Have you had enough yet, Mike Pence?

Mike Pence Had Enough

Governor Pence,

I am writing as a lifelong Hoosier, lifelong Republican, and long-time supporter of yours.

I have a question.

Have you had enough yet?

I saw you standing by your new boss as he insinuated (again) that Ted Cruz’s dad was involved in the JFK assassination. The expression on your face was priceless. I also saw you laughing as he mocked Ted Cruz. I did not see the humor. I would like to think that you were laughing at the irony of this ignorant unprincipled demagogue mocking a principled man who is vastly superior to him in knowledge and intellect.

And have you answered Donald’s question yet? You know, he asked you if presidents are allowed to start superPACs. He wanted to know because he was considering starting and funding superPACs to defeat Ted Cruz and John Kasich in their next election contests. What a foolish, petty, vindictive man. Or is it a brilliant strategy to appeal to Bernie Sanders’ voters? Nah, he’s just a foolish, petty, vindictive man. Can you still look your friend Ted Cruz in the eye?

I also saw that you had the opportunity to try to explain Donald Trump’s statement that he would put conditions on us coming to the defense of Estonia if they are attacked by Russia. HE PUT CONDITIONS ON THE USA AIDING A NATO MEMBER IF THEY ARE ATTACKED!!! A NATO MEMBER THAT HELPED US IN AFGHANISTAN!!!  And by the way, your attempted explanation was lame. All you did was change what he said. But of course you had to do that, because neglecting to help would be abrogating our treaty responsibilities, and for many reasons that is NOT okay. But if he becomes president and actually abrogates our NATO obligations, you as vice president will have no authority to change his position in order to avert the terrible consequences of his actions.

However, it will all be okay, because I saw you on 60 minutes saying that you know Donald will listen to you if/when you need to explain something to him like, I don’t know, by attacking former primary opponents he’s being a complete jerk, looking foolish, and working against party unity. So once you talk to him I’m sure it will be fine. And you can also explain that NATO has this thing called Article 5. It basically makes it all work. And wavering in our support is simply inviting Russian aggression. Yeah, he’ll listen to you. Everything will be fine.

But, seriously, even if he would listen to you (I’m guessing he won’t) I think he has issues that run a little too deep to be fixed by a few candid discussions in the oval office. Did you read the Washington Post editorial, Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy? The WAPO editorial board made the case that Donald Trump is unworthy of even being considered for their endorsement, and indeed is a threat that must be stopped. And here’s the thing — while some of their points may be debatable, their overall argument is tightly reasoned and devastating. In fact, it is the same argument that Trump’s conservative detractors (even you, privately?) have been making all along. Governor Pence, how does it feel to be on the ticket with a presidential candidate who is accurately described by one of the nation’s largest newspapers as being manifestly unfit for office?

But could there be a solution even to Trump’s overall awfulness? It was reported that he offered to put John Kasich in charge of foreign and domestic policy if Kasich would run as VP. Unfortunately, in the alternate universe we live in, it is actually plausible that the GOP nominee would make this offer. So it is plausible that he made it to you, and you are planning on making all presidential decisions, thus sparing us the awfulness of Trump. If anything like that is going on, I hope you see that it is not a solution. For one thing, obviously, there is no way to know that he would honor such a commitment. He probably wouldn’t. Does anyone think this greedy, vindictive man would forsake the opportunity to use the levers of power to benefit his business interests and punish his enemies?

I hope that soon you will see enough to realize he is not suited to be president. When/if you see that (perhaps you have already), you need to do the principled thing: leave the ticket and denounce his candidacy. Such a move would be unprecedented, but having such a clearly unfit major party candidate is also unprecedented. You would be reviled by many, but would be respected by others. You would even have the opportunity as an insider to sound the alarm, and (if you do this in time), rally the country around a 3rd party candidate, if someone jumped in at the opportunity brought about by your warning. (The group “Better for America” is said to have a candidate to be announced soon. It is likely that the candidate will be more conservative than Trump.) With 2 such unpopular candidates (from the main 2 parties) there would be a chance of success, especially since Trump might melt down.

Or you could just go ahead and run as his VP. There’s a good chance he will lose, and you won’t have to serve under a divisive, pathologically dishonest, casually mean, epically ignorant authoritarian who wears his overall awfulness on his sleeve and has an incoherent foreign policy.

Oh, one more thing. I heard you on 60 minutes refer to Trump as a “good man”. You also said it in a speech. It is not all that common for a vice presidential candidate to refer to the presidential candidate as a “good man”, but you have already said it at least twice. Do you know why it is rather unusual to hear that from a VP candidate? Because the ONLY reason to say it is that the presidential candidate’s goodness is in doubt. (If he really was considered a “good man”, you wouldn’t have to say it.)  Probably never in our history has a major party  candidate’s goodness been more in doubt. And the reason is that his awfulness is so much on display.

Ok, just one more thing. About your comparison of Trump to Ronald Reagan – Don’t do that again. Donald Trump is nothing like Ronald Reagan, and his message is a sad parody of Reagan’s principled, optimistic vision. Seriously, don’t do that again. It is genuinely bad for for America’s health, as it raises the blood pressure of most of Reagan’s knowledgeable admirers. Really. I mean it.

Again, It’s not too late. There is a way out. Take it.


Bryan Woodsmall

Bryan Woodsmall

I am a Christian and a married father of four (three grown). I’ve worked a variety of jobs in manufacturing and chemistry labs. More recently I have changed careers, and now work in IT. I’m a social, fiscal, and constitutional conservative. At the federal level I’m very much a limited government guy. I’m open to a more active government at the state and local level, within reason.

  1. Coming to Jesus late in life doesn’t make one less of a Christian. There are no real differences between the Democrat and Republican party anyway, they are all out to screw us over. However, I believe that Trump LOVES America as we do, and had he chosen to run as a Democrat and said the same thing he says now, I would still have to vote for him. I believe that Trump is one of very few people who can fix this mess because he does not have to put on knee pads to avoid being marginalized by the RINOs and DemocRATS who only want to elect people who are as corrupt as they are or who will tow the party line. If not Trump, then name someone not of the professional political class who doesn’t owe the lobbyists and their masters. If not Trump, then who? If not now, when? America can’t wait because she is hanging on by a thread and if we don’t get rid of the rat’s nest by electing Trump, then I believe there will be armed civil war. Obama has ginned up the dependency class and set race relations back 100 years and BLM is pouring gas on the fire he started. The illegals HAVE TO GO. Period. We have to get the spending under control. Period. We have to get rid of the commie and socialists and Muslims in government bureaucracy that were placed there by Jarrett and Obama and we can’t wait any longer. I don’t care what he USED to be–and many of us were not really involved until we realized that our way of life was coming to an end if we didn’t step up. Trump gets it and is standing up and not bothering to be politically correct–and his words have the unmistakable ring of TRUTH. He’s a leader and we need one desperately and that’s why he has my vote and support.

    1. If Donald Trump really became a Christian recently, then that is a wonderful thing for him and his family, but it has little impact on his fitness for office, which has to be ascertained by examining his qualifications, actions, decisions, statements, and so on. A lot of people think that examining those thing leads to the conclusion that he is not fit for office, whether or not he recently became a Christian.

      At any rate, we should not take reports of Donald Trump becoming a Christian as assurance that he is one. We cannot say that he isn’t, but the claim that he is comes from 2nd hand reports. There is no known profession of faith from him, and I think it is safe to say that his behavior does not appear very Christ-like to most people.

      I think some Christians may seize on the possibility that he has become a Christian as a reason to vote for him. For the reasons above, that just doesn’t make any sense.

      As far as Trump being uniquely able to fix problems, I could not disagree more. He is not an outsider at all. He has been involved as a donor for decades, and even brags about buying influence. Do his supporters realize that he is bragging about using sleaziness to gain an advantage over his less sleazy competitors? Then he claims that being on that side makes him qualified to clean it up. I’ve never really gotten that.

      And we’re told that he doesn’t “owe the lobbyists and their masters”? Why does he not “owe” people? He is accepting donations just like any other candidate. In fact, when he accepts big donations he is MORE indebted to the donors than other politicians would be, because the big donor is saving him from perhaps having to self-fund, so they are potentially saving him personally a lot of money.

      Are you aware that Donald Trump’s plan to deal with illegal immigrants from Mexico is to give legal status to those that don’t have a criminal record? The main thing that would be required of them is to spend a short time in Mexico. He has been very emphatic that they would not have to stay long, and would be welcomed back. To me, this appears to be one of the easiest, most lenient amnesty plans that have been proposed.

      As for getting spending under control, Trump rejects all attempts at entitlement reform.

      When words have a “ring of TRUTH”, I encourage all to examine those words to see if they are actually true. Demagogues are good at making things sound good. It’s what they do.

      1. We all need to keep our eyes wide open, and watch out for people telling us what we want to hear. Hope is a wonderful thing when it is well-placed, but sometimes people try to manipulate our hopes, and that could be what is going on. Thanks for the comment.

  2. I agree with this headline. On one hand we have Reagan, a guy who at first was primarily known for his work in the entertainment field and who was a lifelong Democrat until embracing conservative values. One that spoke with surprising candor and made bold statements about how to make this country great. One who promised to fix some of the glaring problems that were facing the nation. One that saw how poorly the current administration’s was handling foreign affairs, especially caving to the Middle East. And on the other hand we have Trump, a guy primarily known for his work in the entertainment field, who was a lifelong Democrat until embracing conservative values. One that speaks with surprising candor and makes bold statements about how to make this country great. One who promises to fix some of the glaring problems that are facing the nation. One that sees how poorly the current administration’s is handling foreign affairs, especially caving to the Middle East. So…wait….ummm….never mind.

  3. Mike Pence get out now before you get trampled over. Trump is tarnishing you every second you stay with him.


    Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Similarities are on the surface.

    Trump is not at all like Reagan.

    Reagan’s conservatism had a reasoned basis that he could explain. Trump… not so much.

    Reagan consulted intellectual giants. Trump says he is his own best advisor.

    Reagan lead a revolution that sought to communicate great things and change the way people think. Trump is simply a populist demagogue.

    Reagan’s movement promoted a system of values. Trump is mostly just a “law and order” conservative. So he is much more like Nixon than Reagan.

    Since Reagan knew what he was talking about and actually believed in principles, his statements and positions were generally (not perfectly, of course) consistent. Trump constantly contradicts himself, sometimes in the same sentence.

    Reagan knew and loved the Constitution. To the extent that Trump knows anything about the Constitution, it is just an impediment to the things that he would like to do (for example “open up the libel laws”).

    Reagan defeated the Soviet Union (the old Russian Empire). Trump seems to want to facilitate a resurgent Russia (lead by the old Soviet KGB officer Vladmir Putin).

    Reagan said bold things, Trump says intentionally divisive things.

    Reagan consistently treated people well. Trump…

    There are many more differences. A lot of it can be summed up by:

    Reagan sought to lead. Trump wants to rule.

  5. I’m very surprised at the responses of Constitutionalsentinal and Ronniefan84. They seem so articulate, yet fail to embrace the truth. Donald Trump backtracks, lies, denegrates, and mocks the very beliefs of conservatism. How can they honestly put their thoughts to script and not feel the guilt of their lies? President Reagan embraced conservative thought for more than a mere 12 months prior to running for presidential office. Ronniefan84. you mock the sincerity of his life by comparing him to Trump. And Constitutionalsentinal, if you honestly believe Donald Trump will keep his word, please take the wax out of your ears. The man is a liar, a cheat, a false prophet. How can you not see through his deception? He has been worked into his position to finally bring down the mantle of Christian conservatism.

  6. Dr. Paul Kengor, an expert on Reagan, wrote a series on Trump being nothing like Reagan. Good reads. I think you can find them on Conservative Review site.

    1. Thanks for mentioning those. I just read them. They are very good. He makes the case that Reagan and Trump are not only different, but are polar opposites. I agree. My complaint about Governor Pence’s comparison was easy to write, because it justs frosts me when people make that comparison, and I am sure that the Governor knows better.

  7. Drumpf will have pence murdered if he does what you suggest. I think Pence values his ole skin more than the welfare of America.

  8. Great article and great replies to the few who refuse to give up their blind faith in Trump. (It’s easier to fool someone than to convince them they’ve been fooled.)

  9. We have tried third party before! This or not voting will be a vote for Hillary and her election. There is too much at stake at this point in our nation. Think of the Supreme Court and pray, pray, pray that Trump will surround himself with strong people who will do what is right in God’s eyes! 11 Chron. 7:14. We must now unite and trust our mighty God!❤️????❤️

  10. Lots of luck with that. John Roberts was the last job of choosing a SC Justice that the Republican Party chose!! Disaster! That was without dt’s spectacular circulate decision making process! Really??????

  11. I posted something similar to your sentiments yesterday. I think Mike Pence is a good man and a valuable conservative. I saw that look on Mike’s face too and worried about him having to become Trumps chief apologist. What a waste of good talent.

  12. Thank you Brian for voicing what my husband and two sons have believed since the beginning of the presidential primary. Unfortunately Governor Pence sold out. We will vote 3rd party!?

  13. I am so disappointed in Pence. I know that I shouldn’t be, him being human and all, but I am. I am just wondering why he accepted? His acceptance makes me believe that he is just like the rest of the politicians, that he did it for personal gain.

  14. Read this article expecting something along the lines of Pence’s Record.. what a False Flag.

    You know while waving false flags you do a discredit to your own credibility of articulating false flags

  15. Bryan
    Thank you so very much. You are like Ted Cruz you are a man of integrity. Please writn in Ted Cruz,Carly in Nov.

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