The Trump Slump and the Bill Hill Chill

Trump Slump

You know the look.  It happens right after you did something incredibly stupid.  Your head goes down, your eyes focus on the floor, your shoulders droop and you ask yourself, “What have I done?”  You feel stupid, and for those of us watching, you look pretty stupid too!

Many former and current Trump supporters have done something similar.  I call it the Trump Slump.  This Trump Slump moment can be comical or downright depressing.  What comes next is fascinating.  Some people, like Trump himself, hold on to the ludicrous position of supporting a guy like Trump, hoping against hope that their uninformed support won’t be as disastrous as we all know it will be.  They hope no one will notice and they are too embarrassed to admit they were wrong.  Then Trump does or says something preposterous again and Trump Slump after Trump Slump happens.  Some people seem to get used to it – like a slave and his chain.  Some are even proud of their Trump Slump!  Others’ chests stick out further and their voices are raised in hopes of hiding their poor posture brought on by the many Trump Slumps.  And then there are those who, after experiencing a Trump Slump or two, laugh off the moment, admit their foolishness in supporting Trump, and seek to make better choices in the future.

Finally, there is the conservative who fought for the likes of Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, knowing and understanding the truly perilous condition of our country and its Constitution.  Now, beaten by Trump, they do the obligatory Trump Slump.  What other choice do they have?  Oh, woe is me!

If you have done the Trump Slump, don’t feel too bad.  Bill and Hillary Clinton supporters share a similar, yet slightly different experience.  Believing in a democratic utopia, where the government gives them everything they need, they drink the kool-aid the Clintons offer.  Then, whenever they are exposed to the next corrupt and disgusting Clinton act, the Bill Hill Chill settles over them.  Deep down inside, they know the Clintons are corrupt (by the way it’s obvious), but their friends and the media seem to embrace it.  A little more Clinton kool-aid and the chill goes away.  Here, have some more!  However, every once in a while, the Bill Hill Chill sickens the person to the point of change.  Too much kool-aid!  Bernie Sander’s supporters know exactly what I am talking about.  While not giving up on their false promise of utopia, they get it.  The Bill Hill Chill is very bad news!  In fact, it is downright scary.

So, here we are.  Are you going to slump or chill?  Two of the worst choices ever to face our country.  My suggestion is that you do neither.  Both are bad ideas!  They are such bad options that the Libertarian Party and the Green Party are actually making waves!  I don’t know about you, but I believe it is time to stay true to what you believe in and know to be right.  Vote your conscience!  There will be other options in November, let’s be sure not to settle for terrible posture or poisonous cool-aid.

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Eric W. Reynolds

Eric W. Reynolds is the author of How to Make Better Choices, available on, iTunes, and He is the founder and President of the George Washington School of Freedom, an organization dedicated to teaching the principles of freedom and the value of the US Constitution. You can learn more here: Eric W. Reynolds earned his MBA from Brigham Young University and serves as the Executive Director for Ability and Choice Services, a community services company devoted to help those with disabilities. His interests include sports, business, reading and writing. Eric and his wife Wendy are the proud parents of 7 children who bring them joy every day.

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