The GOP at the crossroads

GOP Crossroads

You know the scene….

It’s the moment our heroes reach the fork in the road. They look up and a rickety old sign split in two greets them. One direction is the promise land, one is darkness and defeat….but which is which?

Pfffffffffft— Doesn’t matter much now, that beacon of hope was ten miles back.

No, the crossroads I’m talking about is the one made famous by legendary guitarist Robert Johnson. Then updated that wonderful 80’s way in the Ralph Macchio epic, creatively named “Crossroads”.

The tale states, at the place where Old US Highway 61 and Old US Highway 49 meet in Mississippi, if you are desperate enough and willing, you can sell your soul to the Devil for a single request. It being Ole’ Scratch and all, you can imagine how that deal always ends.

Now I’m just a fan of folklore, and maybe have listened to a tune or two about them old crossroads, but I could swear I smell a bit of that wickedness around the GOP.

What else would you call it when a political party, so determined to win, yet so unmoored from principle, attaches itself to naked dishonesty in human form?

A Faustian bargain, perhaps?

“But Donald Trump won fair and square”, you say.

Refutable on its own, but at this point irrelevant.

The moment RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus, went out in front of cameras and bent over while Donald spanked him with a plank of wood stating “Ted Cruz’s Dad killed JFK” ….and all Priebus did was smile and say “thank you sir, may I have another”, it was clear to me the GOP had sold its soul for a mere shot at winning the Presidency.

It is one thing to support your nominee, it is wholly another to allow him to set fire to your party’s standard of decency, then take the stage to pee on us and tell us its raining.

Monday, Priebus played shineboy and made that Trump turd glisten as he grabbed his ankles and proclaimed, “He’s got a right to talk about whatever he wants to talk about, however, I don’t think he was ever saying this was some sort of factual information.”

How deep into the poo pool did he dig to find that pile of meaninglessness?

One thing is perfectly clear.  There is nothing the GOP will not do in defense of Donald Trump. Once you open the flood gates to defend those types of putrid lies, it wont be long before you drown.

The only question is, what if Trump actually wins?

Well that depends. What did Ole’ Scratch ask for in return?

Alec Russo

A Pennsylvanian since birth, a musician since college, and a partner in crime to my wife, Kate, since the Macbook. Im usually libertarian, always pro freedom, and never trusting of either political party. I'm a Penn State Alumni who never wants to leave Happy Valley.

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