Republican Party reaps the whirlwind

Cheeto Jesus

The whirlwind has returned to the Republicans and it is time to reap the whirlwind. The Republican Party made a deal with Cheeto Jesus, which was to benefit both sides. The deal that started out with such promise quickly has become a liability to both parties.

During the run up to the convention Cheeto Jesus and the establishment joined together to prevent rule changes to the RNC. They fought against the attempts of Ken Cuccinelli and others to give more power to the state parties. The two sides came together again to quash a rebellion brewing on the floor of the convention during the first day. The Party in return would use its convention to build up Cheeto Jesus’ brand. The alliance was never strong and would soon prove itself deeply flawed.

Cheeto Jesus would not moderate his attacks on Republicans, which began the day after the convention. The Nominee attacked Ted Cruz and John Kasich following the convention.

The Party made a decision to accept the destruction of Cruz and Kasich. The decision was made by the establishment to throw Kasich under the bus as long as Cruz was destroyed. The Party’s decision would soon reveal the flaw of giving Cheeto Jesus free rein. He escalated his attacks on Republicans since the convention, attacking  John McCain, Kelly Ayotte, Cruz, Kasich, and Paul Ryan. He is attacking a growing list of Republicans, but has failed to attack Hillary Clinton. Perhaps Cheeto Jesus has forgotten that as the Republican Nominee for President he no longer is a Democrat, or perhaps he wants a grander title such as, “Emperor of the Stupid Party.”

Cheeto Jesus is only interested in one thing… himself. As a narcissist he believes everything he does is good – witness his attack on a gold star family. Instead of saying something about letting the family grieve and freedom of speech for their beliefs, his continuous attacks reveal a serious lack of character.

The Republican Party in the deal apparently gained support for its purge of Conservatives from positions of power. As evidence see the recent defeat of Tim Huelskamp (91% Conservative Review) in Kansas at the hands of a Chamber of Commerce establishment candidate. Mike Crane, a candidate in Georgia, was defeated by a candidate who had the support of Kevin McCarthy (38% Conservative Review) and the Chamber of Commerce. Dan Bongino campaigning to become a representative from Florida is facing a challenger who has been associated with amnesty lobbyists and has come out against free trade and free markets. How much would readers bet that soon the Chamber of Commerce will come out and endorse Bongino’s opponent?

Cheeto Jesus’ attacks have ripped asunder whatever alliance was made between the establishment and his followers. Reports are now being leaked that Cheeto Jesus’ campaign is imploding and his staff are fleeing the sinking ship like rats.

Reince Priebus and other Republicans are now undergoing buyer’s remorse. The RNC is seeking a way to oust Cheeto as the nominee or to “focus” him. The Stupid Party and Cheeto Jesus made a deal and each side thought they were outsmarting the other. It turns out that the Stupid Party lives up to their name by being outfoxed by one they sought to control.

Have you ever wondered about the three legged Coyote? The three legged Coyote is one that has been caught and to save its life chews off the leg. I think that we will soon see this transition from Coyotes to political parties.

The Republican Party must die. Long live Conservatism!

Michael Reuel

Michael is a native Texan raised as a Christian Gentleman. He is a proud Conservative.

  1. This election cycle the RNC/GOP has pulled out all the stops to prevent conservatism’s advancement. If that is not enough of an indication that conservatives really need a party of their own, I cannot think of what it would take. They were blatantly honest about their contempt for us and they didn’t care if we are offended by it. Any sane person should see now that there is no way possible to change the GOP from within. The party of Lincoln, Coolidge and Reagan is forever gone. Say your farewells and get as far away as possible. This is it for me. I am writing in Cruz. Here is a great little video series that explains why Christians should never again vote for the lesser of two evils.

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