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Ted Cruz Do Not Endorse Donald Trump

The fallout from the Ted Cruz non-endorsement endorsement is still settling as evidenced by the article on August 1st in National Review, “Convention Speech Sparks blow back from Cruz Donors.” The article addresses what happened within the Cruz camp and what the donors and supporters of the Cruz campaign now think of the Senator. Let’s just say that the article is not good for the Senator if the quotes recorded are to be believed.

The actions during the convention that are the source of the Cruz camp’s problems should be well known to the readers. I would only add that I know why Cruz did not endorse by name Cheetos Jesus. If it had been me I would have told Cheetos Jesus that if he said one more thing about my wife or father that I was going to go out back and that we were either going to fight or he would need to apologize to whoever he attacked.

The article informs us that donors are closing their doors to Cruz; Sheldon Adelson was the first following Cruz’s convention speech when he denied entrance to his suite to Ted.  Later came the Mercers who felt the need to not only stop giving, but to announce their intentions in the New York Times. I question whether that is for the Conservative base or rather their friends in the establishment. Others have fallen suit in distancing themselves from the outspoken Conservative. Some have since criticized the Senator for failing to explicitly back Cheetos Jesus.

The hate from Republicans, excluding principled conservatives, generated immediate buzz about primary challengers in 2018 against the Senator.

The fact that anyone needs to explain to those turning their backs to Cruz why a man could not endorse such a creature is problematic. Civility has never been too involved in Politics, I understand that, but the one rule that held was that attacking someone’s family was considered a low blow. To any reader out there that says that Heidi and Raphael Cruz were fair game and should have toughened up I wonder if they have thought through what could happen in attacking these non-participants.

The convention showed us that once you begin to drag families into the fight they become open to attacks, which depending upon the rhetoric offered could be verbal harassment or physical violence (Heidi Cruz had to be rushed off the floor thanks to Trump supporters). The words that drive people’s passions once started are hard to stop, what if there had been physical attacks on Heidi? I’m sure Trump would have issued his usual condemnation blessing – condemning the attackers but including a caveat saying he understood why they did it.

The donors are ready to do anything to start making money again because we all know that the Obama economy is somewhere in the crapper for most people.  The donors in falling in line with the worship of Cheetos Jesus would seem to indicate they are willing to sell themselves in order to have a better economy; I understand their motives but, find myself disgusted.  However, the religious and social leaders are particularly loathsome to my senses.  They have been able to draw a distinction on their actions with some form of the following scenario, Person X:  “I believe that a continuation of the policies of the previous 8 years under a President Hillary Clinton will mean an attack against religious liberties and a persecution of Christians that is why I am voting for (and here is some parsing of words) the Republican nominee (or Donald Trump).”  They have followed the pattern of a non-endorsement endorsement.  Their words while not explicitly advocating for people to vote Cheetos Jesus are an endorsement in that they have published on social media who they will vote for to their followers.  Conservatives should notice that none of their endorsements carry any religious reasons rather the statements are all about not electing Hillary.  I wonder why no positive reasons are given for voting Cheetos Jesus, could it be either one of his many religious faux pas or his failure to understand basic Christianity such as, never asking for forgiveness is a big red flag especially after bragging about multiple wives and affairs.

If anything what the Cruz and Trump along with the #neverTrump rifts in the Republican Party have done is to illustrate a few key facts for Conservatives.

  1. That there are far fewer Conservatives out there than we thought in positions of power. The list is long, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity . . . etc.
  2. That the Republican Party is worse than Democrats towards principled Conservatives. Tim Huescamp and Dan Bongino are examples of what they are capable of.
  3. When the going gets tough things that should matter are the first to become casualties. In order to win the Republicans have joined the party of Mammon discarding social issues.
  4. There are no people the conservative movement can count on. The donors closing their wallets to Cruz and the switching of allegiances from Cruz and other candidates to Cheetos Jesus shows us that the donors will go where they think they can win.  The same can be said of the influence peddlers, see above 1,  but also add in James Dobson, Jerry Fallwell Jr., Robert Jeffress, Franklin Graham and Tony Perkins.

These lessons should be taken to heart and never taken for granted again.  Conservatives thought that there were some friendly places for the movement where they could expect tough questions but not face the firing squad.  No longer, conservatives need to realize that whatever happens you will always have to fight no matter what the issue or where they are at.  Trust in leaders should be jettisoned as too many have come to kneel before the alter of Cheetos Jesus.  I know that some of the mentioned people have only grudgingly acknowledged their new lord or half-heartedly endorsed, Jeffers endorsement non-endorsement is asinine, but still they have endorsed.  Conservatives because they can no longer rely upon donors and influencers should look to new ways to fundraise and to reach voters finding shortcuts around problems involving money.

I applaud what Cruz did, he walked a fine line and was able to endorse the platform and congratulated Cheetos Jesus on his win.  Anyone who has a problem with that should ask themselves if they believe in principles or rather a person and/or winning.  Their problem lies with themselves and a bit of introspection might do them good.  I hope that the article’s pessimistic tone are wrong and that Senator Ted Cruz faces no problems but during this election cycle who can say, we have two liberal Democrats running as the nominees of the major parties.

The Republican Party must die.  Long live Conservatism.

Michael Reuel

Michael is a native Texan raised as a Christian Gentleman. He is a proud Conservative.

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  1. Sen. Ted Cruz continues to do the right thing. If he gave-in to the political scum that seem to govern via the purse then he would lose a huge number of supporters. Hopefully Sen.Cruz will continue to uphold all what is good in government.

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