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Hillary Clinton on Benghazi

A few days went by since we posted the archive. I’ve been busy covering the Democratic National Convention and pretty much everything else, so I apologize for being tardy. This should cover the links posted for the last several days. It won’t happen again.

Gary Johnson is going after Bernie’s former fans

From Russia with love... for Trump
From Russia with love… for Trump

…Wolf: Is the Russian government helping Trump win the election?

…Federalist: Five times liberals mocked Mitt for warning about Russia

…Politico: Snowden weighs in on DNC leak

…Soopermexican: FBI thinks Russian hack designed to help Trump

…Erickson: Trump is now on track to win the Presidency thanks to the Russians

…NR: Trump’s new BFF? Wikileaks.

At least 15 people reported dead in knife attack in Japan

Hillary's headache

Hillary’s DNC headaches

…NR: emocratic disunity

…RedState: DWS can’t get on a stage without being booed off it now

…Ace of Spades: Even Bernie gets booed for supporting Hillary

…PJ Media: Hillary corrupts everything

…The Hill: Now Reince thinks delegates should vote their conscience. No, really.

Cruz post-convention popularity holds steady

An open letter to Trump supporters

Ted Cruz the leader vs. Donald Trump the ruler…

“Regrets” about Ted Cruz

Trump’s Russian trollbots caught attacking Lion Ted

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The Arctic is becoming more important and the Coast Guard is making plans

Libertarian candidates hit Hillary, Trump, make case for their party

Liberal posts offensive Tweet with no repercussions. A conservative posts the exact same Tweet and (stop me if you’ve heard this one before) gets suspended.

Clinton Cash: Skip the DNC and watch this free movie here instead

Thomas Sowell: Black votes matter

Hillary supporters: The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!

Eliminate favorable treatment of biofuels

German University’s course claims Israel harvests Palestinian organs

Without Citizens United, D’Souza’s Hillary movie might have been banned

India: Massive increase in persecution against Christians

Egypt: Coptic Pope warns of increased attacks on Christians

Bangladesh: Islamists step up persecution of Christians after rapid rise in conversions

Russian FM: Christians in Middle East subjected to severe persecution

The U.S. has admitted 6,726 Syrian refugees this year. Only 23 are Christians.

How Hillary is dividing and conquering the electorate one issue at a time

Hillary Clinton has a major honesty problem, and quotes like this one aren’t helping

Hillary's Successes

Clinton’s VP pick Kaine: Promoting jihadis in America in exchange for cash

Kaine: The face of the Democrats’ dangerous foreign policy priorities

Democrats see Common Core as a “third rail” to ignore

Proof that the DNC’s “all gender bathroom” is a publicity stunt

The fear of nuclear disaster is legitimate

California’s war on my religious college and others

Is the promise of a conservative Supreme Court justices enough to vote for Trump?

Trump’s ghostwriter tells all

Trump goes left (again) with money policy

Mr. Trump, how much are you personally in debt to the Russians?

Obama administration admits Iran is harboring top al Qaeda leaders

What the Turkish Coup Means for Iran

Iran general: Our missile program deters U.S. military strike

Americans oppose Democrat plank forcing taxpayers to pay for abortion

Democrats’ abortion plank misconstrues will, beliefs of most Americans

To make abortion “free for all women,” activists want you and everyone else to pay for them

Is Trump actually Putin’s patsy?

…DailyWire: Now Democrats can finally oppose Putin

…NY Mag: Some leftists are defending his Russian ties

…Noisy Room: Trump appeals to Sanders people over trade, but now also because of Russia

…Daily Caller: Reince defends Russia, blames DNC

Michael Jordan donated $1 million to support police. BLM rages.

Two terror attacks in Germany committed by Syrian refugees

Turkey to purge ambassadors next with reports of detainees being raped, tortured

Donald’s dangerous dismissal of NATO allies

Trump calls Christians to come bow before their idol

Should these warning signs about Trump be taken seriously?

Bomber who blew himself up in Germany pledged allegiance to Islamic State

Democrats triple-down their War on Cops

NATO spokesman plays down Islamic State in Afghanistan worries

French PM: France will never deny Jewish historical ties to Jerusalem

You can’t be pro-abortion and “personally opposed to abortion” at the same time

Planned Parenthood loves Tim Kaine

Even pro-choicers find Democratic abortion platform radical

More proof Iran Nuke Deal not about stopping a nuclear weapon

Terrorist bombing in Germany kills bomber, injures 11 others

The Supreme Court and the 2nd Amendment; Understanding the court’s landmark decisions

Nothing says “leadership” like playing the victim

Mook dodges on date of next Hillary press conference: “I just work here”

Nate Silver: Trump would win if election were today

Enthusiasm for Hillary is waning

Trump vs. conservatives

GOP unity? Trump takes aim against Kasich, Cruz

White supremacists finally have someone to rally behind: Donald Trump

Representative Keith Ellison: Trump “worst Republican nominee since George Wallace”

16 years ago, William F. Buckley wrote this about Donald Trump and it’s eerily accurate

Lesson from Munich: Even strict German gun laws didn’t stop shooter


Black lives or blue lives? Obama, this is a false choice.

The GOP at the crossroads

Alan Grayson said he never hit his wife. Then he got physical with a reporter.

…Washington Times: Ex-wife Lolita alleges decades of domestic abuse

…Tampa Bay Times: Liberal groups withdraw endorsement following report

France priest killer was terrorist on electronic tag curfew living with his parents

Sun: Priest beheaded

Hollande: Deadly church attack in France carried out in name of ISIS

…Politico: Attackers pledged allegiance

…Independent Sentinel: ISIS confirms

Why is Iran shaking up its military leadership?

Next in line for Erdogan’s iron fist: journalists

The Iran deal is already falling apart

Christian woman imprisoned in Iran denied release despite health problems

Is Saudi Arabia really seeking regime change in Iran?

Crisis of conscience is what has gotten us here

Liberty and justice for all

DNC document leak shows NC democrats celebrating lost revenue to the state

Left-wing populism

Trump or Hillary means we need conservatives in Congress so #RetireMcCain

Have you had enough yet, Mike Pence?

Trump, the greater evil

If you reject Trump, will you elect Hillary? Bible says no

Trump, the leader, OK with “no-sayers”

Hillary Clinton Reintroduced

Allow myself to reintroduce myself

…RedState: Warren gets heckled

…Frontpage Mag: Disunity in the City of Brotherly Love

…Erickson: Dems in Philly want to fight Trump, not ISIS

…CR: Hillary the biggest loser of DNC day one

…The Week: The GOP convention was bad. The Democratic convention is already worse.

…American Thinker: No American flags visible at DNC on day 1

Folksy, impeached President endorses scandal-plagued, disliked wife

Hillary adopts Trump’s disastrous economic policy

Black Lives Matter supporters march against Clinton: “Just hard to trust”

The upcoming Clinton Foundation investigation

Bernie Sanders: America shouldn’t be an oligarchy, so elect another Clinton!

Raising minimum wages to $15 per hour would eliminate seven million jobs

Real economists stay past the first act

16 Obamacare co-ops have collapsed. Here’s how the rest are faring.

It was all a setup

Ted Cruz: U.S. showing the wrong priorities with China

Comes a statesman

Shapiro tells us why we don’t have to worry about ISIS

Obama’s pledge to take in refugees stands despite German terror attacks

Islamic State’s first act of war on European Christianity

Democratic platform: Killing the unborn is fine with us

…TIME: More extreme on abortion than ever

Case dropped against producers of Planned Parenthood videos

Case dismissed against activists in Planned Parenthood undercover video lawsuit

Wasted $1.4 billion on abstinence education in Africa

Venezuelan President Maduro besieged by drug smuggling charges

Tim’s Kaine’s record on Israel under fire

Tim Kaine is an intellectual and moral coward

10 reasons I will never vote for Hillary

Clinton-Kaine education views might make you rethink public schools

Tim Kaine promises amnesty bill in “first 100 days”

7 ways the DNC shows Democrats are WAAAAY more extreme than Republicans

Podesta claims Hillary’s email server more secure than White House or Defense Department

Why Putin hates Hillary
Why Putin hates Hillary

Gun control is not the answer to shootings that kill police officers

Why Michael Jordan hasn’t been shot by police

Texas deputy sheriff murdered at home

Cal State cancels Ben Shapiro speech because it would be like a KKK meeting. Shapiro is Jewish.

Mises: Why a “dollar” should be a unit of gold

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Common Core’s national curriculum has arrived

Warning to Trump: Get real on Russian threat or lose to Hillary

Trump and the politics of moral outrage

#NeverTrump Mark Cuban: “He had a chance to do something different and change things, but he doesn’t do the work. He’s lazy.”


Trump's spy network
Trump’s spy network

…NPR: Calls for Russia to hack Clinton’s emails

…Kremlin: Russian involvement “absurd”

…WaPo: The many problems with Donald Trump’s call for Russia to spy on Hillary Clinton

It has been 236 days since Hillary last spoke to the press

DNC sought to hide details of Clinton funding deal with state parties

Clinton tells activists: “Black children being killed by police”

Hillary can’t shake her reputation as a congenital liar

Thirty reasons not to vote for Hillary

Clinton’s bad trade

Assange warns Hillary should be worried about next Wikileaks release

The reason for Adam Silver’s cancellation of Charlotte’s NBA All-Star game is to put North Carolina in play for Hillary

Dozens killed in Islamic State bombings in Syria

Isil knows its priorities – and killing Christians is one of them

What will the coup attempt mean for US-Turkey relations?…in 60 seconds

Putin’s revenge

Stop pretending women automatically support Hillary

Kaine: Clinton will push “immigration reform” during first 100 days

Beacon of hope: Israel, the only country in Middle East where Christians live in peace and security

Sectarian violence targeting Christians on the rise, Coptic Pope warns

“Interfaith” prayer space at DNC convention has no sign of any religion except Islam

Obama’s nuclear policy reversals

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Why electric cars won’t save the environment

Homosexual Maddow offended by Billary’s straight romance

Attacks on Christian communities in France are growing. Why aren’t we hearing about them?

Shabbat on Saturday or sabbath on Sunday? Some Christians are making the switch.

A Christian duty in the face of terror

Murder of French priest brings ISIS’ long-threatened war on Christians to Europe

We have failed to protect Christians from Islamic terror

Documentary “Hush” focuses on physical and mental health ramifications of abortion

Kaine flip-flopped on abortion specifically for VP nod

Where’s the pro-life party?

Only 2 miles from DNC: Kermit Gosnell’s abortion industry horrors

Liberal Trump now wants to raise minimum wage

Liberal Trump now wants to raise minimum wage

…RedState: Abandons last vestige of conservatism

…TNA: 37.9% increase in federal minimum wage

…Politico: Trump, Pence peddle competing economic messages

…CR: Trump contradicts Trump on minimum wage

British churches on terror alert: UK police issue dramatic warning

Palestinian terrorist responsible for Rabbi Mark attack killed in IDF raid

Italy arrests 2 Moroccans in terror investigation

Islamic caliphate rising: France must act

Iran in throes of domestic battle as ethnic groups carry out attacks against regime targets

Hotel fights back after Donald Trump threatens to not pay

Ailes’s Fox dominates conservative media. A Trump presidency could challenge that.

Trump upset with Megyn Kelly again because she wants to know what his plan is for ISIS

Shooting deaths of law enforcement spike in 2016, report reveals

…Legal Insurrection: Up 78% in 2016

Cory Booker and the Democrats distort history for political purposes

Russia’s pattern of influencing foreign politics

Why we need profits

To ban the box or not to ban the box. That is the question.

Trump abandons traditional Republican positions in outreach to everybody else

Pence humiliated by Trump. Again.

Trump and NATO

The case for strong alliances

Today, Trump says he never met Putin. In November, he says he “got to know him very well” because they were “stablemates” on 60 Minutes.

U.S., Israeli flags burned at DNC convention, protesters chant “intifada”

Brown University under fire in documentary on the denial of free speech on campus

Gay Mafia scores multiple victories in the culture war on America

Hidden camera reveals Democratic delegates want to ban ALL guns

Democrats erase the 2nd Amendment from their platform

New study finds huge percentage of criminals use illegal guns

From police shootings to social media censorship: How to fix our divided society

USA Freedom Kids now suing Trump for screwing them over

Trump’s hidden tax returns take on new significance

Evidence suggests Guccifer 2.0 is a Russian propaganda effort

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