Debbie’s out and yesterday’s links

Debbie Wasserman Shultz

The reign of Debbie Wasserman Shultz is finally over. After revelations from the Russian hack of DNC emails released by Wikileaks, it came to light that the DNC under her leadership rigged the system to favor Hillary Clinton as the nominee. Still, Bernie Sanders decided to endorse Clinton anyway.

How Trump’s insulting rhetoric works

Trump appeals to fear. Will it get him the votes?

McCarthy: It’s not my party

Assault Rifle Ban

While nobody was looking, Massachusetts banned “assault weapons”

Gun poll shows more Americans want stricter gun laws, but the vast majority still want handguns available

Black lives and the police

Barack Obama, violence denier

After failed coup, Turkey could make or break U.S. strategy against ISIS

Hospitals, schools, unions among those shut down by Erdogan’s iron fist

Retired green beret explains why our strategy against terror is helping the enemy

Only 32 Percent Opposed Cruz Non-Endorsement

Only 32% opposed Cruz’s non-endorsement of Trump

When the Constitution was booed…

Does the Republican party have a future without Ted Cruz?

Islamic State claims responsibility for Kabul attack, 80 dead

Police: Munich shooter fascinated by mass killings

Islamic State butchers using horrific new ‘flying carpet’ torture device that snaps spines

Hillary’s legacy of death, destruction, terrorism, and weakness

Kaine comes out against Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal

Sanders supporters call for him to disavow Clinton and the DNC

Politico writer sent his stories to the DNC before his editor

Obama vetoes bill that would cut bloated pay of ex-Presidents

Peggy Noonan on the Republican Convention: Swing and a miss

Remember when the left was against torture?

Vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence bows to Trumpism

Trump orchestrated the RNC outrage against Cruz

For the sake of party unity, Trump wishes crowd would have assaulted Ted Cruz

The abortion industry, not the public, is making U.S. more extreme on abortion

Choosing between Trump and Clinton is like choosing between Westboro Baptist Church and the Church of Satan

The NBA enters the bathroom wars

Trump Mob

Trump thinks Republicans are a mob

Sorry, but Trump is no Eisenhower

Trump-ets and Trumpettes: Ultimate ironists

As Dems enthrone Hillary Clinton, remember her contempt for rule of law

Wikileaks spills more dirt: DNC approved ad – “Hot Women” OK with being “groped” by Trump

Top 5 questionable practices of the Clinton Foundation

I'm with her

Virginia Governor bypasses judge’s ruling

China stole this fighter from Russia and it’s coming to the South China Sea

Are anarchists and radical leftists saving violent protests for #DemsInPhilly?

Mother of ambassador killed in Benghazi rips GOP, Trump for invoking her son on campaign

The magical thinking of the Trump movement

Enter Trumpenstein: The monster created by a feckless GOP

Saudi Father of al Qaeda

Iran calls Saudi Arabia father of al-Qaeda and ISIS

The teeth in Newt’s call to test and deport sharia Muslims

French police enter Muslim “no-go zone,” get viciously attacked

Hillary pledges to end epidemic of violence, but Obama says crime is down substantially

Kaine eagerly accepted $160,000 in “gifts” as Virginia Governor

Don’t believe MSM trying to sell Kaine as a centrist

Even conservatism is at risk in the current Republican party

Tell pollsters you like Gary Johnson. He needs to be in the debates.

Reince Preibus denounces David Duke’s “hateful bigotry” and the world dies in a fit of irony

The nuclear deal hasn’t prevented Iran from building a bomb

Syrian refugee hacks pregnant woman to death in Germany

Baghdad bomb blast: ‘Islamic State behind attack’ that kills 20

Afghan attack shows that the Islamic State is extremely potent

Conservative allies on opposite sides in GOP primary fight

Hillary whines about the “Hillary Standard” and how it’s against her. Conservatives on Twitter were not impressed.

Why can’t Hillary stop fudging the truth?

This leaked DNC email shows them astroturfing protesters is hilarious

Kaine praised TPP as recently as Thursday

Debbie is Done as DNC Chair

Debbie is DONE as DNC chair

…Twitchy: WikiLeaks claims interim DNC chief Donna Brazile “implicated” in #DNCLeak, too

…Dianny: Bad day for Debbie

…Caffeinated Thoughts: Now if we can only get RNC Chair Reince Priebus to resign after the rules fiasco last week

…Lifezette: The DNC’s religion problem

…Townhall: Dinesh D’Souza interview about new Hillary book and movie

…RedState: #DNCLeak fallout

…American Thinker: Wikileaks hack reveals CNN in bed with Dems

…The Improper: Bernie MUST disavow endorsement in light of rigged election

Reince: So what if Trump lies

John Kerry escalates war on ISIS-like refrigeration; DNC may keep DWS in undisclosed location for convention

Veteran files lawsuit. US State Dept and Kerry named.

Planned Parenthood losing customers, closes locations

How Donald Trump broke the conservative movement

Trump should unite the party by pledging to implement the GOP platform

Don't vote your conscience

Trump revisits Muslim ban: “Our Constitution is great, but…”

Donald Trump’s decades-long obsession with being president

Paging Donald Trump: North Carolina needs you

An inside look at influence-peddling in Philadelphia

400 pregnant women infected with Zika in the U.S.

Venezuela’s failed socialist experiment

Buy a drone… or literally anything else through this Amazon link and you’ll be supporting The New Americana, conservatism, and the United States itself (sponsored)

I was wrong. Cruz was right.

No, Reagan did not endorse Ford. Here’s why.

Ted Cruz and why it matters

Cruz is in the crosshairs for standing by Republican values

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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  1. At least in this election, there is this…

    Drove me nuts to see her lie on television all the time. …and what is scary…I think she believed them herself.

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