Funeral oration for the Republican Party


Here lies the Republican Party.

It was born in the 1854 in Ripon, Wisconsin when anti-slavery activists joined together to stop the spread of slavery and eventually end the evil practice altogether.  The Republican Party became the party of freedom; freedom of speech, freedom of labor, and the freedom from slavery.  Just six years later a relatively unknown politician at the time, named Abraham Lincoln, was nominated to run as the Party’s candidate for President.

The Republicans won the Presidency and continued the growth of the party while undergoing trial by fire during some of the darkest days of the nation.  The country fought a civil war and then the period of reconstruction.

The Republicans freed the slaves and elected the first black Americans’ to elected offices in the south as senators, congressmen and governor.  They passed the civil war/reconstruction amendments (13, 14, and 15) to protect former slaves giving them their freedom, protection under the law, and allowing them to vote.

The party that had risen so fast then began to stagnate after achieving their main goal, struggling under lackluster leaders.  They became the “other party” for the rest of the 19th century.

The Republican Party underwent a shift in the 1900’s as the party was infiltrated by people who wanted to do the right thing which to them meant that they would have to force their morality on everyone else.

Theodore Roosevelt and Howard Taft became presidents who led the Republican Party to become more progressive and less oriented towards freedom. The party decided that personal freedom should not be the goal, so they abandoned personal and economic freedom.

The Republican Party advanced to its middle age as a party that was neither growing nor shrinking. It became stuck in its ways fighting only for small victories, for the most part, centering its policies on business interests. Starting in the early 1900’s it became the party of business and would continue to carry this perception until the end.

The Great Depression would send the party into the wilds and a struggle for the party began in which the conservative wing of the party re-emerged and sought to wrest control of the party from the liberal “establishment” politicians.  While the Party fought along ideological lines the Democrats were able to pass through a sweeping agenda that would begin the transformation of the country.  It was not until the Republican Party recruited a celebrity to run for President in the figure of Dwight Eisenhower that it was able to consolidate factions.  The next years the party would be led by figures that were mainly focused not so much on achieving victory as in maintaining status quo or slowing the rapid changes transforming the country.

Attempts to change the Republican Party from being the “other” party were made at various times but would be silenced in abortive party struggles.  It would take an Arizona Senator named Barry Goldwater to achieve some semblance of success towards change when in the 1964 brutal campaign for the Presidential nomination he would fight for a Pyric victory in which, he clinched the nomination but lost the campaign for President.  Goldwater was able to once again revitalize the Conservative wing of the Republican Party but the liberal “establishment” wing of the party would also unite not for victory but in their opposition to the Conservatives.

The Conservative wing of the party was rallied by Reagan in the 1976 challenge against a sitting President.  Reagan suffered defeat in 76 but he would come back and win the Presidential nomination in 1980.  Reagan would go on to win the Presidency and give life to the Republican Party by galvanizing the Conservative base and dragging the liberal wing of the party with him.  He did all he could to slow the growth of the government and push back against the growing leviathan but the liberal branch of the party fought against him during his Presidency.

The origin of the decline of the party began can be traced to 1988 as the previous eight years brilliant burst of life and conservative purpose began to fade and die out.  Ronald Reagan who had breathed life into the party giving a momentary vitality to the moribund party was quickly repudiated even though he had given the party great victories.  This all too brief spate of activity did not shake the Republican Party from its decline; indeed the Party seemed set on a path towards oblivion.  George H.W. Bush became the leader of the party, who riding on the coat tails of Reagan soon squandered whatever revival the Party had achieved from the previous eight years.  Next were years of wandering the wild without a leader as Bill Clinton defeated the hapless Bush and other liberal challengers.  There were glimmers of hope for the Republicans as a new generation of conservative acting people gained power who took leadership and for a brief moment it looked as if the Party could break the shackles of decay that ensnared it, but alas that was not to be.  The Republican Party made some reforms to roll back government but ultimately once more ground to a halt as they rested on their laurels.  None of the young Turks that gained prominence were able to achieve change in the party and the party began to decay once more.  The Clinton Presidency allowed the “establishment” wing to return to the “other” party which did not embrace the Conservative ideas but merely gave lip service to the ideals of the base.

George W. Bush by mouthing the talking points and ideals of Reagan and the Conservatives was able to win the Presidency and lead the Republican Party.  Bush deceived the Conservatives who thought they had an ally in charge of the party that would be a new Reagan, but were fooled.  Instead of rolling back government the pace of growth for the government increased.  The conservative wing of the party began to fracture during the second Bush presidency.   A few brave conservative stars emerged but none were able to wrest control of the party back.  The Conservative factions realized what the second Bush had achieved or rather not the party began a greater fall as the weakness of the “establishment” leaders the Republican Party was exposed and lack of support from the base.  The Party lost Congress to the Democrats in 2006 and then in 2008 it lost the Presidency.

The Republican Party remained steadfast in its goal of holding onto power and withholding change as the “establishment” grasped control tightly.  The Republican Party did not so much win back control of the House in 2010 as they were chosen as a repudiation of the Democrats and a hope to fight.  The Party squandered the goodwill and did not fight for their platform achieving little.  The Party remained in the control of the liberals and during the 2012 election made their election strategy an argument for giving control to them.  The 2014 election gave Republicans control of Congress and over the course of three elections a good pool of potential Conservative leaders, but the party leadership was still held by the Liberal wing of the party and so no change occurred.

The Liberal wing of the party in an effort for votes angered the people by showing what the Democrats where doing and promising to fight but always delaying the struggle.  They were able to play to people’s emotions but failed to follow through on their promises and give a vision to fight for.  The anger that they helped to generate in order to win votes became turned against them as the Conservatives quickly caught on to the game they played.  The base sought to change leadership and vote out incumbents but failed.  The Conservatives lacked unity, resources, and power in the fights and the status quo remained unchanged.

So things stood as the 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination began once more.  Innumerable candidates sought the nomination and each represented a wing or faction of the party.  A Liberal Democrat was able to capture the nomination after the Republican Party allowed him into the race.  When the process began the Liberal Democrat was able to claim that he was the outsider and played on the anger of the party winning the nomination.

The Republican Party under the leadership of the liberal wing has failed.  They angered the base against the Democrats in order to win power but failed to do more.  They did not fight against the growth of government or rather they said they did and then did nothing more than hold meaningless votes, for example look at the repealing of the Affordable Care Act innumerable votes on repeal but no cutting to funding.

The liberal establishment always agrees to the Republican platform no matter what it says.  They try to change the platform but no big push is made to affect the planks of the party.  That is because the liberal wing never keeps to the platform.  They agree to keep the sacrament of marriage between a man and a woman but there is no bill or amendment currently in congress to this effect.  The Republicans have offered no bill nor have they fought for any bill which addresses the party platform.

Since Ronald Reagan the party has never changed in leadership from the liberal wing of the party.  They have used better tactics during the years but they have fought mainly against the Conservatives not the Democrats.  The Republican Party has consistently fought to destroy Conservatives by singling out those of especial disdain and hate, such as Ted Cruz, and undermining and attacking them.  They seem more interested in leading, control and power than they ever did in the platforms of the party.  Their intransience set the stage for a Liberal Democrat to win the nomination, with the help of Democrat cross over voters, who has more in common with the liberal “establishment” wing of the party than the base.

Conservatives bear some responsibility for the failure of the Republican Party but it is more a personal failing rather than a failing of the party.  The Conservatives failed to wrest control from the establishment which is a failure to win.  The numbers of Conservative candidates that win nomination are few and even fewer come to be elected.    The Liberal wing has easily deceived Conservatives for years before being unmasked; even then they are generally so entrenched that they cannot be kicked out.  Conservatives have remained in the Republican Party as the party sold them out gradually like boiling frogs in a pot of water that gradually gets warmer.  Conservatives have been convinced to sell their values because tomorrow is always better.

Today we lay to rest the Republican Party it had a great start and a long history but it became enamored with itself and failed to change.  It lost its way and failed in keeping its promises.  The party then let inside a thief who made promises he could not keep and who was so obvious a liar but was allowed to not only stay but thrive.  The Republican Party without fear allowed in the article of its extinction.

For years the Democrats had searched for a way to destroy their true enemy the Republican Party when all it took was one Liberal Democrat who claimed to be a Republican to be allowed into the party and destroy it from within.  He capitalized on the anger of the base to form his own apparatus within the party and capture the leadership of the party.  The establishment recognizing one of their own in him a candidate without any principles except the acquisition of power did nothing to hinder his advance.

It is time for the Republican Party to die.  The Republican Party fails to see that change is needed it continues blindly down the path of lying to its voters and seeking power, bearing witness to its demise yet failing to avert disaster.  It will not go quickly for by its control on power it is slowing its destruction clinging to life as it slowly dies.  It is now time for Conservatives to start anew and if that means that we have to leave then so be it.  The sound that is pealing is the death knoll of the Republican Party.  It is time for the Republican Party to die.

Michael Reuel

Michael is a native Texan raised as a Christian Gentleman. He is a proud Conservative.

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  1. Great article! I have made copies and sending it to those who are as concerned as I am. I changed my party affiliation to “unaffiliated” as I could not march under the same banner as Trump simply because he has an R after his name. Every time he (Trump) utters a new threat I visualize America as the “new Venezuela”.


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