An open letter to Trump supporters

Ted Cruz Did the Right Thing

Trump Supporters,

I am truly confused by the venom and sheer vitriol toward Ted Cruz after his speech at the Republican National Convention.   The contempt seems to cover a number of topics varying from accusations of Cruz not showing integrity, accusations of Cruz torpedoing Trump’s chances, to accusations of Cruz betraying the Republican Party.  I just have a handful of questions for Trump Supporters. Can you help me understand the basis for these accusations?

First, let us start with the accusations of Cruz not showing integrity.  For all those with accusations of Ted Cruz not showing integrity, I ask, what is your definition of integrity?  I have always had the understanding the definition of integrity is doing what you feel is the right thing regardless of who is watching or even if no one is watching.  Integrity is standing your ground for what you think is right especially when it is the unpopular thing to do.  If I am wrong about the definition of integrity, please, by all means, educate me.

Ted Cruz has never minced words on who he is, what he believes in and what he, as an elected official, uses as his moral compass.  This can be found in one of his most common quotes, “My touchstone for every question is the Constitution.”  This is a man who is clearly a Constitutional Conservative and does not back away from this moniker.  It would have been so much easier and would have been so much more politically expedient to follow suit with people like Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio.  These were people who called Donald Trump truly disturbing names during Republican Primary season and now use those same words to describe those who do not kneel and the feet of Trump.  Now, who is showing integrity?  If you think a man who prides himself on his integrity is going to make a public statement contrary to what he believes just because it is what his political party wants him to say, then you and that political party (may I remind you, a political party whose elected leadership publicly called him a son of a bitch) do not know the man.

Next, I have seen a plethora of people accuse Ted Cruz of torpedoing Donald Trump’s chances in the General Election in November.  I am trying to understand where this theory comes from.  If you actually listen to the speech, he congratulates Donald Trump on winning the nomination within the first two minutes of the speech. At no point in the speech does he say one single negative things about Donald Trump and he passionately implores everyone listening NOT to stay home on election day.  He tells everyone listening how imperative it is that they get out and vote in November.  If Donald Trump truly is the conservative he contends he is, then he should have no worries and he should win by a landslide.  Cruz told conservatives and Constitutional conservatives to get out and vote their conscience, so if Donald Trump is the conservative he attests he is those now (perceived) infamous words by Cruz should be gold for Trump.

Lastly, I have seen numerous political pundits accuse Ted Cruz of betraying the Republican party.  Well, if that were the case why did Ted Cruz say, within the first two minutes of the speech, say, “Like you I want to see the principles of our party prevail in November.”  If it were the case then why does he still to this day campaign to be a Republican Senator representing the state of Texas?  Trust me, this is a man who has every reason to turn his back on the Republican Party.  This is the same party whose senior members have called him everything from a son of a bitch, poison for the American people and the embodiment of Satan.  Tell me, who is exhibiting betrayal and who is exhibiting loyalty?  The animosity goes on and on but my point is, why the hatred and divisive rhetoric at the time you are saying we need to come together as one to defeat Hillary Clinton?

In conclusion, I think Trump supporters need to engage in a serious introspection.  Ted Cruz is demonized for telling everyone listening to vote for a candidate who shares the same values, he tells them to vote for a candidate who will ensure the principles of the Republican party prevail. He says to vote for a candidate who believes every human life is precious and should be protected. He says to vote for a candidate who believes Supreme Court Justices should not dictate policy but follow the Constitution. He says to vote for a leader who stands for principle and he tells them to vote for a candidate who they trust, who will defend their freedoms, and who will be faithful to the Constitution.  If Donald J. Trump is the Conservative many of you say he is, these words should inspire passion, excitement, motivation and encouragement.  Instead it inspires hate, bitterness and contempt. Why?  Is there something you are afraid to come to grips with regarding the fundamental values of the candidate you have chosen to put your good name in support of?

Nathan W. Cotus

Nathan Cotus

I am retired military (U.S. Air Force) and the last 15 years of my career was spent as a military intelligence analyst. I am a passionate Constitutional Conservative. I currently work as law enforcement crime analysis specialist. I love studying history and showing how current events are a reflection or repeat of what has happened in the past. One of my favorite historical quotes is, "That history which we choose not to learn from we are condemned to repeat." ~ George Santayana.

  1. Nathan: Your post was well reasoned so don’t expect it will move the needle with the Trump crowd. Any second someone should show up to accuse you of a) being a crybaby, b) telling you to “get over” any perception of Trump that would indicate less than pristine moral character, or c) that you are a secret Hillary lover and probably a liberal Democrat.

    Trump’s move or plans to punish opponents in his own party, between the convention and the election is unprecedented, not to mention petty, vile and vindictive.

    Hillary only held off naming her own VP until Trump had clinched the nomination. Otherwise, he might have been available to be hers…

  2. The next time Trump does something with integrity or one of his syncopants reflects on the truth will be the first time.

  3. When considering Trump and his lemmings’ contention with Cruz, Isaiah 5:20-24 comes to mind…

    I found Chris Christie’s comments about Cruz most ironic. Christie claimed that Cruz is selfish and arrogant for talking about the Constitution and Republican Party in his speech, but Christie gave the keynote address at Mitt Romney’s nomination and didn’t mention Romney but instead talked only about himself and his life story, what everyone clearly saw as the launch of his 2016 campaign for President. Then he made out with Obama in front of the news cameras to seal the deal, making Obama look bipartisan to women and independent voters. I could go on to say more about Christie’s hypocrisy…

  4. Nathan Cotus, thank you for the well stated article. I am a Sen. Cruz supporter and I am amazed that people missed the whole point of his speech at the convention. The misguided GOPers and the cultish Trumpers should stop and reevaluate their thinking; it is skewed.

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