GOP vs. conservatives and yesterday’s links

In Kansas, the backlash by the GOP against conservatives continues to erode the core of the party. 11 conservatives lost their races this week, leaving the state in the hands of the liberal Republicans and Democrats.

Obama secretly airlifted $400 million to Iran

…TNA: Conveniently sent on same day they were released

…White House: Not a ransom

Democratic delegate admits: “Common sense gun control” is just code for repealing 2nd Amendment

An alternative to the left’s ineffective and often unconstitutional gun control proposals

Texas campus carry law now active

Kashmir: New Islamic State backed by NY Times, BBC

DHS gives Somali Muslims special airport security tours after harassment, profiling complaints

Iran: Hanging of teenager shows authorities’ brazen disregard for international law

Islamic State: If Muslims ran America, “Lucrative African slave trade would have continued”

Did Trump just steal an idea from a Democratic congressman?

Trump sees more Republican support drift

The Trump campaign keeps digging, and digging, and…

Pence defends military mom’s right to criticize Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s business failures: a comprehensive guide

What is the evidence that Trump is a “real” conservative?

Anti-Zionist historians are wrong about Israel

Is Israel’s success against terror a model for the US Army against ISIS?

Israel, U.S. narrow differences over new military aid package

Sorry, NY Times, but Israel’s press is doing just fine

NY officials propose legislation to stop sex offenders from playing Pokemon Go

5 terrible things the U.N. is about to say about America’s race issues

Did the bank settlement agreements subvert congressional appropriations power?

Rubio hops on the Trump Train

Is Pence distancing himself from Trump?

Trump and ISIS agree: No room for people like Khizr Khan

Trump’s economic stimulus plan: Spend massive amounts of money on shovel ready jobs

Trump's good brain

Trump’s good brain: NYT doesn’t “write good”

…DailyWire: Trump mangles the language

…RedState: All his personal interactions are purely Pavlovian

Venezueal’s socialism leads to slavery

Trump, Hillary, the emails and Russia

Lawyers exploit foreclosure ‘rescue’ fee loophole

Is it time to #RetireMcCain?

7 signs Obamacare is totally failing

Iran takes aim at American sanctions by targeting Apple

Saudi Arabia vs Iran: Oil to Asia is the focus

Howard Dean: “I don’t consider Iran to be a Muslim country”

Iran’s Khamenei: Nuclear deal proves pointlessness of negotiating with U.S.

Let’s be clear. Hillary Clinton hasn’t sacrificed — she’s lived the progressive dream.

Al Qaeda financier frequented the Clinton White House

Clinton preaches socialism

Mike Pence endorses Paul Ryan

…Abilene Reporter-News: Does so despite Trump’s refusal

…Pence: “Trump encouraged me to do so”

Debbie Schlussel on Kirsten Powers insinuations about Roger Ailes as well as her own “experience”

Sen. Grassley: Zika funds already available. why ask for more tax money?

New search tool traces sources of “dark money”

No Christianity, no hospitals: Don’t take Christian contributions for granted

Egypt Christians feel like second-class citizens amid intense persecution

U.S. should continue to provide military support to fight terrorists

The fourth circuit’s biased, ideological decision

IRS sent Tea Party, conservative applications to black hole

Biden goes from opposing gay marriage to presiding over one

Rio is Zika ground zero

Sorry Tim Kaine, you can’t be Catholic and pro-abortion

Toledo’s last abortion center gets another reprieve from courts

Abortion activists celebrate “the amazing life” of Margaret Sanger, call her a “do-gooder”

Hillary: Unborn person doesn’t have Constitutional rights

Planned Parenthood uses virtual reality to scare people into thinking pro-lifers are awful

Trump cries 'rigged!' Again.
Trump cries ‘rigged!’ Again.

…CBS: Less than 100 days till the Election Day, GOP nominee Donald Trump is already crying foul

…DailyWire: Trump preparing for losing

…Fox News: Does he really want to win?

…David French: Trump’s race to the bottom becomes a sprint

…RedState: Trump’s strategy is to begin making excuses now for why he will lose

“Bojack Horseman” shows why art about abortion is failing miserably

How abortion became the issue that will sink Clinton for evangelicals

Arizona woman who faked cancer to get abortion found guilty of scamming veterans

Transsexuals versus… abortion?

Opposition to abortion is central to building a loving society

The threat of Islamic terrorism in Europe and how the U.S. should respond

Tehran outraged as Abbas meets with Iranian opposition

Radical Islamic terrorists target refugee kids for recruitment

Turkey government rails against the west for supporting failed coup

Can France, Europe defeat Islamic terrorism?

Turkey’s tradition of murdering Christians

The realities behind the failed coup in Turkey

Turkey, Russia pursue gas pipe dream as EU frets

Christian persecution intensifies after coup in Turkey

Turkey threatens to tear up EU migrant deal unless it gets visa-free Schengen travel within months 

Hillary would be in trouble if Trump didn’t provide her cover

Mostly-leftist magazine: Why can’t Hillary stop lying?

Extreme-leftist blog: Hillary is one of America’s most honest politicians (hold your nose before reading)

Yes, the sputtering Obama economy could torpedo Hillary

Israel alleges millions in Christian aid diverted to Hamas

…Telegraph: British donations to Christian charity World Vision were “used to build a Hamas military base in Gaza”

New Boko Haram leader vows to kill Christians

Bratton, maximum lawman

The foundation

American killed in London knife attack, 5 others hurt

A secret group easily bought the raw ingredients for a dirty bomb – here in America

Rime of the modern conservative

Tim Huelskamp
GOP vs. conservatives

…ABC: Backlash in Kansas ousts at least 11 conservative lawmakers

…Shapiro: Conservatism’s sad and ugly transformation into Trumpism

Leftist rag Salon admits the Iran deal is a travesty and Obama is to blame

Iran executes gay teenager in violation of international law

Iran is cheating on the nuclear deal. Now what?

Name Your Price Tool

Justice Department opposed timing of $400 million payment to Iran

Hillary admits she wants to raise taxes on the middle class – and the crowd cheers

Report: Hillary Clinton would hike taxes by $1.3 trillion

Hey Democrats, You really wanna’ talk about ‘fitness for office’?

How a Clinton administration could have a major impact on the 2nd Amendment

Judge Napolitano: Why Hillary Clinton continues to be the queen of deception

Can Hillary Clinton give a straight answer on emails?

Islamic State announces new Nigeria Boko Haram leader

…Nigerian Bulletin: Nigerian army reacts to new leadership for Boko Haram

5 Islamists killed as Nigeria army foils Boko Haram attack

U.S. warns citizens to stay away from 20 Nigerian states

Catholic nun applauds activist who bragged about her abortion at Democratic convention

Arizona woman who faked cancer for free abortion found guilty of cheating veterans’ organization

Christians slam Democrat support for killing unborn while church-goers seek abortions

4 ways state lawmakers can keep fighting abortion

Walsh: Joel Osteen’s fake, heretical “Christianity” isn’t any better than atheism

Christian persecution rises and the West does nothing

Children reveal horror of radical Islamic attacks on Egyptian Christians

Franklin Graham explains why he is moving Christian persecution summit from Russia

California is attacking ‘pluralism’ by attacking Christian colleges with LGBT mandate bill

Trump Panic
A time to panic

…Gingrich: Trump has been ‘very self-destructive’

…Noisy Room: The Trump Train has derailed

…NBC: GOP, Trump go from “unraveling” to “break glass” mode

…DailyWire: 5 Republicans Trump won’t stop attacking

…Atlantic: Is the Trump campaign collapsing?

…Resurgent: Trump declares war on GOP

…WaPo: GOP reaches “new level of panic” over Trump’s candidacy

…ABC: Senior GOP officials exploring options if Trump drops out

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