Divided we fall

Republican Platform

“I can’t vote for him because he’s so ungodly.”

“The one thing I just can’t stand is that he is such a hard core Christian.”

I have heard these statements regarding Donald Trump in the first case, and Ted Cruz in the second. We are in many ways, a divided country; this is more obvious now than ever.  We are divided along many lines.  Among us, we have every religion known to man, as well as far left liberal, and hard right conservative, the educated and uneducated (scholastically), the rich, the poor, the middle class, the working class and those with no class at all.  We have people of every color, religion and creed and all of them are, indeed, Americans. But when the rhetoric gets hot and heavy, you would think that the political opponents are not Americans at all, but some sort of foreign enemy. We dig in our heels and clench our fists and go at one another with a vitriol we haven’t seen since the 60’s and 70’s. But there is a huge difference this time.

It’s not just right vs left anymore. We used to divide on the “big Issues.” Now it’s every issue, small, medium and large, some petty, some actually irrelevant and some that shouldn’t be a ‘political’ issue at all.

It’s gotten personal. In your face personal.

And to help it all fester in real time, we have the internet, social media, a biased news media and, in my opinion, two very corrupt and out of touch political parties trying to take advantage of all of it, and feeding that monster as much as they possibly can, thinking that they might actually prevail against them.

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

The “planks” or platforms of the two parties are there to try to define what each group feels are its “top priorities” and are what they hope you will find appealing enough to cause you to vote for them. It is what defines the nature of that party – supposedly. The planks are, indeed, the issues that do divide us along political lines. The thing is, once you take a closer look at those planks, they are constitutionally weak, and you and I end up a crumpled mess in the basement of the political building, still clenching our fists and hurling insults at our fellow Americans.

And throw in the kitchen sink!

The current (2016) Republican Party Platform:

What? Wait… It’s not on their website. I am not kidding. OK, yes, the convention ended just 5 days ago as of this writing, but really?

They do have the 2012 platform there though, so have a look at what they thought was important 4 years ago. Hope you have time for some reading, because there are enough planks there to build a skyscraper!

The current (2016) Democratic Party Platform:

OK, now I see why they say the dems beat the GOP in technology.  They have the platform posted already and they still have 2 nights left of their convention, and it’s a  pdf no less.  And yes, they could build a skyscraper with all those planks as well. It even has a table of contents it’s so long!

So what’s your point?

Before any of us pledges our allegiance to a political party, we need to know what that party really stands for.  Hopefully, we will look over their platform, truly read it, and see if that is something we can stand for.  I would add that we should do that knowing what is in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, because those documents should trump (no pun intended) any other issues. If there are dozens of issues that just divide us and in some cases are not for the government to decide at all, we at least need to contact the party and tell them that they need to change or remove that issue from the platform.  After all, it is your party, isn’t it? And if you have never gotten a hold of the state chair of the political party you affiliate with, but feel disenfranchised, maybe you need to go to the website and find out who that is, and jet them an email.

For instance, in section 2 of the Democratic Platform, listed one right after the other are:

Fostering a Manufacturing Renaissance

Creating Good-Paying Clean Energy Jobs

My question is, since when does the federal government create jobs? And since when is it up to government to decide what type of industry those jobs are in?  Jus’ sayin’.

And in the 2012 (*sigh*) Republican Platform, there are these two issues from Section 5, and I do admit, I just clicked it randomly:

Regulatory Reform: The key to Economic Growth

Protecting Internet Freedom

I think it is pretty safe to say that they have failed on both issues. Now at least these are things the government could and should be involved in. Gee, I wonder what the 2016 Platform looks like? I’m sure they’ll get it posted by 2020.

  1. Donald Trump has put out far more energy alienating the conservative base than he has in defeating Hillary. He has run a successful campaign so far – for the Democrats.

    1. I agree. I was stunned (well, not really, it is Trump after all) that right after the RNC, rather than go after Hillary, he spent 4 days attacking Ted Cruz. Wow. That really said it all. A narcissist just cannot let it go. And he just can’t let it go.

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