak

Manafort: Women will vote for Trump because “their husbands can’t pay the bills”

Blowback from criticizing Trump

Ralph Peters: Trump made the most “destructive and idiotic statement on foreign policy” by a presidential candidate in his lifetime

Why Trump’s NATO comments will hurt his chances in November

Sorry, Trump GOP, the choice is not “chicken or fish”

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A message to anyone who criticizes Cruz for standing up for his family

Cruz may be the only Republican who understands Trump

Cruz’s speech? Nailed it.

RNC won’t post Cruz speech to YouTube channel

No, Sheldon Adelson did not snub Ted Cruz

US citizen from San Diego reportedly detained in Iran

Don’t underestimate Islamic State. More atrocities are on their way

Nice truck terrorist no lone wolf, spent months planning attack with others

Iran arrests 40 suspects linked to underground tunnel

Turkish government orders 1,577 deans to resign in the expanding crackdown after the coup attempt

Trump’s reckless foreign policy

Trump’s remarks rattle NATO allies

Trump’s blind spot on Russia

Trump goes full-Obama: Shames America’s relationship with ‘civil liberties’ and draws moral equivalence with Islamist Turkey

Buy Mark Levin’s book – “Plunder and Deceit: Big Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future” (Sponsored)

“Hush”: A new, must-see documentary film about abortion’s effects on women

For teen girls, abortion linked to better outcomes vs. giving birth

Study falsely claims abortion is a “better outcome” than giving birth for teen girls

Abortion activist Lena Dunham to speak at Democratic National Convention

Gotcha Trump Bumps Tax Plan by 7 Trillion Dollars
GOTCHA! Trump quietly abandons $7 trillion in tax cuts while everyone focuses on GOP convention

…Shapiro: No, #NeverTrumpers aren’t morally responsible for Hillary Clinton. Here’s why.

…Vander Hart: I’m still #NeverTrump

…The Right Scoop: Trump campaign gives more ammo to Clinton campaign

…Washington Examiner: Trump’s five most outlandish RNC speech promises

…Ziegler: The arguments to support Trump don’t make sense

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