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Some may have noticed that we’ve been behind in posting our link updates. This is due to exciting things coming. We’re working towards a third party in ways that give us hope, especially considering how many things are falling into place.

What is conservatism?

The most dangerous anti-American force isn’t ISIS, it’s Iran

Men in Iran are standing up to the “morality police” by wearing hijabs

U.S. policy should work to transform Iran

Democratic delegates change “Hillary” signs to “Liar” during contentious convention

Does Assange really have the goods on Hillary that could land her in jail?

Clinton has a new greatest career accomplishment: Getting through that ‘tough on Wall Street’ talk without laughing

Gary Johnson Religious Liberties
Gary Johnson’s dangerous take on religious liberties

Trump: “You have no choice” but to vote for me

Can conservatives negotiate their support of Trump?

Putin hired internet trolls to pretend to be pro-Trump conservatives

At conservative conference, Pence echoes Paul Ryan more than Trump

Hammer: No matter how horrendous Hillary Clinton is, I still oppose Donald Trump

Democrats should stop pretending Trump’s misogyny represents the conservative movement

Hillary Clinton DNC Speech
Hillary’s speech, annotated

…NR: What’s the case for Hillary?

…TNA: Only one thing surprised me at the DNC convention

…Shapiro: Hillary accepts the nomination, immediately bores Americans into a coma before startling them awake with her cackle

…Legal Insurrection: Hillary’s unhumanized acceptance speech

…Washington Examiner: Really? You want to listen to Clinton for four years?

Dozens killed in Islamic State bombings in Syria

Isil knows its priorities – and killing Christians is one of them

9 biggest lies Obama told during his DNC speech

What Nancy Pelosi said about white male voters will make your head explode

Justice Department knew of IRS scandal 2 years before Congress but did nothing

One party embraces fascism, the other embraces communism

Gary Johnson isn’t an option, either

Brad Thor for President?

Melania Trump scrubs website after being caught lying about her personal history

California Lt. Gov.: Even if Trump wins, “beginning of the end” for GOP

Where does a patriot turn in 2016?

Levin blasts American Conservative Union for backing RINO

Buy Mark Levin’s book – “Plunder and Deceit: Big Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future” (Sponsored)

Profs deny that universities indoctrinate conservative students

The Fight-for-$15 fantasy

Cold War 2.0: Russian trolls and cybersecurity

Government just beginning to process 4-year-old Benghazi public info request

Afghan troops press offensive against Islamic State

Tensions rising between US, Turkey complicate Islamic State fight

Defeating Islamic State: On the frontline with the Peshmerga

Trump taints soldiers sacrifices
Trump taints Americans’ sacrifices

…ABC: Trump to father of fallen soldier: “I’ve made a lot of sacrifices”

…Bloomberg: “I work very, very hard.”

…Soshable: #TrumpSacrifices trends

The immorality of guaranteeing minimum standards of living

DNC delegate offended by “USA! USA!” chant: “That’s a Trump chant”

French ISIS terrorist who slit priest’s throat recorded plans

U.S. policy should work to transform Iran

Iran ranked world’s top money laundering risk

Iran threatens to close Strait of Hormuz. Again.

Remembering Santayana: Are we repeating the 1852 election?

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…NR: In eight years, Hillary’s one concrete achievement was getting a courthouse renamed for Thurgood Marshall

…Lifezette: If Hillary healthy enough to lead?

…The Stream: Is this Hillary’s new Libya narrative?

…Washington Times: After shift to left, Clinton must prove herself to progressives to mend Democratic party

…Twitchy: James O’Keefe goes #ImWithHer undercover and finds NO Hillary love outside #DNCinPHL

…Townhall: A handy list of Hillary’s trillion dollar tax increases

Angela Merkel’s complaint about terrorists sounds like it could have been written by John Kerry

Hollande suggests France will finally defend its culture against ISIS

Iran threatens to shut off Strait of Hormuz

More than 100 Turkish media outlets closed in continuing assault on free expression

Terrorists are not victims

Teen sentenced in London after trying to join ISIL with “step-by-step” guide

France and the west can’t fight terror by wishing it away

Ted Cruz, a man of principle

This one theory might explain why there’s no salvation in Trump or Hillary

The only conservative professor at Hamilton has some valid questions about diversity requirements

Creeping sharia in health care

IRS chief refers questions about Clinton Foundation to office of exempt organizations

Trump’s celebrity hacked politics

Why Trump won’t release his taxes

Two wealthy donors offer reward for Donald Trump’s tax returns

DNC speaker: Pro-lifers bothered by empowered women, not dead babies

Abortion activist at DNC slams pro-lifers: “They just want to control women”

Anti-abortion Democrats wonder about their place in the party

Putin will not invage Ukraine
Trump thinks Ukraine is safe from Putin

…RedState: Says Putin won’t go in

…NY Times: How Paul Manafort wielded power in Ukraine before advising Donald Trump

…NY Daily News: Trump clueless about Russian invasion

Donald Trump’s ties to Russia explained

Donald Trump and Russia: a web that grows more tangled all the time

Trump’s long, fruitless quest for business in Russia

Trump Jr. in 2008: “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia”

Dear DNC: Abortion isn’t empowering. It turns women into bullies.

Planned Parenthood says Hillary Clinton is the “strongest” pro-abortion nominee “we’ve ever seen”

Tim Kaine’s abortion contortions

RNC inadvertently slams Trump as a fake Republican

…TNA: Elmert’s donations span back 12 years, but Trump’s 2010 contributions are considered “old”

…Erickson: Trump has given more than $100,000.00 to Democrats, including to Hillary

Shooting deaths of law enforcement spike in 2016, report reveals

…Legal Insurrection: Up 78% in 2016

The first president couldn’t tell a lie, the newly minted Democratic nominee can’t tell the truth

D’Souza’s film, Hillary’s America, becomes most successful documentary of the year

Kaine is a consistent backer of more foreign workers

Veteran police officer faces felony charges for thinking he lives in free America

Facts don’t matter: Marilyn Mosby fabricates more anti-police accusations

Northwest gun banners have huge credibility problem

How other nations stop U.S. from deporting criminal illegal immigrants

Kim Declares War

North Korea accuses U.S. of declaring war. No response from DC, but Twitter responds with memes.

…CBS: North Korea says U.S. “crossed the red line,” effectively declared war

…Washington Times: North Korea blamed for massive data breach affecting 10 million internet shoppers

Hacked DNC voicemails released by Wikileaks

Clinton still doesn’t have a simple message for her candidacy

Hillary’s forgotten Egypt catastrophe

Trump’s AMA: Much ado about nothing

Fournier: Cable news should ban Trump until he releases taxes

Trump takes Russia less seriously than Mexico

Levin rips Trump defenders for Russia “joke” excuse: You think this is funny?

Trump’s dumb remarks about Russia were part of his intentional campaign plan

Divided we fall

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Netanyahu denies Israeli government prefers Trump over Clinton

Is Russia a better friend than the U.S. to Israel?

Israel has had success against ‘lone wolf’ terrorists — here’s how

Christian real estate mogul: DNC abortion platform will “target Christians”

Hillary Clinton promises to enact the greatest expansion of abortion funding in history

Kaine clashes with Clinton on abortion funding

The new State Department assault on Israel

US commander: Turkey unrest could affect Islamic State fight

Why was Iran so quick to rally behind Erdogan?

Hillary Campaign Hacked
Clinton (campaign) hacked

…CNN: Feds probing

…DailyWire: Russians silent

…Politico: Trump mocking

2017 NDAA: The big picture

2 police officers shot in San Diego
2 police officers shot in San Diego

Court strikes down North Carolina voter ID law

7 facts about free trade you need to know

Trump abandons traditional Republican positions in outreach to everybody else

Site defames Franklin Graham

Are Donald Trump’s tax returns proof of his Russian entanglements?

Trump advisers mystified over new endorsement of $10/hr federal minimum wage

The perils of voting one’s conscience

Trump is against legal immigration, too

North Korea bans all imports of goods with logos resembling a Christian cross

Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Christian minority facing attacks

Christians killed in 2016 so far almost equal to entire 2015 in Nigeria

If you see something...

This one theory might explain why there’s no salvation in Trump or Hillary

The only conservative professor at Hamilton has some valid questions about diversity requirements

Hillary or Donald: To vote or not to vote

Hillary hit with ‘Four Pinocchios’ rating for false FBI-emails claims

Hillary doesn’t want to “repeal” the 2nd Amendment. She wants to regulate it. This would be her disastrous “fundamental change” to America that we should all fear.

WikiLeaks: Hacked emails prove Hillary armed jihadists in Syria, including ISIS

Millennials getting a crash course on corruption as they learn more about the Clintons

NY Common Core opt-outs grow

DePaul University bans Shapiro

…The Blaze: This is how free speech dies

Monuments to idiocy: Let’s honor the public servants responsible for giving us the TSA

DOJ rewards law-breaking sanctuary cities, states with $342M in grants

McCain: Trump defamed Khan, does not represent GOP

…Mediaite: McCain issues stirring statement

…NPR: GOP criticism mounts

…Veterans group: “There are certain sacrosanct subjects that no amount of wordsmithing can repair”

Late-term abortion clinic performed abortion on drug-impaired woman and her baby with her consent

New video changes minds with traumatic truth of abortion

Dissident Catholic nun: NARAL leader’s abortion story “touching and compelling”

Boko Haram captives in the thousands, including children, starving in Sambisa forest

Troops discover cache of Boko Haram arms, ammunitions in Gamboru

Video: How does Boko Haram recruit

Obama orders US bombing of Islamic State in Libya

The Normandy priest murdered by ISIS donated land for a mosque

Egypt fumes as Hamas increases cooperation with Islamic State

As “caliphate” shrinks, Islamic State looks to global attacks

Islamic State is now calling for its members to carry out jihad in Russia

The radical post-modernism of Islamic State

Vile ISIS propaganda calls on jihadists to destroy Christianity

Islamic State allegedly has dirty bomb plans for Rio Olympics

RedState’s Leon Wolf says goodbye to the GOP

What we know about Trump and his taxes so far

Trump surrogate: Khans should apologize to Trump. He sacrifices his first two marriages.

Trump’s Pants on Fire claim that Clinton, Democrats rigged debate dates to conflict with NFL

Christians targeted in Turkish coup

Pakistani school textbooks are inciting children to hate Christians

Obama admin ALREADY discriminates against Syrians… if they’re Christians

Satanic temple launches “After School Satan Club” in attempt to counter Christian groups

China detains 30 Christians in latest religious crackdown

California’s Christian colleges threatened by LGBT “discrimination” law

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