Trump goes after the biggest flip-flopper in politics. Himself.

Donald Trump vs Donald Trump

There’s a certain degree of satisfaction that conservatives should feel when someone makes a video that exposes the liberal lies told so often by the GOP’s nominee, Donald Trump. He’s not a conservative. He’s never been a conservative. He’ll never be a conservative. Now, he’s finally being exposed as a liar as well.

Perhaps “liar” is the wrong word. He has no core. His beliefs change depending on his goals and the audience that he’s speaking to at the time. When he needs to be very pro-choice, he’s very pro-choice. When he needs to try to fool evangelical voters, he’s suddenly pro-life. That’s the political madness of Donald Trump. Unfortunately, it’s working.

Here’s a video that lays out some of his biggest flip-flops over the years.

In a world that needs strong leadership, as Trump has often declared himself, it’s important to find someone to lead us who can be trusted on to stay true to himself, let alone the country. Trump is not that person. Unfortunately, neither is Hillary Clinton, which puts us all in a huge pickle.

Scarlett Madison

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  1. The thing I’ve come to believe is that since most of his actual “fans” are disenchanted Democrats, the fact that he’s not a conservative just validates their choice; it’s music to their ears. I think that every time that point was vocalized during the primaries, it drew more disenfranchised Dems to him. The actual conservatives, however, don’t have a nominee representing them. That makes the pickle extra sour!

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