Conservatives need to play the long game

Donald Trump Line in the Sand

In life and in politics people that play the long game win. Those that keep compromising their principles end up as foot notes in history.

I detest everything the left and Islam stands for and even their despicable and extreme tactics. However success principles work even for evil. Both Islam and the left have figured out that to win. You have to play the long game and not compromise your beliefs and water them down to the extent that they essentially mean nothing. They have drawn a line in the sand and refuse to back down no matter what.

This is why across the world of Islam is on the rise and the left is moving relentlessly in many places around the world, particular in America. Mushy moderate guilt-filled opposition is powerless to stop both.

The right, on the other hand, for the most part does NOT play the long game. They constantly cave on their core beliefs to get liked by the opposition and the media. They constantly cave every 4 years and vote for the “lesser of 2 evils” and the “Overton Window”  keeps moving left. Ronald Reagan was a glorious reversal of this trend after Coolidge but we have never seen it since.

Liberal Republicans, by essentially voting as Democrats on key issues, hurt the brand, dispirit the troops, and enable the left. Can you name ONE Democrat that behaves that way?

A vote for Donald Trump would essentially validate all the horrors he represents as acceptable to the right. That is NOT the long game.

We are told that the country will be finished if Hillary is president. BS I say. I have no illusions about the damage she would do but there will still be an America that can be restored by proven constitutional conservative principles. It is time we drew a line in the sand and say that if you cross the line, real conservatives will NOT vote for you nor will we be blackmailed by guilt. We want to stay true to our principles and values and if we lose and election then so be it. We just have to redouble our efforts to educate and persuade people to our side but NEVER waver from our core beliefs and values. They are moral and correct and history has proven them to be right. It may take us many election cycles to win and the fruits of our labor may not even be evident in our lifetimes, but THAT is playing the long game to win where we pursue the right path and not the expedient path for immediate gain. That is what wins over time, NOT mushy moderation with no distinction from the opposition.

Donald Trump, for me and at least a few others, is way OVER the line in the sand that I have drawn. As a human being, in character, in how he treats others that don’t agree with him, how he treats women, his language, his positions on the issues and who he associates with, he is the antithesis of what a constitutional conservative is and what I firmly believe is the salvation of America. If you believe that strongly as I do then it should NOT matter who the other option is …even one as horrible as Hillary.

You will see the weak fall by the wayside and cave and justify their vote for Trump. The pressure from every corner will be strong to conform.

BUT if you are a true patriot and want the America that we love to be there for your kids and their kids then ignore the noise and play the long game and eventually victory will be ours.

  1. I disagree. Too much at stake. Supreme Court just to name one. We know shillery will be bad. Trump will not be anywhere near as bad and may even get tired of playing president and just resign. It’s not too late to take back our party and turn things around. Don’t give up.

    1. The Supreme Court is indeed the best case to make as a reason to vote for Trump. However he has said that his pro-partial birth abortion sister would make a good justice and his default instinct on all matters is on the left. Trump has flip flopped on essentially every conservative position that he has even made and I simply don’t trust he would spend any political capital to fight for a good justice. To top it off he recently said he does not care if the senate went democrat, good luck getting any conservative justices approved by a Chuck Schumer lead senate.

  2. I totally agree even if you do have an admin fetish. The SCOTUS is not anymore at stake with Hillary because Trumps almost conservative justices are just as dangerous as Hillary’s over the top liberal ones. Rulings on the SCOTUS are thumbs up or thumbs down. There is no middle. I also believe things will not improve under Trump and the conservative signature will get blamed even though he is not conservative in the least. My final thought is 2 Chronicles 7:14 … our Father in Heaven has given us detailed instruction on how to heal our nation and it requires no votes. Do not lose sight of the real prize and do not proclaim that we are limited to two choices. My God is not limited. Vote according to your conscience, the small, still voice inside, your values, your morals….. vote or do not vote according to that which you truly believe. Do not pick fried chicken or baked chicken for dinner when you hate chicken.

  3. Well said! Couldn’t agree more. Not that he will win, but Trump would leave us more divided than ever. Either way we need to unite as conservatives and start a new party. No more of this moderate wishy washy meet you halfway crap. The GOP is dead to me. Bunch of sellouts that I refuse to associate with. Trump supporters need to step outside the box for a moment and see the game he has played to win them over by their own emotion. That’s what it comes down too…. Emotions. Logic no longer matters. How else do you think we got two years of BHO?

  4. Absolutely spot on. If Trump wins, he becomes the de-facto face of the Republican party and as such will be painted by the left as the face of the conservative movement, even though he doesn’t have a conservative bone in his body. Trump is a big government guy who believes in funding Planned Parenthood, single payer health care, increasing the minimum wage, while his foreign policy (what little we’ve heard) scares me far more than Hillary Clinton. Trump will destroy conservatives long term if he wins.

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